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Murder Incorporated, Redux

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Eugene Stovall

Oakland, California July 4. 2014

Just weeks before Blackwater guards fatally shot 17 civilians at Baghdad’s Nisour Square in 2007, the State Department began investigating the security contractor’s operations in Iraq. But the inquiry was abandoned after Blackwater’s top manager …[in Iraq] issued a threat: “… he could kill” the government’s chief investigator and “no one could or would do anything about it… .”

Before Shooting in Iraq, a Warning on Blackwater
By James Risen, New York, June 29, 2014

A forthcoming Princeton study finds that the United States is not a democracy, but a profoundly corrupt oligarchy. The study raises the question: "Who governs America?” The answer is “Murder, Incorporated.”

Lucky Luciano and the Crime Commission

Murder, Incorporated was the enforcement organization for the nationwide criminal syndicate that developed in the US during the late 1930s. Some refer to this criminal syndicate as the “Commission” and others call it the “Mafia.” Charles “Lucky” Luciano created and ran this criminal syndicate and Luciano’s ‘capo,’ Albert Anastasia, enforced the syndicate’s orders and decisions through Murder, Incorporated. Under Luciano and Anastasia’s leadership, Murder, Inc. executed over 1,000 contract killings.

Lucky Luciano's criminal empire included prostitution and in 1936, Thomas Dewey prosecuted Luciano for running the prostitution ring known as "the Combination." On June 7, 1936, Luciano was convicted on 62 counts of compulsory prostitution and sentenced to 30 to 50 years in Sing Sing state prison. Luciano appealed his conviction all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

Luciano’s ‘Get Out of Jail’ Card: World War II Sabotage

Early in 1942, a few months after the US entered World War II, the US Navy undertook the conversion of the French luxury liner, the S.S. Normandie, into a troop transport. The conversion took place in the New York shipyards controlled by the Commission.. Luciano wanted to show the US government that he controlled the docks of New York City and ordered Anastasia to sabotage the S.S. Normandie. Anastasia set fire to the S.S. Normandie on February 9, 1942. It was the most spectacular fire in New York City's history. For hours the Normandie burned, until, listing heavily to port, it capsized.

The destruction of the Normandie prompted the Navy to approach the mob boss. To protect other Navy ships berthed at the New York docks granted Luciano leniency. The government transferred Luciano from the tough maximum security prison to a minimum security prison. The next year, when Luciano provided the U.S. military with his Sicilian Mafia contacts in preparation for the 1943-allied invasion of Sicily, the US government released Lucky Luciano from prison.

US Aryanization Program

At the same time that the US government was cowering before the Mafia, it was boldly rounding up every American of Japanese descent and imprisoning them in concentration camps. Though no charge of treason or espionage was brought against any of these American citizens, the US government stripped them of their personal and real estate properties, farms and businesses as well as the assets of their bank accounts.

The war was merely an excuse for white racists to seize the land in California, Oregon and Washington owned by Japanese-American citizens. Half of the Japanese-Americans employed on the West Coast were in agriculture. They were the largest force in California's fruit and vegetable markets. Agricultural experts expected thirty-five percent of California's 1942 truck crops to come from Japanese-Americans farms. In 1940, farm lands owned by Japanese-Americans were valued at $72 million and an additional $6 million in equipment. When he signed his executive order in February 1942 ordering the relocation of all Americans of Japanese ancestry to concentration camps, Roosevelt gave his white cronies permission to seize all Japanese-Americans’ farms as well as their crops and equipment. It was a repeat of Roosevelt’s earlier New Deal seizure of black-owned farms.

The California Evacuated Farms Association of the U.S. Farm Security Administration helped whites acquire of Japanese-American farms with "special loans." The Farm Security Administration negotiated the sale of Japanese farms to white farmers, but saw that the Japanese farmer was sent to a concentration camp before the loan arrived. Then the white farmer returned the loan to the Farm Security Administration, clearing himself of the debt, and the Farm Security Administration gave the white farmer legal ownership of the property. The Japanese farmer received nothing for his farm, his crops or for his equipment. U.S. citizens of Japanese descent were subjected to a process similar to Germany’s Aryanization program that allowed Nazis to acquire lands and properties of Jews being shipped to German concentration camps.

The US Government and the Commission: A New Axis of Evil

When the US invaded and captured Italy, General George Patton released Mafia leaders jailed by Mussolini. At the end of the war, Patton installed Mafiosi to run the Italian government and created the denazification program responsible for slipping 9000 Nazis into Central and South America and 2000 Nazis into the US. The US government and its Mafia partner used their new Nazi allies to further US policy interests in Central and South America. Especially helpful was the experience the Nazis brought in establishing the School of the Americas. Located at Fort Benning, Georgia, the School of the America specialized in training Latin American ‘torture and death squads’ that were not only deployed in Central and South America but also in Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam, as well. The Nazi emigres helped US interests expropriate goods and minerals by treating South America as their own private plantations while depressing living conditions for the inhabitants and suppressing dissent from unions, press, church and students.

Luciano’s Commission Gets Its Own Country

Mafia and Nazi support for US imperialism in Latin America worked so well that the US government awarded the Mafia its own country to exploit. When Luciano was released from prison, he lived in Italy but Cuba became his base of operations. Luciano held business meetings in Havana for developing his nternational criminal syndicate. He was even seen enjoying Havana’s night life in the company of Frank Sinatra and other Hollywood celebrities.

At one Havana meeting, Vito Genovese tried to force Luciano into retirement. Genovese wanted to run the Commission, but needed Luciano’s government contacts. But Luciano was not ready to retire. "There is no Boss of Bosses,” Luciano told Genovese. “I turned it down in front of everybody. If I ever change my mind, I will take the title. But it won't be up to you. Right now you work for me and I ain't in the mood to retire. Don't you ever let me hear this again, or I'll lose my temper."

From Cuba, Luciano planned the expansion of the Commission’s criminal enterprises in the US including gambling, prostitution, looting union funds and, most importantly, the trafficking of narcotics. In a parley of more than thirty Sicilian and American Mafia leaders held in Genoa, Luciano drew up the plans for the smuggling and distribution of heroin into the United States. Luciano later held a meeting in the Grand Hotel et des Palmes in Palermo, Sicily. He awarded the Sicilian Mafia the rights to distribute heroin in the U.S. and gave the American mobsters the right to collect "franchise fees" as their share of the narcotics profits. Luciano's plan mimicked the franchising strategies used by such corporations as MacDonald’s and Coca-Cola. Luciano adopted another corporate strategy to expand the tiny heroin and cocaine market in the U.S. by reducing the price of his narcotics and targeting white working class and black urban neighborhood as the most lucrative markets. All the while Luciano’s government contacts assured him that his drug trade as well as his other criminal enterprises were protected.

By 1957, Vito Genovese and Carlo Gambino felt strong enough to move against Luciano. Genovese murdered Luciano’s Lord High Executioner, Albert Anastasia, the head of Murder, Incorporated and anointed himself the boss of the crime commission. But the US government stepped in and on April 4, 1959, convicted Genovese of violating federal narcotics laws. Genovese died in prison. On January 26, 1962, Luciano died of a heart attack at Naples International Airport. Carlos Gambino then headed the Commission and the most powerful man in the Mafia.

Castro Closes Cuba to the Commission

In 1959, Fidel Castro took Cuba away from Luciano’s Crime Commission. When the US government under John F. Kennedy failed to implement the Commission’s plans for regime change Luciano and his criminal confederates decided to find a more reliable partner. The found one in Corporate America. With the assassination of President John Kennedy and the seizure of the government’s legal, military and legislative apparatus. Luciano’s Crime Commission cemented its new partnership and the international crime commission and the multinational Corporate America experienced an explosion in profits. The Crime Commission grabbed billions from drug trafficking, prostitution and gambling, both legal and illegal. Corporation profits skyrocketed from insider trading, junk bonds, banking deregulation, no-bid contracts, right to work laws, free trade treaties and war profiteering. The partnership between the International Crime Commission and Corporate America was implemented by their absolute freedom from any legal, judicial or regulatory restraint, guaranteed by Murder, Incorporated. The reconstituted Murder, Incorporated got access to the vast resources found in the US legal, intelligence, internal revenue, justice and military establishments creating the American oligarchy that is “too big to fail and too powerful to jail.”

The Crime Commission and Corporate America: An American Oligarchy

The American oligarchy has an international reach. Global trade agreements underwritten by IMF allow corporations to loot countries around the world while an international ‘War On Drugs’ allows the Mafia to use the CIA, FBI and DEA to import cocaine and heroin from all over the world and distribute tons of drugs throughout the United States. The Commission also profits from all forms of legal and illegal gambling and burgeoning that includes everything from online prostitution, child pornography to medical sex products, physical and pharmaceutical. Profits earned by the American oligarchy are used to purchase and punish legislators, judges and executives throughout the country as well as in Washington.

The American corporate and criminal oligarchy is fully entrenched only because of Murder, Incorporated’s to unrestricted violence. Murder, Incorporated guarantees that no matter how heinous their crimes, no matter how many its victims, the alliance between corporations and criminal elements need never be concerned with criminal prosecution or criminal punishment. Murder, Incorporated has eliminated all democratic control over the American oligarchs. Murder, Incorporated’s violence against innocent people and subversion of sovereign nation states bears the trademarks of Nazi fascism that provided the blueprint for the oligarchic takeover of democratic and non-democratic states all over the globe.

