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Blog: White Supremacy 

Clings To Its ‘Romantic 


Trump Defies The Deep State, 

Pelosi Opposes Impeachment, 

Biden ‘Dog Whistles’ Racist Segregationists And 

Schumer Applauds Genocide

Eugene Stovall  Oakland, July 2019

Throughout history, the ‘romantic fallacy’ has inspired white supremacy’s global ambitions. In the 15th century, Europe emptied its prisons and sent criminals out to conquer the new world. In the 20th century, after WWII, the US State Department and the CIA used the Vatican’s ratlines to bring a wave of Nazi war criminals to the Americas to spearhead another attempt at global conquest.

European moneylenders amassed fortunes from the African slave trade, piracy on the Caribbean and Indian Oceans and the opium and heroin trade. The moneylenders also funded the passage of immigrants to the Americas who repaid their loans by killing the native peoples, seizing their lands and exploiting the resources. After WWII, when war criminals fled to the Americas, European banks like Deutsche Bank, the Bank of International Settlements, the Vatican Bank and the Vatican-funded Bank of Italy, later renamed the Bank of America, also profited opening ratline accounts for the fascists settling throughout the Americas. With US assistance, fascists controlled the governments they settled. As in the US, these fascist governments targeted native populations for genocide and began exploiting resources for the banks. In the 18th century, Junipero Serra was sent by the Vatican to exterminate native peoples, first in Central America and then in California. In 2015, Pope Francis, a white South American, canonized Junipero Serra, a saint of the Catholic Church, for his extermination of the native peoples and furtherance of white supremacy. Today white supremacy continues its atrocities against the native populations and the environment. Refugees now flock to the US border seeking asylum from the regimes controlled by the war criminals the Vatican brought to the Americas after WWII. That the fascism, flourishing in South and Central America, might one day supplant democracy in the United States, is white supremacy’s romantic fallacy.

The Romantic Fallacy

The ‘romantic fallacy’ is described in Robert Audrey’s African Genesis as the illusion of racial superiority. Believing they are the chosen people, white people enjoy the ‘moral superiority’ of ‘divine favor.’ Being the chosen people justifies white supremacy’s pursuit of its ‘manifest destiny.’ The romantic fallacy causes white people to wage incessant wars of global conquest and racial domination. Deus Vult ___ God Wills It! Resistance to white supremacy’s manifest destiny is a crime. The romantic fallacy demands that resistance meet the severest of punishment. Frank Yerby’s corollary to the romantic fallacy is that anyone submitting to white supremacy’s aggressions is guilty of being a victim and deserves no pity.

In truth, white supremacy’s romantic fallacy is the desire for status and wealth. White people believe that status and wealth gives then the right to derive pleasure from inflicting pain on others. White supremacy is a religion, a death cult that engages in bloody rituals that celebrate evil ___ as the canonization of Junipero Serra demonstrates. The religion of white supremacy practices xenophobic hedonism. And the shadow government known as the ‘deep state’ chose

Trump to lead the United States, someone evil enough to achueve white supremacy’s romantic fallacy.

The Deep State And The Romantic Fallacy

In his farewell presidential address, Dwight Eisenhower warned of the deep state’s emergence: “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.” Eisenhower’s military-industrial complex and the deep state had but one interest: War!

America’s culture of racial oppression prepared the way for the deep state. A sinister political cabal, the deep state furthers the interests of the military-industrial complex by operating outside legal restraint and moral consequence. In the aftermath of WWII, the disintegration of colonial empires and the rise of the ‘red menace’ provided the pretext for what became known as the Cold War.

The Cold War And The Deep State

When Eisenhower’s warning about the military-industrial complex went unheeded, the deep state conducted the Cold War as if it were a fourth branch of government. Pursuing its ‘domino theory’, the deep state attacked country after country. In the 1950s, it instigated an invasion of North Korea, orchestrated regime change in Iran, assassinated the Italian prime minister, murdered the president of Chile and overthrew the Chilean government. In the 1960s, enraged by its Cuban setback, the deep state orchestrated the Kennedy assassination, partly in retaliation for his obstruction, partly as a warning to others and partly to cover its tracks. Then the deep state focused on Vietnam. But it was soon to learn that, despite resorting to brutality and unimaginable ruthlessness, there were limitations to its power. Nonetheless, the military-industrial complex absconded with billions of tax payer dollars, reaping riches for its managers, investors and ‘hip pocket’ politicians. Continuing its ‘domino theory,’ the deep state instigated regime change in Indonesia, Grenada and Panama as it orchestrated the genocide of two million Cambodians.

