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By Dr. Eugene Stovall

Oakland, California

Rep. Jack Kingston Proposes That Poor Students Sweep Floors In Exchange For Lunch: An Article in the Huffington Post by Amanda Terkel

At first blush, Rep. Kingston's proposal seems like another instance of right vs wrong... good vs bad. It seems that the Congressman is proposing to force poor students into involuntary bondage ... which he is.

However, no longer can the issue of the 'deserving poor' and the 'welfare state' be viewed as a simple matter of right and wrong as liberal advocates of programs for the poor and needy want us to think. America's top elites are applying undiminished pressure to eliminate social programs and dismantle the welfare state. And they are moved neither by prayers, pleas nor pity__ which seem to be the only weapons available to liberal advocates of programs such as free and reduced-cost school lunches for school children.

However it should be remembered that secret societies and star families rule America. The idea of conquest, plunder and empire is never far from their minds. The thought of giving away their ill-gotten goods is not in their genes. Although the Cold War forced American policymakers to craft social policies that would guarantee the allegiance of their masses, nonetheless, today those who rule over America not only view liberal social policies as obsolete, but they believe “give-away” programs dangerous to their interests. The rulers do not want their victims calling the shots or limiting profits. So lawmakers like Jack Kingston continue their relentless assault upon liberal, social policies. Thinkers like Matthew Arnold and Oswald Spengler help us understand what is happening.

In his book, Culture and Anarchy, Matthew Arnold describes the ruling elites as Barbarians whose characteristics of choice manners, distinguished bearing, high spirit, courage and self confidence give a society the high culture it otherwise would not possess. Arnold says that barbarism is the legacy of Hellenism or Greek culture. Arnold boasts that scientific achievement gives Indo-Europeans a true concept of realism and beauty. And Hellenism’s scientific achievements give Indo-European peoples their characteristically high social culture. However,

Arnold observes that:

It is all very well to attempt to rid oneself of ignorance by seeing reality and beauty. But there is something that thwarts and spoils all our efforts. This something is Sin, a central tenet of Hebraism [Christianity]. Sin impedes man’s passage to perfection by making it impossible for man to know and conquer himself. Unencumbered by sin, Hellenism thinks clearly, sees things in their essence and empowers man to achieve grand and precious feats.

Matthew Arnold declares that a society becomes cultured only when its ruling elites behave without moral compunctions of good or evil and pursues unfettered knowledge using scientific inquiry. In the other hand, Oswald Spengler claims that rule of a barbarian elite is inevitable. Furthermore in his two-volume classic, The Decline of the West, Oswald Spengler claims that the ruling elite will inevitability impose imperialism on the world.

The private powers of the economy [ruling elites] want free paths for their acquisition of great resources. No legislation must stand in their way. They want to make the laws in their interests and, to that end, they make use of the tool they have made for themselves, Democracy.

Spengler further explains that imperialism results from the abuse and corruption of the democratic processes by ruling elites.

Imperialism IS civilization. The destiny of the west is now irrevocably set. The energy of civilization is directed outwards. Civilization’s political style is far-ranging, Western, Teutonic and especially Germanic. Its motto is: Expansion Is Everything. It is not a matter of choice ____ it is not a matter of will. This expansive tendency is a curse, something close to daemonic and immense, which compels the service of all citizens, whether they are aware or unaware.

According to Spengler, neither Hebraism [Christianity], nor Socialism is unable to control Barbarism.

Compared with this mighty contest between steel-hard men of race and intellect ___which the simple citizen neither observes nor comprehends ___ the battle between the employers and workers sinks into insignificance. The working class movement is what its leaders make of it. Class war is obsolete. Communism is the trusty henchman of Capitalism, which knows how best to make use of it. This is so because the workers, far from wanting to overthrow Capitalism, want to possess it.

So if Matthew Arnold and Oswald Spengler are to be believed, Rep. Jack Kingston is a representative of the ruling elites who serves their daemonic imperialistic urges to dismantle all vestiges of the welfare state. Possessing European chivalric traditions of culture, the ruling elites cast off moral fetters and concepts of good and evil to prey upon the weak and ignorant. The star families and secret societies ruling America intend to eliminate New Deal, Great Society and War On Poverty social programs entirely.

In my first novel, Frank Yerby: A Victims’s Guilt, I tried to show how Yerby continually stressed that it is actually the 'victim' who is guilty of being victimized. Furthermore, only the victim has the power to end victimization. Yet the victim is in an almost impossible situation. As a great philosopher once said, "If God had not wanted them to be sheared, He would not have made them sheep."