Barack Obama and Murder, Incorporated

Fearing that they had overstepped themselves, the American oligarchs took the unprecedented step of installing a “negro” in the American presidency. The move has proven extremely successful. President Barack Obama has given the oligarchs billions from the US treasury and, thanks to the finely-tuned Nazi-styled propaganda machine and, due to the woeful ignorance of the American public, plans to give them billions more. The oligarchs use of propaganda has played a major role in selling the multi- billion dollar revenue stream for insurance companies to the American public. Obamacare is nothing more that a 21st century improvement on the Mafia’s 19th century protection racket. But its Obama’s utilization of Murder, Incorporated that really keeps the oligarchs in power. Obama has contracted out so many ‘hits’ on Americans and non-Americans, alike, that during his 2012 presidential campaign, Obama boasted to his aides: “I’m really good at killing people." And by all accounts, this was not an idle boast. In 2009 Obama oversaw a surge of 30,000 American troops in Afghanistan. 1,593 of the 2,162 U.S. casualties in Afghanistan, 73.7 percent, occurred after 2009 Obama’s surge. Between 2001 and 2008, 21,136 Afghan citizens and 4,478 militants were killed by the US military. Between 2009 and 2011, during Obama’s presidency 8,210 Afghan civilians and less than a thousand militants were killed. In 2011, Obama launched 145 Predator drone strikes on Afghanistan.

Obama oversaw the bombing of Libya, the destabilization of the Libyan government and the murder of Muammar Gaddhafi. He directed the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. Obama ordered his CIA-led army to dis-stabilize the Syrian government and overthrow Bashar al-Assad. When his attacks against Syria failed, Obama had Turkey supply the Syrian rebels with Saran gas for use against Syrian women and children as a ruse for using US air power. 140,000 civilians have been killed in Syria by Obama’s Murder Incorporated.

Obama’s expanded his use of drones everywhere. 326 drone strikes in Pakistan, 93 in Yemen, and 80 in Somalia. Obama refuses to provide the information on the number drone strikes in Africa or the number of civilians killed. In 2011, he ordered the murders of American-born Anwar al-Awlaki and his American-born, 16-year-old son with drones without a trial and without being accused of any crime.

Obama has pioneered "signature strikes.” Drone operators are directed to choose their targets based on ‘suspicious behavior’ where the identities of those killed aren't known. These “signature strikes” target all "military-age males" in a strike zone. Furthermore, Obama has pioneered the “double tap” bombing mission. Drone operators are directed to bomb the same place in quick succession in order to kill first responders such as doctors, fire fighters and other emergency personnel, coming to render aid to civilian casualties. The US government under Barack Obama gave millions to the Ukrainian press, politicians and neo-Nazi organizations to implement regime change in the Ukraine. His successful use of Murder, Incorporated had caused a civil war in the Ukraine where neo-Nazi thugs and Russian loyalists are killing Ukrainian civilians in the thousands. Obama has more than justified his boast of being good at killing people. With Murder, Incorporated firmly in his grasp, Obama has indeed killed a lot of innocent people and is the ideal tool for the American oligarchy.

The Respect Black Americans Deserve

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Response to Dr. Sinclair Grey III

Eugene Stovall
Oakland, California

In his June 13th blog, published in Kulture Kritic, Dr. Sinclair Grey III asked Do a Handful of Mainstream Buffοοns Cost All Blacks Respect In America?"As you might imagine, there are as many answers to this question as there are blacks with opinions. Grey says,You can go to any barbershop or hair salon and get answers ranging from one extreme to the next.” I decided to offer my opinion by focusing on those who respect  ___ or might not respect  ___ black Americans.

Normally, you wouldn’t think that blacks would seek the respect of the KKK, the Aryan Brotherhood or similar organizations. White racists have made it clear: they not only disrespect black people, they hate them. However, last year, the NAACP chapter in Casper Wyoming met with the KKK. But if the NAACP Negroes met with the klan to get respect, according to Jeremy Fugleberg, a managing editor at the Casper Star-Tribune, they didn’t get any. The meeting only encouraged the klansmen to hold the NAACP Negroes in even greater contempt. It’s surprising how many Negroes cater to the KKK. When Charlotta Bass, editor of Los Angeles’ California Eagle, fought the klan over the racist depiction of blacks in the movie, Birth of A Nation, the klan was able to put her out of business by having Negro business owners pull their advertisements and subscriptions. At the time, the California Eagle was the oldest black newspaper west of the Mississippi. Even today, the klan controls certain Negroes. Congressman Barbara Lee and Mayor Elihu Harris invited the daughter of George Wallace, the arch- segregationist and klansman, to Oakland, California to tell the black community about her father’s contribution to civil rights. Catering to the family of George Wallace may have furthered their Barbara Lee’s political career but it made black people of Oakland look like ‘coons’ or ‘clowns’ or both. But this is what happens when Negroes seek the respect of white racists.

Black politicians make it difficult for black Americans to be respected even by the white politicians fighting for liberal causes. Liberal democrats waging showdown battles against Big Business, Big Banks and Wall Street cannot depend on support from black politicians. Recent revelations by the Huffington Post records the despicable behavior of some members of the Congressional Black Caucus at a time when Big Money is destroying the lives of so many.  The Huffington Post writes: The GOP isn't shy about its antipathy to government regulations, and a pro-business coalition known as the New Democrats has come to its aid. But there is also a third, lesser-known faction: the Congressional Black Caucus. [Gwen]Moore, along with colleagues such as New York's Gregory Meeks, Georgia's David Scott, Missouri's Lacy Clay and Alabama's Terri Sewell, has pushed for a host of seemingly arcane measures that would undermine Dodd-Frank's rules on financial derivatives, the complex contracts at the heart of the 2008 meltdown. [Moore] is the co-sponsor of multiple measures that would once again allow Wall Street to shift its riskiest transactions out of the view of regulators. 

According to Yvette Carnell in her article, How the CBC Leverages Blackness to Work as a Tool for Wall Street, CBC members worked against a rule that was supported by liberal democrats that “bans banks that receive taxpayer perks from making speculative trades for their own accounts.” Meeks, Scott, Sewell, and Clay were all onboard with killing the rule. Moore’s chief of staff is a vocal supporter of the financial services lobby. One of Moore’s former staffers works for the financial industry. It is not surprising to insiders that Gwen Moore is one of the banking industry’s key supporters. Since the CBC tends to vote as a bloc, and, as CBC head Marcia Fudge admits, most of them don’t know much about financial services law, the  CBC usually defers to Gwen Moore and her staff members on financial these critical bills. At a time when polarization between the rich and the middle class is at its height, black politicians in the Congressional Black Caucus have been siding with the rich. These politicians are no more interested in the respect of the liberal members of the democratic party than they are interested in the respect of the constituents they purport to represent.


Even though the CBC Negroes work with right wing republicans, they don’t have their respect. The rash of voter suppression laws that the GOP has sponsored all over the country is a good indication of how little republicans respect black politicians and the black American communities who elect them. In Michigan, the GOP has disenfranchised 80% of the black population. Without fear of retaliation from black politicians, either at the state or national levels, the GOP governor and legislature have deprived blacks living in communities like Detroit and Flint of their right to govern http://readersupportednews.org/opinion2/277-75/23447-focus-michigans-state-government-doesnt-trust-black-people-to-govern-themselves

Blacks ridicule whites for maintaining their right wing principles and whites sneer at black’s political impotence. No respect is sought or given here.


Of course when one thinks of black politicians, one must remember that black politicians are spawned by the black church. Some believe that George Bush made one of the most deft political moves any president has ever made with his “faith-based initiative. By giving away money to religious organizations, Bush not only shored up his white “evangelical” right wing base, he silenced all criticism from black preachers. Not only did Bush silence greedy black preachers, he got them to support the impotent black politicians that make up the majority of the Congressional Black Caucus.


Even nationally-recognized preachers seem uninterested in maintaining any respect. Preachers and politicians in the Martin Luther King family are involved in a nasty legal dispute over the sale King’ Nobel Prize and his bible. Other black religious families exhibit even less than respectful behavior. The Reverend Jesse Jackson’s son, an elected Congressman, is currently in prison. His famous father, who would utter ‘keep hope alive’ as he entered the Playboy mansion, has one or more children out of wedlock, contributing to black America’s image of producing unwed mothers and fatherless families. The Reverend Al Sharpton provides comic relief to this sad story of the black preacher turned politician. When it was revealed that Al Sharpton was a FBI “snitch, ” he claimed that he had no choice. When the FBI caught him dealing drugs, Sharpton had to become a snitch or go to jail. As a preacher of God’s word, Sharpton made the obvious choice. As an FBI ‘snitch’ and drug dealer, Sharpton may be the ideal MSNBC spokesman for the Obama administration, but he deserves no one’s respect.


Certainly, the black community, itself, has never wavered in its support for its preachers. Yet outside the black community, the preacher’s moral authority is as much a joke as his public speaking ability. Recently a news reporter asked a Palestinian leader why the Palestinians did not use “non-violence” like black Americans. “Black Americans are no better off than we are,” the Palestinian said. “They still live in concentration camps, just like us. The only difference is that their leaders serve the Jews, our leaders serve Palestinians.”


Academics find it difficult to respect black scholarship. It is difficult to respect scholarship that is unabashedly rhetorical as is often the case with Afro-centric research. Time and time again, black scholars demonstrate that they either don’t know or ignore history. For example, when Nelson Mandela died black scholars and black media analysts claimed in unison that black America’s non-violent philosophy and divestment activities were responsible for Nelson Mandela’s release from prison and the ending of apartheid. The truth was that when the Cubans defeated South African Security Forces in Angola, South Africa’s white minority had a hard choice to make:  either share political power or risk annihilation. The white settlers chose to continue their economic domination of South Africa by sharing political power with the ANC and making Nelson Mandela president. [Note the parallels between Nelson Mandela’s and Barack Obama’s presidencies. Both were brought into office due to ill-conceived wars of aggression.] In a world dominated by American imperialism, few respect the efficacy of Martin Luther King’s “non-violent” political action nor is there any respect for scholars who credit “non-violence” for anything other than the mass incarceration of black men, ‘marches on Washington’ notwithstanding.


