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Floodtide 1950


Born in a shack on Natchez-Under-the-Hill, the abode of cutthroats, thieves, brawling river men and ladies of easy virtue, Ross Pary has but one goal: to reach Natchez-on-the Hill,where gentlemen planters lived a life of graciousness and ease in their porticoed mansions.

 Yet, he loves a woman from Cuba enough to invade her country to in a desparate search to find her. Floodtide dramatizes Ross Pary's struggle for

social acceptance despite his the passions and tangled loves. It is the story of a chivalrous South overreaching itself for an overseas slave empire in the floodtide of its declining fortunes in the lush decade prior to the Civil War.

Hard Bound

Book Club Edition w/ Dust Jacket $25.00

Book Club Edition w/o Dust Jacket $20.00

Paperback Dell $8.00

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