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opBlog Black LIves Matter??? When the truth is told

Posted on July 29, 2015 at 2:40 AM

Op-ed: #Black Lives Matter… When the truth is told

Eugene Stovall June 28, 2015


Oakland, CA




…I feel sad not because my mother and father died the way they did; I feel sad because they were Indians. They lived like Indians and died like Indians and never knew that they were, before anything else, men.” From A Separate Reality by Carlos Castaneda

“We have certainly lost a great scholar.” I said, mentioning the passing of Carlos Castaneda at a 1998 faculty meeting.

“Not so great,” replied a tenured English professor.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Well Carlos Casteneda recanted everything he wrote before he died,” she replied. The Mississippi feminist smirked over her clever bid to ‘one-up’ me.

“Oh,” I replied. “Did he also repudiate Florinda Donner’s books, Being-In-Dreaming and The Witch’s Dream? Both of them were based on Castaneda’s teachings, you know.”

Taken aback the feminist, mumbled something unintelligible and changed the subject.

Whites Lie About Race

Whites lie about racial issues. They use the media and political forums to whine about being victims of racial injustice. Seeking relief and damages in the courts, white people are continually suing over claims of ‘reverse discrimination’ when they are really trying to preserve white privilege. Wherever minorities make real or even imagined economic gains, some group of white people claim to have been disadvantaged. A nation’s wealth is not measured by the amount of gold and silver it possesses; a nations’s wealth is measured by the amount oif gold and silver it posessees more than its neighbor… Adam Smith Wealth Of Nations Adam Smith’s standard for identifying wealthy nations is the same standard whites use to measure their individual well-being. Whites believe that whites force blacks __ as well as the other racial minorities in America ___ into a subordinate status to elevate their own. When a white man kills, the media asks: “what are the circumstances that will keep this man from being prosecuted or punished?” But when a black kills, the media asks “what are the circumstances that will keep this man from getting the death penalty?” After a white man kills blacks ___ like the massacre in Charleston ___ blacks fall all over themselves trying to forgive him. The white people of Boston, on the other hand, say that the death penalty is too lenient for the surviving Boston bomber. Lies and propaganda have emasculated blacks people in America.

“Black Lives Matter”

The leadership of the “Black Lives Matters” movement is as susceptible to the ‘whites are victims’ propaganda as anyone. On MSNBC’s May 23, 2015 Melissa Harris Perry Show, Davon Love, an otherwise articulate spokesman for the “Black Lives Matter” movement, said that there is a basic miscommunication about what proper policing in Baltimore looks like. White people, Love suggested, want fairness and justice, but are unaware of what cops are really doing in the black community.

White people have been systematically killing and imprisoning black people, for decades. They know exactly what to do and how to do it. After WWII, the US government recruited hundreds of German SS officers with experience in designing programs for imprisoning and exterminating subject populations. These Nazis were placed in research facilities, think tanks and universities throughout the United States. Nazis planned and implemented the Phoenix program that the CIA used to abduct and murder 41,000 Vietnamese civilians. Nazis trained the South and Central American death squads in torture techniques at the School of the Americas in Georgia. Nazis designed the current police state practices used for murder and mass incarceration. So even when spokesmen for the black community engage in a dialogue about race, they kow-tow to a racially-biased, morally corrupt criminal justice system created for the sole purpose of maintaining white privilege in the United States.

That a white woman, the president of a local chapter of the NAACP, infiltrated the “black lives matter” leadership should be no surprise. The NAACP has been collecting information and conducting operations for military intelligence since its founding over a century ago. The leadership of “Black Lives Matter” must learn the truth about the state of race relations in America before it can achieve any success. It especially should know that ‘Negroes’ in the criminal justice system, the civil rights movement and the religious community seldom work for the best interests of black people. Many work to maintain white privilege ____ and all of them are seeking their own personal privileges.

This is especially true of Negroes in politics. After Loretta Lynch was confirmed as Obama’s Attorney General, her first act was to ‘green-light’ the ongoing police terrorism against black people by publicly praising the cops, even though racist cops have been killing unarmed blacks ___ some have been children as young as twelve years old ___ at an alarming rate. Cops have killed over 500 unarmed citizens across the country, but Loretta Lynch is concerned with the cops’ morale. Lynch’s next concern, after the morale of killer cops, was the elimination of corruption in the World Cup Soccer federation. So while the terrorism against black people continues, Obama’s new attorney general’s first priorities are protecting soccer fans ____ and gambling interests and increasing the morale of killer cops.