On the other hand, the black entertainers have always been respected by whites and others. Negroes love to entertain white folks. From the earliest days, whites Americans have dearly loved their black minstrels, vaudevillians and gospel singers. Black entertainers like Bill “Bojangels” Robinson and Eddie “Rochester” Anderson were household names among white audiences, especially when paired with Shirley Temple and Jack Benny. And white people never got enough of ‘Farina’ and ‘Buckwheat’ in the ‘Our Gang’ movie series.  Even when sports were segregated, whites turned out in droves to watch the Harlem Globetrotters perform their basketball antics. White folks just loved to watch them coonin’ around. Jackie Robinson became a national hero as much for the abuse, degradation and humiliation that he suffered from white fans as for his baseball skills. It’s not just the money, either. Shaquille O’Neal has more money than he and his ten children by different women can ever spend. But, during the NBA season, ‘Shaq’, Charles Barkely and Kenny Smith put on a ‘coon’ show that would embarrass even Amos and Andy. Black entertainers are welcomed all over the world. Recall the reception that Dennis Rodman received in North Korea. But not just athletes. Black musicians have always found respectful audiences in Europe. Josephine Baker, Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix all became international celebrities in Europe. Black actors, male and female, all receive their fair share of respect, in America and abroad. The Help won critical acclaim with Octavia Spencer winning an Oscar and Viola Davis being nominated. Mo’Nique won an Oscar for Precious and Lee Daniels was nominated. Though it was ignored by the motion picture academy, Lee Daniels, ‘The Butler’ was critically acclaimed and won numerous awards. No doubt, black entertainers certainly have sought and received the respect of white audiences all over the world.


So, it may be that black people do not receive the respect they want, but they certainly get the respect they deserve.






War Profiteering: Slave Labor Sinister Scenario

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Eugene Stovall
Oakland, California

The Third Reich and Slave Labor

Recently the Daily Mail revealed that the German automaker, Auto Union, predecessor of Audi, used slave labor during WWII. 

Some time ago it was revealed that American corporations benefitted from WWII slavery as well. In 1998, Elsa Iwanowa, a slave laborer at Ford Werke in Cologne during WWII, filed a federal suit against the Ford Motor Company for reparations. Elsa Iwanowa said that Ford Motor Company collected profits earned during the war from deposits made into a Swiss bank by its subsidiary. The suit alleged that the Ford Motor Company profited by providing the German army with tanks and trucks during the war. Also the suit claimed that Ford built the Rolls-Royce engines used in Germany’s Stuka JU 87 dive bombers and provided the essential parts for the Nazi’s V-2 rockets that, like Obama’s drones, were used against civilian targets.  

April Taylor of Your Black World argues that while reparations have been given to WWII’s “white” slaves, reparations are still owed the descendants of America’s black slaves.

American Corporations: Nazi War Profiteers


Ford was not the only American corporation that profited from the German WWII war machine. IBM provided Germany’s secret police, death squads and concentration camps with the technology to keep the records necessary to identify and round up Europ’s Jews. The German chemical giant, I. G. Farben, the company that supplied Zyklon B to the Nazi gas chambers, had an American subsidiary GAF with Edsel Ford on its board of directors. Blitzkrieg would not have been possible without the fuel and technology provided initially by Texaco. But oil, being the life blood of Hitler’s war machine, GAF formed a consortium of American oil companies to develop Germany’s synthetic oil technology. The consortium included GAF, John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Co., DuPont Chemicals and the United States Industrial Alcohol Company and its subsidiary, Cuba Distilling, a major producer of leaded gasoline, Needless to say, without American corporate involvement, there would have been no blitzkrieg, no roundup of Jews and no WWII.

US Government and International Criminal Behavior

After WWII, Germans were charged with criminal behavior. Their crimes fell into three categories: crimes against the peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity. A crime against the peace, in international law, refers to "planning, preparation, initiation, or waging of wars of aggression.” The invasion of Panama, the invasion of Iraq, the overthrow of Muammar Khadafi, the financing of the neo-Nazi overthrow of the Ukranian government and illegal killing of civilians in an undeclared war in Yemen are examples of crimes against the peace.A war crime is a serious violation of the laws and customs of war giving rise to individual responsibility. The widespread use of drones to kill civilians, the torture of prisoners in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, supplying poisonous Saran gas to rebels for use against Syrian civilians and the deportation of civilians who have not been convicted of any crime to the Guantanamo concentration camp are examples of war crimes. Crimes against humanity are defined in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. These crimes "are particularly odious offenses in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of human beings.” The well-documented US Phoenix program that systematically murdered 100, 000 Vietnamese civilians, the School of the Americas that trained “death squads” in torture techniques at Fort Benning, Georgia are crimes against humanity. Other examples are the government program to infect black men with syphilis at Tuskegee College, the government distribution of 22 tons of cocaine through its FBI, DEA and military intelligence network into American communities and the operation of the death camp at Jonestown, Guyana.  

Criminal Motive: War Profiteering

Courts of law associate criminal behavior with criminal motives. The Third Reich engaged in criminal behavior to dominate the world and for lebensraum.  The US government is engaged in international criminal behavior for economic domination and to maximize corporate profits. The history of one of the more powerful military-industrial cabals provides an insight into how war profiteering motivates international criminal behavior.

E. H. Harriman, a major American industrialist, owned a railroad empire. He owned the Union Pacific, the Southern Pacific, the Saint Joseph and Grand Island, the Illinois Central and the Georgia Central railroads. Harriman also owned the Pacific Mail Steamship Company and the Wells Fargo Express Company.

William Averell Harriman, son of E.H. Harriman, was a member of Yale’s Skull and Bones Society. His best friend was Prescott Bush, father of George H.W. Bush. Both Bushes were also ‘bonesmen.’  Averell Harriman served as Secretary of Commerce, Governor of New York, Ambassador to the Soviet Union and Ambassador to the Court of St. James [Great Britain]. Harriman carried out numerous diplomatic assignments for the Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy and Johnson administrations on the way to enhancing his own corporate empire.

Averell Harriman bought the old-line Wall Street firm, Brown Brothers and controlled the majority interest in the reconstituted Brown Brothers, Harriman and Co [BBH]. Averell Harriman made Brown Brothers Harriman a Wall Street powerhouse using the influential American politicians it employed among whom were Prescott Bush, George H. W. Bush and Alan Greenspan.

Brown Brothers, Harriman purchased Dresser Industries and installed H. Neil Mallon, a Bonesman, as CEO and put Prescott Bush and later George H W Bush the Board of Directors. Dresser Industries included Wayne Oil Tank and Pump Co., Galion Iron Works, Jeffery Manufacturing Co. and International Harvester. When Dresser Industries merged with Ingersoll-Rand, forming the Dresser-Rand Group, Dresser took a 51% share of the assets while Ingersoll-Rand had 49%. In 1998, Dresser merged with Halliburton and became known as Halliburton Company, Dick Cheney negotiated the $7.7 Billion deal. Halliburton was owned by Magnolia, Texas, Gulf, Humble, Sun, Pure and Atlantic oil companies

Halliburton Energy Services acquired Brown & Root in December 1962 and formed a consortium of four companies that built 85 percent of the infrastructure needed by the Navy during the Vietnam War. Calling itself "The Vietnam Builders" and receiving highly lucrative "no bid" contracts, this consortium received $700 million from Lyndon Johnson’s administration in 1965, alone. During the entire war, the Vietnam Builders received $2 billion in construction contracts from the Johnson Administration.

Before becoming a subsidiary of Halliburton and before the Vietnam War, Brown & Root had been the recipient a variety of no-bid contracts thanks to its relationship with Lyndon Baines Johnson. Brown & Root was the principal source of campaign funds for Johnson's congressional election in 1937. One of Brown & Root’s first large-scale projects, was building a dam on the Texas Colorado River near Austin during the Depression. To pay Brown & Root, the Bureau of Reclamation had to change its rules against paying for a dam on land the federal government did not own. Averell Harriman got President Franklin Roosevelt to order the Bureau of Reclamation to change its rules and Brown & Root made millions.

After receiving numerous no-bid federal construction projects, Brown & Root completely funded Johnson's bid for the U.S. Senate in 1941. But when the IRS filed criminal charges against Brown & Root as well as Lyndon Johnson for making illegal campaign donations, President Roosevelt, himself, called the IRS off. During WWII, Brown & Root received contracts for the Corpus Christie Naval Air Station and a series of warships. In 1947, the government financed Brown & Root’s construction of one of the world's first offshore oil platforms.

Brown & Root funded and directed its subcontractors and other companies to contribute to Lyndon Johnson’s political ‘war chest.’ Johnson’s war chest enabled him to manipulate other members of the House and Senate into supporting Brown & Root and Johnson’s other corporate ‘friendS.' KBR employs more American private contractors and holds larger contracts than any company in Iraq. Following the end of the first Gulf War, Defense Secretary Dick Cheney paid Brown & Root $8.5 million to study the use of private military contractors as auxiliaries in combat zones. Halliburton received $39.5B in Iraq-related contracts with many of the deals given without any bidding from competing firms, such as a $568-million contract to provide housing, meals, water and bathroom services to soldiers. Charles M. Smith, the senior civilian Defense Department official overseeing the government's multi-billion-dollar contract with KBR during the early stages of the war in Iraq said he was forced out of his job in 2004 for refusing to approve $1 billion in questionable charges by KBR.

On February 6, 2009, the Justice Department announced KBR had been charged with paying "tens of millions of dollars" in bribes to Nigerian officials in order to win government contracts, in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

In February 2011, General Electric Co. owned by Wall Street Firm Morgan Stanley, a firm that Barack Obama gave millions in subsidies, bought Halliburton’s Dresser Inc. for $3 billion.

American Criminal Justice System and Slave Labor

Just as the WWII war profiteers used slave labor, the corporations currently profiting from America’s international war crimes use slave labor. The US prison industrial complex with 5 million American citizens under the direct control through imprisonment, probation, and/or parole is a modernized system of the Black Codes imposed after the civil war to “reconstruct” the South.

