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Cassandra's Curse

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Cassandra's Curse is a, not to believed, reality. This book depicts  the every day experience of black people who live in inner cities across America _____ a reality of gang violence, drug trafficking and prostitution that results from an inhumanely organized and administered police state. This is the story of how J. Edgar Hoover's Cointelpro program assassinated members of the Black Panther Party while the CIA duped tons of cocaine into black neighborhoods in order to fund an immoral war in Vietnam and an illegal war in Nicarugua.  

Cassandra's Curse is the story of Kenny Kiley, caught between street gangs, undercover agents and war. It is the story of how a black man with even the best intentions of being a law-abiding citizen is caught in the web of intrique and lawlessness spun by the Unitied States government ____ and not even Kenny's cooperation with the criminal justice system nor even his courageous service in Vietnam can cancel out the fact that he is a second-class citizen  and a target for genocide ____ as were the thousand blacks  exterminated in the Jonestowm concentration camp.

309 pages

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