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Looking Beyond DuBois??? Talented Tenth

Posted on April 18, 2016 at 2:55 AM

Looking Beyond DuBois’ Talented Tenth

Who Are ‘We’?

OpBlog by Eugene Stovall

March, 2016, Oakland, California

During Germany’s 1932 presidential elections, Max Naumann, president of a national German Jewish political organization wrote an article for the Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung. In his article, Naumanne said that every Jewish voter must make a judgment in the privacy of his own conscience about the significance of the anti-Semitic rants of the German right wing parties including the Nazis. Though the voting figures indicated that most Jews voted for Hindenburg over Hitler, it was clear that Zionist Jews supported the Nazis. The Zionists tried to convince the Jewish masses that national socialism was preparing a rebirth of German culture and a restoration of German prestige around the world. Max Naumann and other Zionist leaders claimed that German Jews would all benefit from Germany’s Third Reich.

From ___

Jews and the German State: The Political History of a Minority, 1848-1933 By Peter Pulzer


If Zionist leaders urged German Jews to support Adolph Hitler and the Nazi party in 1932, it is not surprising that Negro leaders are urging black people to support Donald Trump. There is no shortage of blacks willing to serve the bigoted frontrunner of the Republican Party in his presidential bid. The reason is simple since it certainly isn’t the content of Trump’s character but the color of his money.

Just last week, Charles Evers, the brother of Medgar Evers, the murdered civil rights worker, announced his support for Donald Trump. Charles Evers gained recognition after the KKK murdered his brother in 1963 when he assumed his 37-year old brother’s post as the NAACP’s field secretary for Mississippi. Afterwards Charles Evers was elected mayor of Fayette, Mississippi as a democrat becoming the first black mayor in Mississippi since Reconstruction. In 1980, Charles Evers switched to the Republican party after receiving national press attention for supporting Ronald Reagan’s presidential bid.

When asked how he could support Donald Trump, Charles Evers replied that he had no proof that Trump was a racist, although he admitted that “all of us have some racism in us.” Trump’s campaign threats of mass deportations, mass incarcerations and mass tortures do not be convince Evers that Trump intends to act upon his racism once he becomes president.

Many privileged blacks do not yet see how easily armed bands of white supremacists can attack black institutions and assassinate black leaders and thus goad blacks into responses of unprecedented fury. These “comfortable” blacks are saying that even alienated blacks know that they cannot win a race war, because white politicians and law enforcement officials would side with the militiamen at first and put the black rebels in concentration camps and graves.

Carl T. Rowan, The Coming Race War In America

One must wonder what Charles Evers feels as Trump harangues those attending his rallies to attack and punch black people just as Hitler at his rallies. Was he unaware that at one of his rallies, Trump’s harangue his audience to physically attack a black woman. The wig wearing, reptilian-eyed Jew wants to become the Republican presidential nominee by ordering his goons to attack blacks, Hispanics, Muslims or anyone else that Trump doesn’t like.

Charles Evers is not only black politician who consistently betrays the trust of Black people, members of the Congressional Black Caucus routinely support corporate interests over the interests of their constituency. But not only Black politicians belong to ‘Mystic Knights Of The Sea,” many black faith-based leaders consistently support white corporate interests over any concerns of their congregations. For example, in Oakland, California, a group of politically powerful black ministers are splitting a million dollar bribe from the coal industry in return for their support of an open container coal transfer facility being installed at the Port of Oakland. The proposed open container coal transfer facility ___ supported by the black democratic political establishment ___ threatens to destroy Oakland’s environment with coal toxins that will pollute the air and poison the water, toxins that will destroy Oakland as a living habitat for humans and wildlife. But when money is involved, the black leadership willingly contributes to the pathologies destroying black communities around the country.


I got a call from my friend, Jim, a M.D., with strong beliefs about race issues. Jim believes black people should use their ‘bootstraps’ the way he did. When he calls, Jim always begins with: “So how should we deal with this?” Then we take turns reciting the many causes of the black condition ranging from the persistence of racism to the corruption of black leadership; from pervasive illiteracy and anti-intellectualism to black hedonism. Then, after thoroughly exhausting our arguments on each other, we end up agreeing to disagree. Jim has no problem with Charles Evers endorsing Trump or the Oakland faith-based leadership accepting payoffs to destroy Oakland’s environment.

The last time Jim called, I steered our conversation into a different direction. “What ‘we’ are you referring to?” I asked him.

“What do you mean what we?” Jim asked.

“What ‘we’ are you referring to?” I asked again.

“You know what we!” Jim snapped. “We! Us! Black people!”

“Are you including in the term black people, all non-whites, Negroes, coloreds and every other designations of American blacks defined in the constitution as some fraction of a white person?”

“Of course.”

“Is Clarence Thomas included in that ‘we’?” I smiled. “… or Ward Connerly, or for that matter W.E.B. DuBois?”

“What’s your point?”.

“My point is that there is no such thing as a ‘we’ that shares the beliefs and values required to improve the black condition and demand restorative justice.”

