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The Idumean Covenant: A Novel of the Fall of Jerusalem

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The Idumean Covenant  is a novel that tells the story o the world famous historian Flavius Josephus and his role in the Jewish insurrection against the Roman Empire. It also tells of Josephus' assistance to the Roman General, Vespasian, in the crushing of the Jewish insurrection. Moreover the novel  uncovers a mystery that has remained hidden for over two millennia: How is it that history has credited the Idumeans with supporting the Jewish insurrection when King Herod as well as all of his entire family ruled over Israel by virtue of the authority given them by Ceasar and the Roman Senate? Afterall Herod and his family not only rebuilt Solomon's Temple,but they were Idumeans ___ and between the Judeans and the Idumeans existed a centuries-long blood feud.

The Idumean Covenant is also a love story. Two women, Ailiyah born into Jewish slavery and Domitia Longina born into patrician nobility, are both in love with power ____ and will stop at nothing to obtain it. And neither a Jewish nobleman nor the emperor of Rome, himself, can stand their way.   

430 pages

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