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The Saracen Blade 1952


The teeming world of the 13th century witnesses the bright colors of banners fluttering against the sky above the tournament lists.  

Fair damsels with their long hair wrapped in cunning nets of golden thread, clad in silk and velvet wave at bejeweled noblemen flaunting the arrogant insignias of their noble houses.

This is the world of crusader knights whose chain mail and mighty swords proclaim that God wills it! Slaughtering Christians and heathen alike. The Saracen Blade is a story war ___ the rich and powerful against the poor and lowly. It is a story of how nobles ___ secure in their castles and armor ____commit every barbarity imaginable upon the oppressed masses. But it is also the story of how Pietro di Donati, the son of a murdered blacksmith became a wealthy knight and marries into one of the powerful families of Europe.


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