“What?” Jim snorted.

“Except for the most important issues,” I smirked, “there isn’t even a ‘we’ between us.” The important issue for Jim and I ___ the issue that kept us friends for all these years ___ was that both of us were Oakland A’s fans and both of us were avid sports pin collectors. Jim got his most prized pin, a Super Bowl XXIX Players pin, from me. Jim has a very nice collection of A’s season ticket holders pins. When it came to pin collecting, Jim and I are soul brothers, but when it comes to politics, we are worlds apart.

“What kind of values do you mean?” he asked.

“The values that would galvanize a unified response to a cops shooting of a twelve-year old child; or a response that would address the gentrification of black neighborhoods in cities like Benton Harbor, Detroit or Flint; or a response to the theft of tax dollars by whites doling out billions to their fraternal, religious and political cronies with no-bid government contracts.” Since Jim remained silent, I pressed my point.

“‘We’ do not even share a common understanding of black history. Most blacks are content to accept the lies white people still tell about our past.”









“Lies!” Jim roared. He couldn’t hold back any longer.“What lies?”

“Lies like white people went into Africa, raided African villages and forced Africans into slavery. Lies like …”

“Well didn’t they?” Jim laughed. When Jim returned from his trip to Africa, a couple of years ago, he had seeing paintings depicting Africans capturing and enslaving other Africans on the walls of centuries-old buildings in Timbuktu. After we laughed about Jim’s ‘epiphany,’ our conversation turned serious once again. “What other lies are you referring to?” he asked

“Like W.E.B. DuBois …” I began, but Jim interrupted me.

“W.E.B. DuBois …!” Jim’s voice was an octave higher. “What does W.E.B.DuBois have to do with all of this?” Jim admiration for DuBois had less to do with DuBois’ scholarship than with Jim’s affiliation with the local NAACP. In fact, Jim’s familiarity with DuBois’ writings was rather limited ___ which was why whenever I mentioned DuBois’ name, he became defensive and emotional. But I pressed on.

“It was DuBois’ The Philadelphia Negro that made certain there would be no ‘we’, ” I charged.

“I can’t go along with you on that,” Jim said. “DuBois founded the NAACP. No organization has done more for black people than the NAACP. The NAACP should be considered our ‘we’. The NAACP was DuBois’ brainchild. All ‘we’ need do is get on the bandwagon and support the NAACP’s agenda, if ‘we’ want to improve the situation.” Jim paused to gloat. Like so many blacks, Jim believed that the NAACP’s record of civil rights achievements was incontrovertible. He refused to accept that DuBois was the creature of military intelligence and that the actual founder of the NAACP was Joel Spingarn, a captain in the Army.

“Do those achievements include the NAACP’s secret negotiations with the Ku Klux Klan,” I snickered. But without waiting for his repy, I continued. “Do you remember what DuBois said in his Philadelphia Negro?” I asked.

“I’m sure you’ll remind me?” Jim replied.

“I sure will,” I said. “DuBois said …

Nothing more exasperated the better class of Negroes than this tendency to ignore utterly their existence. The law-abiding, hard-working inhabitants of the Thirtieth Ward are aroused to righteous indignation when they see that the word Negro carries most Philadelphians’ minds to the alleys of the Fifth Ward or the police courts. Since so much misunderstanding or rather forgetfulness and carelessness on this point is common, let us endeavor to try and fix with some definiteness the different social classes which are clearly enough defined among Negroes to deserve attention.

“You’ve lost me,” Jim snorted. “What are you talking about? And what has that got to do with ‘we’ as black people?”

“It was DuBois who divided black people into social classes and told white folks that only the top class, the so-called talented tenth, was the class of Negroes that deserved white patronage.” I took Jim’s silence as permission to continue. “DuBois divided Negroes into four grades. Grade 1: Families of undoubted respectability, earning sufficient income to live well; Grade 2: The working class; Grade 3: The poor who do not earn enough sufficient to remain free of want; and Grade 4: The lowest class of criminals, prostitutes, loafers and indigents.

“So what, if DuBois classified black people,” Jim said. “What does that have to do with anything? It certainly doesn’t mean that ‘we’ can’t get together and fix the problems facing us. As a matter of fact, we need the ‘talented tenth’ to lead the effort.”

At this point, Jim and I reached our personal ‘no-man’s land’ ___ the barrier that prevented complete candor between us. In addition to being active in the NAACP, Jim was a member of one of the major black fraternities; he also belonged to a black Masonic lodge and the 100 Black Men of Oakland. Both of us knew that his fraternal and social memberships discouraged frank discussions between us.

“The ‘talented tenth’ isn’t any more interested in DuBois’ black lower classes,” I statied, “than Creflo Dollar, Oprah Winfrey or Will Smith. The black leadership despise black people which is why they consistently betray black people. The black leadership class believes they’re better.”

“How can you say that?”

“Easy. Listen to how DuBois describes black people.”