According to April Taylor: “While the United States population makes up only five percent of the global population, American citizens now make up 25 percent of the world’s prison population. More than 70 percent of the prison population are people of color, with black women being the fastest growing group of prisoners.” Today prison labor is the fastest growing industry in the U.S. Private corporations operating prisons have entered into contracts for prison labor with a great number of major corporations including IBM, Boeing, Motorola, Microsoft, AT&T and TWA. Privately run prisons companies contract out prison labor for as little as 17 cents an hour and as high as 50 cents an hour. UNICOR corporation contracts out the greatest amount prison labor. While posting gross annual sales of $250 million, it pays its laborers 23 cents an hour. Corporate products produced by prison labor include 93 percent of all paints and paintbrushes manufactured in the U.S., 92 percent of stove assemblies, 36 percent of home appliances and 21 percent of office furniture.

The Pentagon is a major purchaser of prison labor. Prison labor produces 100 percent of all military helmets, ammunition belts, bullet proof vests, ID tags, shirts, pants, tents, bags, and canteens. In addition, 46 percent of body armor worn by military and law enforcement personnel is produced by prison labor.

Just as in the case of the German Third Reich, the US government passes the laws and sets up the police state and military presence necessary for corporations to make a profit.

Africa: Site of Future Wars

The Obama administration is continuing this decades long practice of war profiteering. Federal agencies awarded $115.2 billion in no-bid contracts in fiscal year 2012, an 8.9 increase from $105.8 billion in 2011. Obama’s administration authorized AFRICOM to no-bid contracts all over the African continent. With AFRICOM death squads waiting the go-ahead the corporate war profiteers are preparing for another feeding frenzy.


Congressional Black Caucus Threatens Boko Haram

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Charley McCarthy propaganda furthers Obama’s AFRICOM goals

Eugene Stovall
Oakland, California

Boko Haram kidnapped 200 Nigerian girls, the Congressional Black Caucus [CBC] called a press conference in front of the Nigerian Embassy. Representatives Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio), Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) and Karen Bass (D-Calif.) demanded that the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls be returned safely.
“We want our girls back and we want them back now,” Barbara Lee, Oakland’s Democratic representative said. “We want this terrorist group brought to justice, and we want the slaughter and the intimidation, the trafficking, the murders stopped today.”
The neo-cons running the US government used the CBC’s‘Charley McCarthy’ Negroes to send Boko Haram a very strong message: the U.S. is out for blood.

Left to themseves, the Congressional Black Caucus has few “black” issues on their agenda. The missing 64,000 African American women and children are of little concern to the CBC. Missing black women and children do not receive the same media attention as missing white women and children. So it is not surprising that the CBC does not speak out even though a 2010 report shows that out of 273,985 missing minorities, 85 percent were African American. Nor is the CBC interested in the alarming increase in black people being killed by whites. Not even the killing of a 93-year-old Texas woman moves the CBC to issue a statement. Some might claim that the CBC cares little about black people or their issues. That Barbara Lee is more concerned about whites can be demonstrated by the fact that she brought the daughter of the segregationist bigot, George Wallace, to Oakland to explain her father’s role in the civil rights movement. Yet, the CBC is no worse than the ‘first’ black president. As a presidential candidate, Obama promised black people absolutely nothing and, in the past six years, the president has delivered on his promise. However, since whites only allow ‘Charlie McCarthy’ Negroes to hold elected office, it might be that the CBC’s interest in Nigeria bears closer scrutiny.

Any interest in Nigeria begins with oil. Since 1970, Nigeria’s oil production has generated $380 billion from American and European oil producers. Yet oil revenues have failed to raise incomes in Nigeria and 98% of Nigerian’s 200 million citizens live in squalor and poverty. What oil has brought Nigeria is war, famine and political corruption. Between 1967 and 1970, Europeans instigated the Igbo tribe to wage a bloody civil war in an attempt to secede from Nigeria and claim the oil rights on traditional Ibo lands. Similar unrest broke out in the Niger Delta among the Ogoni and Ijaw tribes. They too were urged to grab their share of Nigeria’s oil revenues by European oil interests. But America and Great Britain provided the Nigerian government the weapons and military advisors required to subdue all tribal succession efforts. American and British producers wanted to maintain a monopoly over Nigeria’s oil.  

Nigeria policy to crush tribal succession efforts was not intended to benefit its people. The government was taken over by powerful war lords who built patronage networks during the period of tribal insurgency. These war lords used their control over the Nigerian government to control political offices and grow huge personal fortunes. All levels of the Nigerian government __ federal, state, and local ___ operate as a feudal state in a medieval society, barbarous and brutish. The war lords maintain their power using heavily armed personal militias and exercise all governmental authority within their own personal fiefdoms.  Even though several governors are under indictment for money laundering abroad and many local politicians are being investigated for a litany of crimes, Nigeria’s war lords continually siphons off the oil revenues that pours into Nigeria’s public coffers while the country’s political and economic infrastructure and public works  deteriorate.


In addition to its war lords, corrupt civil officials conspire with European and American corporations to steal the oil generated wealth of the nation. Corruption attends all governmental activities ___ contracts, the allocation of benefits, collection of public revenues, and judicial decisions. Public funds set aside for public works, water, sanitation and roads, are routinely looted through ‘white elephant’ projects. Nigerian officials routinely abuse their positions to grab whatever oil profits become available. Nigeria’s bureaucracies generate waste, thuggery and disrespect for the rule of law. Nigeria’s period of military rule was pathetic; the present regime is disgraceful.


Economic stagnation and a massive increase in young people has splintered Nigeria’s Muslim community. The youth are aggrieved and radicalized by the activities of the government and private oil firms. No roads, no water, no light, no schools, no hospitals. People are at the limits of their desperation. A spark was caused by President Goodluck Jonathan’s rash and abrupt decision to abolish subsidies from oil revenues in 2012. The removal of the oil subsidies caused an immediate doubling in food and oil prices. Five days of strikes, brought the government to its knees. These conditions spawned the Islamic insurrectionary movement known as Boko Haram also known in Arabic as People Committed to the Propagation to the Prophet’s teachings and Jihad. They are uninterested in talking because talking has produced nothing. The youth believe that the only way to get the attention of the Nigerian government and oil firms, the only way to address the unacceptable levels of poverty, is to become militant. Over the past year, Boko Haram has initiated militant attacks, political assassinations and suicide bombings against the Nigerians they blame for the political corruption, environmental disintegration and neo-colonialist exploitation. The movement is fueled by the starvation of millions.


So into this IMF-caused hell hole enters the United States, weapons bristling and drones prepared for launch. The CBC has issued no idle threat. The US and its European allies, once again, intend to murder those driven to desperation by their trade agreements with facists rulers. Barbara Lee and her Congressional Black Caucus confederates accurately express the intention of Washington-based neo-cons and big oil interests.

Camp Lemonnier is the only ‘official’ U.S. base in Africa. According to The Washington Post, Camp Lemonnier is the "busiest Predator drone base outside Afghanistan." Camp Lemonnier is central to drone operations in Somalia and Yemen. The base primarily serves the Combined Joint Task Force/Horn of Africa and currently houses more than 2,000 U.S. personnel. However, the U.S. military's presence in Africa extends far beyond Camp Lemonnier. The US military conducts operations with almost every African military force and in almost every African country and averages many missions each day. The U.S. wages wars from Libya to the Central African Republic and Mali. It conducts airstrikes and abduction missions using special operations forces in countries from Somalia to Sudan.

Large engineering and construction firms doing business for the Pentagon know what the U.S. military is planning for Africa. For years, U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) has maintained its secrecy and consistently downplayed the size, scale, and scope of its efforts. Now the Pentagon and the representatives of some of the biggest engineering firms on the planet are planning the future of Africa ____ and they are talking war.

Here is the reality of the war preparations being made.  Over the last several years, the U.S. has built drone bases across Africa, for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions, but now these drone sites are going deadly. “We have shifted from our original intent of being a more congenial combatant command to an actual war-fighting combatant command,” AFRICOM’s Rick Cook explained to an audience of big-money defense contractors. 

The U.S. has been “at war” in Africa for the last two and half years. Boko Haram cannot be understood without knowing how the US military is unleashing death and destruction from Somalia and Mali to West Africa. If there is one event that hints at what is in store for Nigeria, it is the vicious NATO obliteration of the state of Libya. U.S. policy-makers are unconcerned with the school girls in Nigeria; they have armed Boko Haram in the North to justify their real goal of occupying the oil fields in the South and killing all indigenous peoples who get in the way. So to prepare Americans for yet another bloodbath, the ‘Charlie McCarthy’ Negroes in the Congressional Black Caucus have been told to issue their propaganda statement ____ and then go back to sleep.






Harry Belafonte At Stanford: We Won Them All

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Eugene Stovall
Oakland, California

Last week, Harry Belafonte delivered a lecture entitled “Activism and Racial Justice in America.” Sponsored by Stanford University’s African and African-American Studies Department and its director, H. Samy Ali, a noted hip-hop authority, Belafonte delivered the annual St. Clair Drake Memorial lecture to a crowd of undergraduate and graduate students packed into the Business School Auditorium. Angela Davis delivered the 2012 St. Clair Drake Memorial lecture named for Stanford’s first Black Studies director. At the age of 87, Harry Belafonte has been getting a lot of news coverage for many of his recent comments and criticisms. And those who attended Belafonte’s Stanford lecture in hopes of hearing something controversial were not disappointed. Early on in his lecture, the New York-born Jamaican proudly announced that he and the other leaders of his generation were responsible for the significant achievements of the civil rights era. Then after boasting that “We won every battle,” the legendary entertainer raised more than a few eyebrows by blaming the students in his audience for losing all that was gained by such radicals as Martin Luther Ling, Jr, Malcom X, Paul Robeson, Rosa Parks and W.E.B. DuBois.