The end of the Cold War did not end the deep state’s aggressions. In the post-Cold War environment, it conducted a War On Drugs and a War On Terror as a cover for its own drug trafficking and terrorist activities. Beefing up its police departments while importing and selling drugs in America’s inter-cities, the government engaged in the mass incarceration of black Americans. The deep state’s global activities relied on a network of intelligence assets and an army of mercenaries. Through multilateral organizations, international crime syndicates, drug cartels and oil consortiums, the deep state influenced the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to create a worldwide financial bubble from stock manipulations and crooked financial transactions. When the bubble burst, the deep state demolished the World Trade Center and stole the gold stored in the vaults below. It covered its tracks by launching wars on Afghanistan and Iraq looting gold wherever it was found. Once again the military-industrial complex amassed war profits and deposited their trillions in Swiss banks. Meanwhile, the deep state drowned America \ in debt and the non-white world in blood.

In 2008, as the public tired of endless wars and public corruption, the deep state pulled off a most amazing feat. Overcoming America’s deeply embedded racism, it shocked the world by elevating a half-breed African to the presidency. Tasked with cleaning up the Bush-Cheney mess and maintaining the deep state’s power, the Obama-Biden administration managed the military-industrial complex’s worldwide 2008 depression. Obama passed out bailouts like candy. He even funded a billion dollar medical insurance ‘ponzi’ scam. It did nothing to improve actual health care but sent health care and prescription drugs costs skyrocketing. Obama’s prescription drug program caused the opioid drug epidemic.

Obama’s election gave the world hope that American terrorism was at an end. They even gave him the Nobel Peace Prize. Still Obama continued the deep state’s wars and the military-industrial complex’s business of war profiteering. Obama toppled more governments and killed more non-white peoples. Obama even ‘green lighted’ legal lynchings, the systematic murder unarmed blacks by local police. It was the price for a black face in the White House.

After the Obama-Biden coup, the deep state’s next moved to harness anti-black voter resentment from eight years of Obama and used the 2016 election to put a fully authoritarian white supremacist in the White House. It gerrymandered districts, enacted ‘anti-voter fraud’ laws, installed defective voting machines and used voter suppression software to successfully elect an illiterate gangster president of the United States. Overcome with hubris of success, even before Trump occupied the Oval Office, the deep state began circulating its plans for regime change in Syria, Iran and even Russia. However, the deep state made a serious miscalculation by electing Trump. Its planned military aggressions were put on hold.

Trump And The Deep State

The deep state gambled that Trump’s television experience had prepared him for the role of president, but he was too undisciplined and brutish for the office. Ronald Reagan, on the other hand, played the role of an authoritarian president, perfectly. Reagan was as much an evildoer as Trump. He violated the Dolan amendment, funded the Contras with drug money and undermined Jimmy Carter by promising Iran that once in the White House he would exchange weapons for hostages. Reagan lied about everything. Yet everyone, Democrats and Republicans, loved him. Reagan had wit, panache and style. He never embarrassed either himself or the deep state. Donald Trump, however, is no Ronald Reagan.

Reagan honored the democratic creed. Trump openly distains democracy. Trump lies and then calls the free press ‘fake news. Reagan lied, but he lied so well that the news media would always give him the benefit of the doubt. Trump is greedy. He uses the presidency to increase his personal wealth. His senior-level and cabinet appointees are just as greedy as Trump. There are as many scoundrels in Trump’s administration as there are in a mafia don’s crime family. Trump mocks law-abiding citizens. He doesn’t pay his taxes and breaks the law at will. He considers himself a patriot, but Trump evaded military service by bribing a doctor to falsify his medical records. Trump is an admitted sexual predator. While Reagan’s public image was above reproach, many consider Trump a despicable human being.

Trump’s Benefactors

Trump has compensated the military-industrial complex well for the power they gave him. He gave billionaires a tax break, rolled back protective regulations for corporations and appointed right wing activist judges to the federal bench. But Trump must please his other benefactors, as well. Rather than playing the deep state’s Pinocchio, Trump must embrace the strongman persona to earn the respect of his other benefactors, the world’s most powerful fascists, the Vatican, Israeli Zionists and Saudi Arabia’s House of Saud.