… shrewd laziness, shameless lewdness, cunning criminals. The loafers who line the curbs in these places are no fools, but sharp, wily men who often outwit both the Police Department and the Department of Charities. Their nucleus consists of a class of professional criminals, who do not work, figure in the rogues’ galleries of half-dozen cities, and migrate here and there. These are gamblers and sharpers who seldom are caught on serious crime, but nevertheless live from its proceeds and aid and abet it. The headquarters of all these are usually the political clubs and pool-rooms …

“I don’t see what any of that means,” Jim said. He was indignant. “Black people are just like everyone else. They have social classes. DuBois just divided them into four. Can you do any better?”

“Yes, I can.”

“Then do it.”

“Okay,” I said. “I’ll divide Black people into six classes: Assimilationists, Accommodationists, Integrationists, Nationalists, Separatists and Deviants.’

“Am I supposed to guess or are you going to tell me what these classes mean?”

“Sure,” I said.

Assimilationists do not believe that they are black. Whenever possible assimilationists ‘pass’ for white. If that is not physically possible, they claim to be ‘persons of color.’ Assimilationist accept ‘white supremacy’ and ‘white privilege’ as the ‘natural’ order of things. They believe themselves honorary whites by virtue of their skin color, white parentage, domestic service, inherited wealth or white marriage partner. By shedding their ‘negritude’, assimilationists accept white culture as their own and hold the same the racist attitudes towards non-white peoples as whites.

Accommodationists differ from assimilationists in that they accept their racial identity, but, in all other aspects, accommodationists are similar to Assimilationists and adopt and accept white cultural values as their own. Outstanding artistic, athletic or professional accomplishments give accommodationists the kind of exalted economic, political and social status that gives them the illusion that they are better than the others. Accommodationists share the conservative political outlook of assimilationists and strive to protect their social and economic status by parroting the racist cant of white supremacists.

Integrationists are social climbers and ‘wannabes.’ Integrationists strive to attain social, economic and political success as ‘black’ spokespersons. Intergrationists looking to white ‘liberals’ for patronage and promote liberal white interests. Included in this group are preachers, politicians, civil rights activists, business representatives and union spokespersons. Integrationists eagerly proclaim the post racial society and offer social race mixing as the panacea against racial discrimination in politics, economics and jurisprudence. In their idealized post-racial society, integrationists believe that electoral victories by the Democratic Party will solve issues of mass incarceration, police violence and severe economic deprivation. Integrationists use their white liberal connections, privately, to benefit from affirmative action, minority set-asides and preferential treatment even as they publicly decry these programs as ‘reverse’ discrimination. Integrationists reject political and economic alliances with disaffected, marginalized and disenfranchised black people while seeking relationships with white women and white LGBT community.

Nationalists refuse to submit to white racism. Nationalists seek opportunities to advance the cause of black people by seizing the power available in educational, political and bureaucratic institutions. Nationalists are especially marginalized and denigrated by members of the top black classes ___ especially integrationists. When nationalists threaten white privilege, assimilationists, accomodationists and integrationists, all come to the white folks’ rescue. Their advocacy of multi-cultural polices and programs make them targets of secret government and police state tactics like the FBI’s infamous Cointelpro program ___ which continues in operation even tosay. Black nationalists oppose tax-supported, state-imposed white privilege causing whites to brand them as communists, socialists, outside agitators and terrorists.. Nationalists challenge the illegality of white supremacy and the police state erected to support institutional racism.

Separatists are the marginalized and exploited black underclass. Separatists do not possess the intellectual, spiritual or social capital required to resist racial oppression or the police state. Separatists, men, women and children, are murdered in the hundreds, incarcerated in the thousands and are economically deprived in the millions. Separatists have their property confiscated. They live in cities where their air and water is polluted, their housing is substandard and the schools are inadequate. Separatists are deprived of decent employment and ___ thanks to Obama-care are forced to give millions to the medical and pharmaceutical companies in order to file their taxes . Black separatism is not a choice; it is a condition ____ a condition of deprivation, exploitation and alienation. A black separatist has no standing before the law, no respect from the courts and no pity from racist cops. Black separatists are condemned to perpetual servitude by multi-national corporations without remuneration and brutalized by the society’s criminal justice system without redress. Blacks in the separatist class are ill-equipped, functionally illiterate and decidedly anti-intellectual. They exist to be exploited by the white racists as well as the black leadership classes.

Deviants choose to defy the established order and engage in an outlaw life-style including thievery, prostitution, gambling and violence. The more successful deviants are members of ‘gangs.’ The deviant engages in socially unacceptable and criminal behavior as a life choice and spends significant time incarcerated in white penal institutions. Black deviants have no moral values and prey upon the weak, helpless and vulnerable of their own race without any compunction. This class is responsible for what is called “black on black” crime. The best example of black deviants are the CRIPs and the Bloods. The criminal justice system relies on deviants to provide information about black political and criminal enterprises as well as to distribute the illegal drugs imported into the country by the US government..

After I finished my classification, Jim remained silent for awhile before saying, “I have to think about what you said.” Then he hung up.

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