“Through their inattention and greed,” Belafonte said, “members of the current post-racial generation have squandered the precious gift of civil rights, and especially voting rights, that was passed to them by my generation.”

Belafonte continued by lecturing his audience of graduate and undergraduate students about the radical thinking that used “non-violent” confrontation and “love” as a means of achieving political goals. “Radical thinking is what allowed us to successfully challenge white racism and end discrimination,” Belafonte boasted. “By becoming radical thinkers, we won every battle.” Belafonte asserted that white racism was unable to withstand the power of their moral authority and, therefore, capitulated. Then Belafonte issued a challenge. “So because you were inattentive, the Koch Brothers and other neo-con billionaires have taken away your civil rights, the rights that we won for you. And, now, I want to know what you’re going to do about it?”

I was surprised that, even though loaded down with predatory student loans and facing a hostile job market, the youthful audience seemed willing to accept Belafonte’s unfair and blatantly false accusation. One black PhD candidate even asked the singer/actor for guidance in adopting the type of radical thinking that Belafonte claimed was missing in the current generation. “After I graduate,” the student said, “I’ll be paying off student loans while supporting myself. What do you suggest that I do to be relevant and still survive?” Though Belafonte rambled for ten minutes, he could offer no satisfactory response to the question. 

Of course not. The student’s question was real and Belafonte’s lecture was theatre and not to be taken seriously. When he claimed that civil rights ‘won every battle,’ it was like the Nazis claiming that Richard Wagner’s operas were actual German history. When Belafonte challenges his youthful audience to follow in the footsteps of heroic civil rights activists and reject the practice of greed and excessive individualism, he poses a false dilemma. Neither of Belafonte’s depictions are real. The venerable actor gave a great performance but his historical rendition was false. In reality, the black leadership in today’s post-racial era is identical to the Negro leadership of the civil rights era. Black leadership of any era takes its orders from their white sponsors. Belafonte well knows that anyone truly advocating rights for black people will be subjected to ostracism, deprivation and incarceration; this is as true today as it was during the civil rights era.


For centuries, Europeans ‘bled’ their patents to cure illnesses and diseases. Physicians recommended the bloodletting and barbers, the actual surgeons, performed the procedure. When Harry Belafonte described how heroic civil rights leaders “won every battle” and regaled the students with stories of non-violence and love for white racists, he is like someone arguing that draining the blood of a seriously ill patient is an effective cure. “Non-violence” is nothing new. It has been taught ever since slaves began burning down their masters’ homes in the 1600s. At the time, slave masters recruited preachers to teach blacks to behave “non-violently.” For centuries, Europeans bled their patients and blacks loved their masters. Non-violence and bloodletting are both fatal to their practitioners. So the most generous evaluation of Belafonte’s “we won them all” statement is that he was probably in a recording studio or on a movie set while black people were being “bled.”

The former civil rights era was no different than the current post-racial era. America’s agenda, then as now, is the indiscriminate murder and the mass incarceration of black people. [Just as America’s international policy is the overthrowing of regimes, the plundering of resources and the killing of non-white peoples.] To advance their agenda, white folks use American institutions to subject the black community to racial profiling, economic deprivation and police oppression. [see: 93-Year-Old Black Woman Fatally Shot by Texas Officer http://www.dallasweekly.com/news/national/article_65b1415e-d6d3-11e3-8627-0017a43b2370.html]  Miseducation, otherwise known as propaganda, is the key element in transporting black youth along the school to prison pipeline. As recently as 2011, studies show that less than 3% of blacks graduating from high school could read above the basic level, meaning that they can neither obtain, comprehend or apply any information that will help them improve their personal or group circumstances. The most important element in America’s racist agenda, however, is the active participation of a complacent, cowardly and corrupt black leadership. These people were chosen specifically because they would do as they were told.

The “mass incarceration” of black people has reached genocidal proportions. Accelerated by the government’s phony War On Drugs, black people have been arrested and incarcerated at rate 537 times more than white people. In her book, The New Jim Crow, Michelle Alexander claims that the mass incarcerations began in the 1980s with Ronald Reagan. Mass incarcerations actually began in the 1950s with Martin Luther King, Jr. In fact, as outlined in Gunnar Myrdal’s blueprint for genocide, An American Dilemma, the civil rights movement preceded the War On Drugs as a means of identifying and incarcerating thousands of young black people. During the numerous sit-ins, marches and demonstrations called by Belafonte’s ‘heroic’ civil rights leadership, thousands of blacks were incarcerated but, unlike the preachers and civil rights leaders who made bail, the thousands incarcerated were never released. The civil rights leaders called for children to be beaten, hosed and bitten by dogs. The civil rights leaders called for children to be shot and bombed. But when the thousands were incarcerated and their parents lost their jobs and their families lost their homes, the civil rights leaders, receiving the gratitude of whites for their ‘love’, moved on. The thousands remained incarcerated, because, despite Belafonte’s mythology, ‘love’ did not win over a single white racist.

The actual facts surrounding the civil rights era are far different than the myths Harry Belafonte and others like to tell. For example, when the three civil rights workers, James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, were murdered in Oxford, Mississippi in 1964, Lyndon Johnson wanted answers and arrests. President Johnson was not an advocate of “non-violence.” So J. Edgar Hoover hired Mafia “hit men” to kidnap and “interrogate” local members of Ku Klux Klan. These interrogations led to the discovery of the murdered civil rights worker’s bodies and the arrest and conviction of their murderers. So much for Harry Belafonte’s out of the box, radical thinking. In fact, Lyndon Johnson and others orchestrated the entire civil rights movement for their own purposes. Handpicked Negroes were put in positions to do the bidding of someone who wanted to be re-elected president and to pursue a war in Indo-China. Truly radical black thinkers in organizations such as the Deacons For Defense, the Republic For New Africa, the African Blood Brotherhood, the Black Panther Party, Black Student Unions and the Black Muslims were incarcerated and assassinated. And when the handpicked Negro, Martin Luther King, Jr, got out of line, he suffered the fate of any other “radical” nigger at the hands of the FBI, CIA and US Army according to William Pepper’s book, An Act Of State. The truth of the matter is that black leadership has always been chosen for its cowardice and ignorance. Negro leaders during the civil rights era behaved no differently than today’s FBI snitches like Al Sharpton, coons like Allen West and entertainers like Harry Belafonte.



A Case For Reparations

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Eugene Stovall
Oakland, California

"If they pass reparations, and my taxes are going up, I ain’t paying taxes,” said Chris McDaniel, the Tea Party challenger for Mississippi’s US Senate seat currently held by Republican Senator, Thad Cochran.



“Blacks Are Poor Because They Won’t Work” – Paul Ryan


The National Endowment for Democracy, a $100 million U.S. government-financed slush fund, paid millions of US-tax dollars to neo-Nazis to institute regime-change in Ukraine. Now the United States Congress is doling out more than a billion dollars to Ukraine’s neo-Nazi government and promises to give them billions more in the future. Yet Congressional neo-cons blame the government’s economic woes on black people.


Playing “dog whistle” politics, racists like Paul Ryan cite black criminality and laziness for causing  the crisis in unemployment, social security and Medicare entitlements. But, for too long white racists have “scapegoated” black people to cover up government corruption at the highest levels. And it is time to set the record straight. Corporate greed, government corruption at every level and a criminal conspiracy by “star families” and grand masters of secret societies have caused American’s middle class to lose their entitlements.


The ‘Super Rich’ Feed On Government Welfare


For decades, even before its Ukraine adventure, the US government used tax dollars to fund “regime-change’ around the world. Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Iran and Panama are familiar examples. Clinton overthrew governments throughout Africa. The Bush administration had its Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama destabilized and overthrew Mubarak in Egypt, ordered Gadhafi’s assassination and overthrew the Libyan government and is involved in a savage drone war in Yemen. Obama’s funding of rebels in an attempt to topple Assad’s government has not gone as well as expected, so after two years of conflict, Turkey provided Sarin gas to the Syrian rebels for use on women and children. Then Obama and John Kerry began beating the drum for an all out air war on Syria, using a docile American press to spew out anti- Assad propaganda to whoever would listen. Even now Obama and Kerry wave the red flag for war on Syria, though objective observers, other than the American press, reports that Assad never used poison gas.


Obama spends tens of millions of American tax dollars planning for war that will cost tens of billions, but who is benefitting from this orgy of American militarism and exceptionalism? Who is banking the trillions of dollars that the US government shovels into to its military-industrial complex? The answer is clear. The beneficiaries of the American war machine are the ‘Super Rich’, the “star families” and secret societies who are  “too rich fail and too powerful to jail.”


Besides Being War Profiteers, the ‘Super Rich’ Feed On Entitlements and Bailouts


In 2013, big oil earned profits of $93 Billion but the US government gave big oil an additional $4 Billion in subsidies and entitlements. Though congress delayed the Farm Bill in order to eliminate Food Stamps, the bill contained $20 Billion in Farm Subsidies for the Super Rich. Some members of Congress received $20 Million in Farm Bill subsidies.


In 2009, as soon as he took office, Obama gave General Motors and Chrysler an $80 Billion bailout. The following year, he gave Wall Street firms a $61 Billion bailout. Then Obama gave big banks a $16 Trillion bailout to cover their losses from housing market derivatives that they sold on the open market and to European investors. The banks repaid the European investors who bought the derivatives, but did not repay the black families who lost their homes. Then with the approval of the US Supreme Court, Obama created a multi-billion dollar entitlement for the medical insurance industry. Section 1342 of the Affordable Care Act forces taxpayers to pay of all costs incurred by the insurance companies selling their policies through ObamaCare exchanges including their annual $100 Billion tax liability.

So Barack Obama gets bipartisan support for overthrowing governments, for waging illegal wars and for bailing out whole segments of private enterprise, but the ‘first’ black president is unable to do anything about the financial plight of black people in America.