The Catholic and Jewish vote is immensely important for Trump’s reelection. The deep state’s shenanigans in the 2016 election may not work in 2020. Even now, Steve Bannon is collecting data from the cell phones of Catholics in Iowa to develop a Catholic ‘get out to vote’ strategy, while pollsters and pundits, obsessed with the Russians, are ignoring Trump’s campaign for fascist votes. But just as Mussolini, Hitler and Franco needed fascist support to seize power, Trump is soliciting fascist support to win a second term ___ and perhaps realize the romantic fallacy of becoming president for life. With 168 Jewish and Catholic Congressmen, 31 Jewish and Catholic Senators and an entirely Jewish and Catholic Supreme Court, the Vatican and Jerusalem have immense power over America’s political system. The Catholic Church and Jewish Zionists counterbalance the military-industrial complex and its sinister deep state. Trump’s political future hangs on Steve Bannon’s fascist support. Even now Trump rants about the disloyalty the non-white congressional members show to Israel. He must believe they are ruled by the romantic fallacy and owe their loyalty to Zionism’s ‘chosen people.’

Trump defends Saudi Arabia’s genocidal war on Yemen, its murder of Washington Post reporter, Jamal Khashoggi and the Saudi campaign to acquire a nuclear arsenal. He vetoed bills to limit Saudi Arabia’s armament purchases. Trump appointed two Catholics to the Supreme Court; one founded his Catholic school’s Fascism Forever club. These judges support the Vatican’s campaign to eliminate Roe v Wade and deny women control over their reproductive health. Charter schools and vouchers are major issues for Catholic schools. Trump appointed an avid supporter of educational vouchers and charter schools Secretary of Education. Despite dismay around the world, Trump moved the US embassy in Israelfrom Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. These moves make Steve Bannon, Trump’s political ambassador, welcome in the capitals of fascism where he is building up support for Trump’s reelection. With Catholic and Jewish votes along with the Saudi’s financial resources, Trump will be very difficult to defeat in 2020. Furthermore, Trump’s reelection includes aid from the Democrat leadership.

The Democrats Will Not Impeach Trump

Though the Republicans suppressed the 2016 minority vote, the Democrats provided the Russian ‘red herring’ as a ‘cover up.’ The Democrat-generated specter of Russian interference rendered the need for a recount of the 2016 election unnecessary despite the obvious fraud perpetrated by the Republicans. Now echoing the deep state’s narrative that the ‘Russians’ are preparing to do it again,’ the Democrat leadership is masking its intention to forestall impeachment and assist Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign. For decades, the Democrats have worked with the Republicans to assist the deep state serve the interests of the military-industrial complex. Under the spell of the romantic fallacy, Pelosi, Schumer and Biden remain and allied with the deep state. And with the Trump debacle, the deep state must rely on Democratic leadership support.

Pelosi like Biden is a Catholic. Both take their orders from the Vatican and owe their political careers to the Catholic Church. The Vatican wants Trump to remain in office and be reelected in 2020. The Vatican needs wars to be fought and regimes to be toppled. So, despite calls for his impeachment, Pelosi is working to save the Trump presidency. Biden, too, is loyal to the romantic fallacy and the white supremacist agenda. Biden rallied Democratic support for Bush’s wars when he was the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. It was no slip of the tongue when Biden ‘dog whistled’ his fondness for the racists, James Eastland and Herman Tallmadge. Biden wanted to signal his white supremacist sympathies while relying on ‘plantation politics’ to keep his Negro support.

Chuck Schumer, a co-religionist, remains a key Trump supporter. Schumer supports Netanyahu’s Palestinian genocide. At the AIPAC convention, Schumer justified his belief when he said “the Palestinians don’t believe in the Torah.” It is the Zionist version of the romantic fallacy. Allied with the deep state in 2016, Schumer, Pelosi and Biden were key supporters of the military-industrial complex. Now that the Vatican, the Zionists and the Saudis are helping Trump break the power of the deep state, the Democratic leadership is in disarray. White supremacy needs its wars against Afghanistan, Syria, Iran and possibly even Russia. And with Trump’s solid fascist support, his removal could impede white supremacy’s romantic fallacy.