School To Prison Pipeline

Loretta Lynch is right to be concerned for the morale of America’s killer cops. The killer cops are the custodians of America’s ‘School to Prison’ pipeline, an essential part of America’s mass incarceration program. The ‘School to Prison’ pipeline has condemned generations of black children to a life of squalor and misery. It stigmatizes them as ‘gang bangers’ and ‘thugs’ and deprives them of food, shelter and hope, With economic opportunities closed to all but the very few, the government’s drug merchants and arms dealers are given free reign to prey on all who live in black communities. These are racism’s true victims. But the expanded and corporatized ‘school to prison’ pipeline fashioned by the American police state treats them merely as economic units to be harvested and exploited.

The pipeline begins in schools. Black children are identified and tracked by their disruptive behavior, their use of profanity and their disrespect for teachers, principals and other authorities. Some of their behavior is caused by hunger. Others behave according to their environment, like the first-grader who saw his twelve-year-old sister shot. Others are frustrated over their inability to get help or support from their teachers ___ such as the homeless student who was penalized for not doing his homework. These children are angry and they don’t know why. They are not in school to learn, they are in school to survive. The schools process them to take the next step ___ dropping out. On the street, the children join local police-controlled gangs where they become a part of the street life. Next comes imprisonment. By the time most of these black children turn sixteen they have been swept into the corporatized criminal justice system and are being exploited for their labor. When they are released, they are without money, without a place to live and with nowhere to turn.

In May, 2013, after serving three years for a crime he did not commit and

without ever having had a trial, the charges against Kalief Browder

were dropped and he was released from New York’s Rikers Island prison. During his imprisonment, Browder, who had been arrested for shoplifting

a backpack, was beaten and held in solitary confinement for 400 days

for refusing to plead guilty. This month, after learning that the District

Attorney planned to arrest him again, Kalief Browder told his mother that he

could not take anymore. The next morning, his mother found her son’s

body. Kalief Browder, age 22, had committed suicide.

“The White Man’s Burden”

The poem, "The White Man's Burden,” published in 1899, by Rudyard Kipling, praised the American colonization of the Philippines as another step in the white race’s noble aspiration to conquer and dominate the world. Kipling noted that American imperialism in the Philippines ___ though costly ___ was a great benefit to the whole of white civilization. However, the Filipino people really paid the cost of American imperialism. General Jacob Hurd Smith’s widely circulated order to "kill every [Filipino] over the age of ten" and make the island "a howling wilderness” resulted in American soldiers massacring 50,000 Filipino civilians ____ some of whom were even under the age of ten.

In praising American conquest, Kipling said that, but for imperialism, white people would not enjoy their unique privileges. Forty–five years later, Gunnar Myrdal praises American racism as another aspect of white civilization’s ‘noble endeavor.’ The Carnegie Institute funded Gunnar Myrdal’s study of the Negro problem in America and develop a plan. Myrdal identified the Negro problem in the United States as there being ‘too many Negroes’ and he proposed strategies for reducing the Negro population in the United States by using means acceptable to the American creed. The “school to prison pipeline” was just one program to come out of Myrdal’s plan for reducing the African-American population in the United States.

Well-endowed from a wealthy foundation and critically acclaimed by academic and popular opinion, alike, Myrdal’s An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy became the most studied plan for racial genocide since the German Third Reich’s Final Solution. With so many Negroes in America, Myrdal said, whites could only maintain their superior social status by determining the Negro’s place in society and by keeping the black population from growing. In his book, Myrdal says:

“In stating our value premises a distinction must be made between ends and means. We shall find that for the white people the desired quantitative goal conflicts sharply with their means of attaining that goal…”

“If the Negroes could be eliminated from America or greatly decreased in numbers this would meet the whites approval … . a decrease of the Negro population is not necessarily hostile to the Negro people. [The Negro leadership class] fares far better when Negroes are few in number.”

On the other hand, Myrdal concedes that population control, alone, will not guarantee white supremacy. Whites must control what Negroes think as well. According to Myrdal, whites can get Negroes to accept lower status and fewer privileges by integrating with the Negro leadership class. The way to control the opinions of blacks, Myrdal said, was to choose black leaders and tell them what to say. And if one got out of line __ like in Charleston ___ kill him as a warning to the others. Myrdal proposes a two-tiered caste system. The leadership class modeled after DuBois’ Talented Tenth on top and the Negro masses on the bottom. The main task of the ‘talented tenth’ class was to assist with the Myrdal’s planned genocide.

Restorative justice: Where The Dialogue Begins

The ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement should use the true racial facts to engage in any dialogue about race. They should demand a date when the US government ends all programs undertaken to harm and reduce the population of American citizens of African American ancestry and a date when programs of restorative justice will be instituted.



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