Global Trade Agreements and Regime-Change


“When the white man came, he had bibles and we had land. Now we have bibles but must pay the white man a tax to live on our land.” African Observer.



The North American Free Trade Agreement [NAFTA] models the way multinational corporations takeover governments. As the blueprint for the global IMF trade agreements, NAFTA deregulates the US, Canadian and Mexican economies. By eliminating government regulation, corporations have turned the government into a corporate ‘safety net’ making taxpayers liable for their bad decisions and investment losses. The NAFTA model stresses the primacy of profits over wages by allowing corporations to move their labor-intensive operations anywhere labor laws are weak and tax collection is lax. NAFTA-like trade agreements work well where the government is corrupt and corporations use military and police state violence to implement boardroom decisions. Control over government regulation allows corporations to ignore and, in many cases, actively interfere with labor’s ability to organize, strike and oppose predatory corporate practices.


Following the NAFTA model, global IMF trade agreements negate all opportunities for collective bargaining. Everywhere corporations actively seek to repeal labor laws that protect workers in favor of right to work laws benefitting employers. Today, it is commonplace for employers to move their operations whenever workers fail to agree to cuts in wages and benefits. In the 20 years, since NAFTA and other global IMF trade agreements have been in effect, multinational corporations have risen beyond the control of democratic regulatory processes. Supported by US militarism, global trade agreements promote the economic interests of the ‘Super Rich’ at the expense of the workers, consumers, small farmers, communities, the environment and even democracy itself. And under the threat of ‘regime-change,’ the ‘Super Rich’ are forcing global trade agreements all over the world.


By making loans to compliant governments, the ‘Super Rich’ use the IMF to loot countries through the process of monetizing the world’s natural resources and then charging interest on the monetized value. Governments that refuse to accept the IMF’s trade agreements fall prey to “regime-change” policies of the US and its NATO allies. The US government has operational military bases in 63 countries around the world and strike without warning and without mercy. In Vietnam, Operation Phoenix carried out the assassination of over 100,000 government employees, union officials, student leaders and newspaper journalists who opposed the US policy. Today, IMF trade agreements are being imposed on unwilling countries by drones that have been killing an average of 50 civilians per month since Obama has been in office, almost 4000 men, women and children.



“When white people catch a cold, black people catch pneumonia”


Global trade agreements have skyrocketed corporate profits by depressing worker’s wages. In the US, the depression of white folk’s income results in chronic unemployment for blacks. According to the Department of Labor’s monthly report, the black unemployment rate in January 2014 was increased to 12.1%; nearly double the national unemployment rate of 6.6 percent. The unemployment rate for black men over 20 years old jumped from 11.5 percent in December 2013 to 12 percent in January, compared to white men who experienced a decrease in their unemployment rate from 5.6 percent in December 2013 to 5.4 percent in January. However these dreadful statistics are deceptive. They consider only those black people who are actually in the job market and looking for a job. The true black unemployment rate is above 50%!


Looking For A Job: A Black Woman’s Story

For two years, I have been unemployed. I applied to more than three hundred open positions in the insurance industry—an industry that I’ve worked in for ten years. Though I applied for positions advertised on the popular website Monster.com, not one employer responded to my application. Monster.com has a “diversity questionnaire.” You must answer this questionnaire in order to apply for a posted position; it cannot be skipped.  At first, I would mark “Black female”, but after obtaining no results, I began marking “Decline To Identify” instead. Still I got no job offers.  So I applied as Bianca White, a white woman. My phone line rang and Bianca’s email address was packed with potential employers requesting an interview. Several employers called more than once, desperate to interview and hire Bianca White.


Chronic black unemployment means hunger and homelessness


Today over 100 million people comprise what the U.S. Census calls the poor and the 'near poor.' In other words, almost one-third of the nation, are homeless, hungry and vulnerable. Approximately 15 million Black Americans, 29% of the black population, have no home and cannot feed or clothe themselves or their children. At a time when Barack Obama gives Ukraine a billion dollars and spends billions of tax dollars on regime-change around the world, his government slashes $5 billion in food stamp and unemployment benefits. The food stamp cuts alone will deprive poor families of 2 billion meals over the course of 2014. A teacher really knows what its like to have a child in her class who cannot concentrate on the lesson because the child is hungry or has a child who fails to turn in a homework assignment because his parents have no home. To add insult to injury, Obama is mandating that every poor person subsidize the health insurance industry.


Many black Americans who are not classified as “impoverished” still struggle. Some 61% say that their family income lags behind family expenditures; 34% report falling behind in rent, mortgage, or utilities payments. Many say they are unable to buy enough food, afford necessary medical care, or keep up with minimum credit card payments.


‘Super Rich’:  Black Poverty A Joke


In his 1988 State of the Union address, Ronald Reagan said, "My friends, some years ago, the Federal Government declared war on poverty, and poverty won.” The millionaires in Congress all got a good laugh over this. The median net worth for the 530 current congressional lawmakers is $1,008,767. Congressional Democrats had a median net worth of $1.04 million.


Government Sanctioned ‘Loan Sharks’


Government corruption has created a new line of business, ‘loan-sharking.’ Payday lending and other high-cost, small-dollar loan businesses feed upon the poverty created by government corruption. Just as the government has legalized gambling, it has legalized ‘loan sharking.’ Loan sharks prey upon those who are too broke to pay their bills. Because millions are willing to pay the high fees to get the money they need, the payday loan business has grown into a billion dollar industry. The Super Rich, awash with cash, are always looking for ways to prey upon the poor. Millions of black Americans turn to payday loans as a quick fix to their financial woes. Though only 4% of whites and 6% of Hispanics take out payday loans, 12% of African-Americans turn to these ‘loan sharks’ each month. To get a two-week loan averaging $375, borrowers pay an interest rate of 350%. Borrowers spend approximately $520 in interest and additional fees are added to the loan after 18 days.


Mass Incarceration Of Black Americans


Beginning in the 1970s, America’s phony War on Drugs has been the pretext by which the government has incarcerated black people on an industrial scale. Though all studies show that white people use and distribute drug far more extensively than black people, President Nixon aggressively implemented the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act, primarily in America’s inner cities. In 1968, 15 % of black adult males had been convicted of a felony and 7% were in prison; by 2004, 33 % of the entire black adult male population had been convicted of a felony and 17% of all black males, 10.2 million had been lodged in American jails, prisons and penitentiaries. Within a 35-year period, Nixon’s War On Drugs had leveraged the mass incarceration of black people into a billion dollar industry. But where did all the black people who were arrested and jailed on drug charges get their illegal drugs?


Gary Webb Whistleblower and Martyr


In the 1990s, Gary Stephen Webb, a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, published a series of articles linking the CIA with the wholesale dumping of illegal drugs, mainly cocaine, into black communities throughout the US. When Congress passed the Boland Amendment making it illegal for the CIA and other US intelligence agencies to fund the overthrow of the Nicaraguan government, ignoring Congress, the CIA and military intelligence continued to support the Contras from the proceeds of cocaine sales. Gary Webb discovered that the CIA had set up a very sophisticated operation to smuggle cocaine into Arkansas and distribute crack cocaine through black gangs organized by the FBI’s cointelpro operation in Los Angeles. The FBI’s black gangs distributed crack cocaine all over the country. Since Nixon’s drug laws permitted law enforcement agencies involved in the War On Drugs to keep a significant amount of the captured proceeds, these agencies funneled millions of dollars into government operations ranging from arms purchases to campaign contributions and regime-change activities in Nicaragua and later in Panama. Not a few, police officers, FBI agents, judges, banks and politicians joined the ranks of the ‘Super Rich’ from the unreported proceeds of the US government’s lucrative drug trade.  So much money was made that the governments of Israel and South Africa got involved. When Gary Webb alleged that Ronald Reagan was instrumental in the government’s drug distribution network both as governor of California as well as president of the United States, he put a target on his back. In 2004, Gary Webb was found dead from two gunshots to the head. The coroner's office declared that Webb had committed suicide.


America’s War on Black People


Nixon’s War on Drugs was actually America’s War on Black People. Not only were blacks incarcerated in disproportionately high numbers, the overall US prison population made America the highest ranking jailer in the world. At the same time, America’s War on Black People gave the ‘Super Rich’ another method of making money. Under corporate prodding, the government has begun privatizing the prisons. So lucrative has the prison industry become that the government is now closing mental hospitals and incarcerating the mentally ill in corporate prisons.


The high incarceration rate of black people severely impacts the black children who lose both mother and father to the prison system. Black children are being removed from their families and placed in the federal detention system in droves. African-American children are over-represented in juvenile hall, in family courts and in mental institutions. The government has made drug dealing the only occupation available for black youngsters orphaned by the system. To survive outside the prison, these orphans are forced to join gangs.


“Kill Everyone Over The Age Of Ten” General Jacob H. Smith US Army 1901


America’s bogus War on Drugs has justified the killing of black men. White cops have been given a license to kill on sight, kill if they feel like it, KILL FOR NO REASON AT ALL. Police target African-American communities for high levels of surveillance, using search and seizures without probable cause with impunity.  “Stop and frisk” laws targeting young black males are common throughout the US. And the “Stand Your Ground” laws now being enacted give any non-uniformed white racist the right to legally shoot a black person.


The gang wars that the government has instigated in the black communities have caused an astronomical number of deaths. Even more grim are the reports that “drive by” shootings that take the lives of black people, including women, children and infants, are instigated and carried out by the police, themselves. Following upon the heels of the government sponsored crack-cocaine epidemic is the AIDS epidemic. So the government has established a cycle for Black America: black parents are forced into poverty, making them susceptible to using the drugs imported into the US by the government, itself. Then they are arrested and imprisoned. Black children, in turn, drop out of school, join gangs, acquire AIDS and are arrested for drug-related crimes, becoming incarcerated or killed in the process.



A Case For Reparations


Black people not only serve as the “scapegoats” for the takeover of the government by the ‘Super Rich’, for a half century they have been targeted for genocide. If there were a legitimate black leadership, they would be demanding reparations for the harm Black America suffers from the policies of the government of United States and its subsidiaries. However, blacks are not led by anyone with dignity, commitment or intelligence. And like the first ‘Negro’ president, happily serve their white masters.


Black Students Face White Racism ... Alone

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"When I read in the Harvard Crimson that, ‘giving black people entrance into schools like Harvard was the same as teaching a blind man to be a pilot’ I just cried. My heart ached, you know, I was so excited to be in this place, and they didn’t want me here.” Comment by a Black Freshman on Affirmative Dissatisfaction

Eugene Stovall
Oakland, California  March 26, 2014


Complaints about racism from black students enrolled at white colleges and universities are being heard from all over the United States.
- A white fraternity hosted a Martin Luther King party at Arizona State University with partygoers wearing saggy pants and drinking from cups made from hollowed-out watermelons.
- At San Jose State University, three white students called their black roommate derogatory names, wrote racial epithets on whiteboards in their suite, and forced him to wear a bicycle lock around his neck.
- A member of the student government at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln used the N-word while opposing a resolution to restrict student representatives from using derogatory language.

Tyrell Collier, a black senior, asked for tweets about #Being Black at the University of Michigan using hashtag #BBUM. The flood of responses about black experiences on Michigan’s campus included:
-- "Dealing with the irony of being the only black person in a class where the prof says it's easier for black folks to get admitted."
-- "#BBUM is NOT raising your hand in class because you do not want to be THAT black person who just doesn't get it"
-- "having to be a 'know it all' in order to receive full credit on assignments because your peers second-guess all of your answers"
-- "that first class when black culture becomes the topic and you suddenly become the voice of all black people".


Black students became so fed up with racism at Harvard that they spoke out through a I, Too, Am Harvard photographic presentation on their Tumblr website. “Our voices often go unheard on this campus, our experiences are devalued, our presence is questioned,” the website says. “This project is our way of speaking back, of claiming this campus, of standing up to say: We are here!”


The Tumblr website is part of a larger response by Harvard’s black students and others to Affirmative Dissatisfaction. The article, written by a white student for the campus newspaper, Harvard Crimson, said, that:
Less academically qualified applicants should be treated as such, unless they come from poorer households and therefore do not have access to the same amount of resources as other applicants. However, this would be class-based affirmative action, not race-based.
Helping those with primarily low academic qualifications into primarily academic institutions makes as much sense as helping the visually impaired become pilots. How would you feel if you were assured before going into surgery that your surgeon was the beneficiary of affirmative action in medical school? I do not see why higher academic institutions should lower their standards for admission.

Sophomore Kimiko Matsuda-Lawrence reflected the anguish of Harvard’s black students: “I felt, and other students felt, that our presence and identity as black students was being de-valued… we felt like people were saying we weren’t smart enough to be here.”


Despite it’s ‘liberal’ reputation, the disease of racism also infects campuses of the University of California. Sy Stokes, a black UCLA student, produced a YouTube video that was viewed by 1.7 million people. The video produced by Stokes, the cousin of UCLA All-America and tennis star, Arthur Ashe, dramatized racism at UCLA.. “Every black student in class feels like Rosa Parks on the bus,” Stokes said. Racial hostility on Cal-Berkeley’s campus is so pervasive that often talented, highly recruited black students choose to go elsewhere.


On the other hand, there are those, who deny that racism exists at Berkeley, at UCLA or at any other university campus. It is claimed that what black students experience as racism, in reality, is a process of natural selection. It’s the way the University of California identifies a potential Clarence Thomas or a potential Condoleezza Rice or even a potential Martin Luther King. According to this opinion, this is an approved manner of selecting exceptional black students and preparing them for successful careers in government and the private sector. Ward Connerly, a former regent of the University of California was chosen this way. “Look how elite schools select their athletes,” someone might point out. “Black athletes and others selected in this manner have had outstanding careers. Look at President Barack Obama.”


Racism was raised in a report to UCLA Chancellor Gene Block by Earl Hutchinson, the president of the Urban Policy Roundtable. Hutchinson said that racist activity at UCLA was so widespread that the perpetrators didn’t even bother to conceal it. “If the behavior of the white faculty and staff at UCLA towards black students doesn’t change,” Hutchinson warned, “the Urban Policy Roundtable would ask the Justice Department to initiate an investigation.”


Hutchinson’s threat of a Justice Department investigation gave Chancellor Block and his administrators a good laugh. Even after the murder of two black students on UCLA’s campus in 1972, the Justice Department never investigated Chancellor Block’s predecessor. Though UCLA and the RAND Corporation conducted research at Jonestown where the murder of a sitting United States Congressman occurred along with the murders of a thousand black men, women and children, the Justice Department did not conduct any investigation of UCLA. Furthermore the Obama administration has no love for students of color. It deliberately bombed the University of Tripoli, targeting students as well as the library with air strikes during Obama’s overthrow of the Libyan government. Barack Obama, himself, betrayed both the black students as well as the pre-eminent black Harvard professor, Derek Bell, after he secured their support to become the editor of the Harvard law journal. The president of the Urban Policy Roundtable should know that neither Obama nor his Justice Department has any more love for UCLA’s black students than UCLA’s white administrators.


Fifty years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964,  black students enrolled at predominantly white colleges and universities still need tough skin. And why is this surprising? Government funding in the humanities and sciences is controlled by the demands of the NSA, Homeland Security and the State Department. Students not recruited by the military or by the various “neo-con” affiliates of the “military-industrial complex” are shunted outside academia’s inner sanctums. Many black students are weeded out even before they’ve taken their first course. But the problem is not just a racist white faculty. Black students are deprived of a sympathetic black faculty and so find themselves in hostile college environments, defenseless and alone.  


However, according to a former member of Cal’s faculty, Cecil Brown, black students are not the primary targets of racism in higher education. The real targets are those qualified blacks that academia wants to exclude from full and part time faculty positions. Brown expands on this point: “…white faculty, especially females, do not work with others to hire more black faculty. [They] treat any reference to [the need for additional] black faculty as an affront.”


Cecil Brown makes an important point. Corporations and the government share a common world vision not commonly shared by the greater society. In order to compete for government and corporate grants, colleges and universities must maintain a level of secrecy concerning the funded research. While white faculty can be entrusted with the secrets of the “military-industrial” complex, black faculty cannot. Black professor, Tyrone Hayes, a tenured professor of integrative biology at UC-Berkeley, makes Brown’s point.


Professor Hayes was funded by Syngenta to conduct research on the benefits of atrazine, a pesticide produced by the giant agribusiness corporation. However, Professor Hayes’ research did not produce the findings that Syngenta desired. On the contrary the research of Cal’s black biology professor found that foods fertilized by atrazine could cause severe sexual abnormalities in lab animals as well as humans. Bowing to pressure exerted by Syngenta, UC-Berkeley tried to stifle Professor Hayes’ findings. But the black professor refused to be muzzled as indicated by his article in the New York Times as well as his appearance on Democracy Now.


Cal is one of the largest research institutions in the world and receives billions in research grants annually. Black faculty, like Professor Hayes, are a threat to academic research institutions like Cal because corporations and the government do not want the public to know anything about their research. For this reason. any academic institution with a significant number of black faculty could lose millions in corporate and government research grants. And so colleges and universities use every means possible to limit minority access to faculty positions. One method academia uses is giving its available affirmative action positions to white women. Thus they could meet the letter of the Civil Rights law while maintaining white supremacy. But according to Cecil Brown, another strategy for limiting the demand for black faculty is fostering an atmosphere of on-campus racism. In this way, institutions like Cal can reduce its black student population and limit any demand for black faculty.


There are 5,500 full time and 6,500 part time faculty at UC-Berkeley. But Cal employs less than 100 full and part time African-American faculty and most of these are employed in athletic programs. Berkeley’s African-American Studies department has been emasculated by non-accredited courses forcing black students to take accredited courses in the traditional “white”-dominated departments. It is no wonder that black students feel isolated and alone.  When I taught at St. Mary’s College, there were only five black teachers out of a total of five hundred faculty. And only one black was tenured. But while I was employed at St. Mary’s College as a part time lecturer, a white undergraduate female student, graduated, was hired as a tenured professor and then became a dean at the college. This is affirmative action that white folks can support.


The persistent institutional racism experienced by black students at white universities all over the country is no illusion; it is real. Deprived of support from black faculty, black students are defenseless and alone. Thus, in a real sense, black students are being pressured to relinquish their cultural heritage and place themselves at the disposal of white advisors committed to furthering corporate greed, mass incarceration and international militarism. Black students, who are unwilling to support the academic constructs of white supremacy, suffer the full impact of white racism.

Stovall received his Ph.D. from the University of California’s Political Science Department and has taught a several colleges including San Francisco State, USF and St. Mary’s College. Stovall has authored five books including Cassandra’s Curse: A Black Life In A Police State.

The Catcher In The Rye: A Book For Conspiracy Theorists?

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Eugene Stovall

Oakland, California

In my high school English class one of the students noticed that there was a seemingly blank page after the final page of text in
The Catcher in the Rye. At the bottom of this page in grey ink so faint that it was almost impossible to read without holding it up to a light was the sentence, 'Sometimes it's best just to leave.' We found that page in about half of the books in my class; the other half did not have the page.
Jon Daniels, Secret Message in
‘The Catcher In The Rye’


J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher In The Rye plays a central role in Conspiracy Theory, a movie about a man who the government subjects to a mind control experiment. After the experiment, the man becomes an avid conspiracy theorist and buys, but does not read, every copy of The Catcher In The Rye that he can find.


Some conspiracy theorists believe that The Catcher In The Rye is a ‘trigger’ that activates covert government operatives. After Mark David Chapman shot and killed John Lennon, he calmly opened up The Catcher In The Rye and began reading as he waited to be arrested. John Hinckley, the man who attempted to kill Ronald Reagan, also possessed a copy of The Catcher In The Rye. Even though they fail to make their case, advocates of the single gunman theory repeatedly claim that Lee Harvey Oswald read Salinger’s novel before he assassinated JFK. Fearing its impact on young people, many high schools across the country have banned The Catcher In The Rye from their curricula. Even so, since its publication in 1951, The Catcher In The Rye has sold 65 million copies____ 250 thousand copies every year. As an author of five novels that have barely sold a total of 65 copies, I wondered if there actually are 65 million conspiracy theorists out there and, if so, would they be interested in buying any of my books.


During World War II, J.D. Salinger interrogated and reprogrammed captured Nazis for the OSS, the forerunner of the CIA. Salinger was an intelligence officer in the Counter Intelligence Corps. After the war, Salinger developed the de-nazification program used by the Army on all Nazis that the Americans released and returned to civilian life. I wondered: could Salinger’s formula for converting German Nazis into American agents be responsible for the longevity and popularity of his novel?


The Catcher In The Rye is the narrative of Holden Caulfield, a teenager, who, after getting kicked out of a Pennsylvania prep school, wanders about New York City, indulging in a series of adventures involving a prostitute and her pimp while getting drunk, feeling lonely, visiting his younger sister and interviewing a former teacher. Caulfield is alienated from society. His outlook on life is dark and his attitude is negative. An isolated outsider, Holden Caulfield is a ‘rebel without a cause’. Caulfield believes society is superficial, life empty and human values meaningless. Most importantly, moral behavior does not rule society. The Catcher In The Rye gives America’s disaffected youth someone to identify with, someone just like them, someone who can articulate how they feel. And Salinger offers a remedy for their dissaffection.


I had a flash. Like Salinger, I, too, had a personal interviews with a former Nazi and a fascist. Just then the secrets contained in The Catcher In The Rye began to unfold and I began to entertain some hope that these secrets might possibly help me introduce my books to some of J.D. Salinger’s sixty-five million readers.


As a graduate student at the University of California, I was personally acquainted with  two experts in fascism and Nazism. A. James Gregor and George Lenczowski were both Professors Emeriti in the Political Science Department and both served, albeit temporarily, on my orals committee. In his book, The Ideology of Facism, A. James Gregor, provides guidelines for the takeover of a democratic society by fascists. Gregor, himself a committed fascist, says that it is the biases of liberal thinkers that obscure the rationality of the fascist approach. These biases, reflected in a moral concern for human values, interfere with the proper functioning of the state. Gregor once told me that there were only two ways to get what you want, to take it or to persuade someone to give it to you. Neither liberal thought nor moral values have validity and neither liberal thought nor moral values should be allowed to interfere with law and order. Gregor believed that fascism to be the most effective method of governing and that democracy was but a necessary subterfuge to obtain the allegiance of the masses to their fascist masters.


The late George Lenczowski taught that the subterfuge of democracy was maintained by government-controlled propaganda. As a propaganda expert Lenczowski maintained that a fascist government requires absolute control over the press. Lenczowski spent World War II in Iran as the press attaché in the German embassy located in Teheran. After the war, Lenczowski worked for American intelligence and was assigned to work closely with Mohammad Mosadddegh, the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran. Mosadddegh introduced a range of progressive social and political reforms including social security, rent control, and land redistribution. But when he attempted to pay for his reforms used the proceeds from nationalizing the Iranian oil industry, which the British controlled through its Anglo-Persian Oil Company ___ later British Petroleum [BP], the Eisenhower Administration targeted him for regime change.  Britain’s MI6 and America’s CIA were instructed to stage a coup.


George Lenczowski assisted in the 1953 overthrow of Mosadddegh’s democratic government. His intimate knowledge of propaganda made Lenczowski an invaluable asset in hiding America’s role in overthrowing Iran’s democracy and installing a fascist dictatorship complete with secret police and concentration camps. The Shah murdered thousands. But with Lenczowski’s help the Eisenhower Administration could plead ‘plausible deniability’ before the United Nations. So effective was Lenczowski’s propaganda machine that the American public was unaware of the CIA’s role in Mosadddegh’s overthrow until the Shah, himself was overthrown in 1979. Gregor’s and Lenczowski’s theories of a fascism even explain what happened in Ukraine.


Regime change in Ukraine became a major part of the neo-con strategy to disrupt the behind-the-scenes maneuvers between President Barack Obama and President Vladimir Putin. The relationship between the presidents of the world’s two super powers consistently blocked neo-con plans for U.S. military attacks on Syria and Iran. So the neo-cons targeted Viktor Yanukovych, the democratically-elected president of Ukraine for a coup.


The neo-cons used the International Monetary Fund to attack Ukraine’s fragile economy. This forced President Yanukovych to seek economic support from the international community. The European Union offered Yanukovych the financial supports he needed but the EU demanded unfavorable "trade agreements" and stern economic "reforms". On the other hand, Russia offered Yanukovych the economic supports Ukraine needed without any unfavorable trade agreements or austerity programs. The proposed agreement between President Yanukovych and President Putin gave Washington’s neo-cons the opportunity they needed.  


In Septenber, 2013, the National Endowment for Democracy [NED] a $100 million U.S. government-financed slush fund controlled by a bipartisan group of Washington-based neo-cons, announced in the Washington Post that the U.S. government would use the IMF to force European "free trade" agreements on Ukraine and counter Moscow's offer. NED declared that this strategy would isolate Russia and possibly even topple Putin.


After their announcement, the NED neo-cons funneled several million dollars into 65 projects inside Ukraine. These projects ranged from tens of thousands of dollars to various media outlets and reporters to hundreds of thousands of dollars to a shadow political organization and several fascist para-military groups. When everything was in readiness, the neo-cons instigated a propaganda campaign blaming President Yanukovych and his cabinet for Ukraine’s economic woes. Very quickly NED’s media campaign inflamed the populace most affected by the high unemployment and the miserable living conditions. The discontent festered until Ukraine’s capital of Kiev exploded with protests. As the protests intensified against the Yanukovych government, NED called out its ‘dogs of war’ transforming the civil protest into violent riots.


But even at the height of the disturbances, President Yanukovych nearly negotiated a peaceful settlement with the leaders of the legitimate opposition. But before order could be restored,  masked neo-nazis appeared on Kiev’s streets, shooting and killing both the Ukranian policemen engaged in peacekeeping efforts as well as the protesters whose leaders were negotiating with the Yanukovych government. These killings gave John Kerry and his State Department neo-cons the excuse they needed. Kerry accused President Yanukovych of killing his own people and declared the Ukrainian government illegitimate. Then Kerry and Obama recognized the shadow government that NED had organized and financed. With Kerry and Obama’s recognition of NED’s shadow Ukrainian government, the European Union, led by Great Britain, legitimized Ukraine’s neo-nazi government in the eyes of te Europeans. With backing from the West, the neo-nazis released their NED-equipped para-military army of thugs and drove Yanukovych and his cabinet out of Kiev. Then the neo-nazis turned of the members of President Yanukovich’s ruling party, the Party of Regions. They invaded homes and arrested any Ukrainian official considered loyal to President Yanukovych. Many of these along with their families were shot. All over western Ukraine, civil officials resigned in droves hoping to save their lives and the lives of their families. Meanwhile the American media bombarded the public with non-stop neo-con broadcasts proclaiming the legitimacy of neo-con backed nazi coup validating the political theories of UC professors, A. James Gregor and George Lenczowski.


But Gregor’s and Lenczowski’s theories were only successfully applied because of the consent of an apathetic, alienated, disaffected American public whose attitudes, as always, were easily manipulated by a government-controlled media. And this public closely resembles Holden Caulfield, J.D. Salinger’s anti-hero in The Catcher In The Rye.


So this is why J.D. Salinger sold over sixty-five million books. Salinger’s readers are not actually conspiracy theorists, rather they are the targets of a massive conspiracy theory ___ which means that they probably wouldn’t be interested in reading my books. My books are not meant to propagandize neo-nazis, neo-fascists or neo-Conservatives. My books are intended to expose them and the imminent danger they pose to the entire world.

Neo-Cons Could Block Hillarys White House Bid

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Eugene Stovall
Oakland. California

The black community has but two types of capital: intellectual and political … and very little of either. Black intelligence is so limited that a 2011 report said that less than 3% of black Junior High School graduates nationwide can read at the proficient level and less than 1% can read at the advanced level. In higher education, black professorships and research fellowships are held almost exclusively by assimilationists and accomodatio- nists who are too busy pleasing their white mentors to produce anything of value. As will be discussed, black political capital is squandered by the feckless greed of a black leadership that is tied to the interests of a democratic party little concerned with the woes of the black community. Today black people have neither the intellectual ability nor the political will to prevent the neo-cons’ long-term plans to suppress the black vote. In which case, the neo-cons, who Hillary Clinton only half-heartedly opposes, could prevent her from becoming the first woman ever to enter the White House.


Hillary Clinton seems almost a shoo-in to become the Democratic Party standard bearer in 2016. In the opinion polls, Clinton holds lopsided leads over all of her potential rivals. This lead is greatly enhanced by Clinton’s near unanimous black support, undiminished  neither by Clinton’s neo-con sympathies nor her Republican past.


It is a tremendous advantage for any politician seeking national office to have a solid block of votes. And Clinton’s black support is rock solid and immune from the type of erosion that invariably plagues long term, two-year presidential campaigns. Hillary won’t have to worry about losing black support because of changing international conditions nor will she worry about losing their support because of a downturn in the job market or because blacks are losing their homes in record numbers. Not even the blatant murders of black children or the mass incarceration of black men need trouble the Clinton band wagon.


Hillary Clinton won’t worry about losing her black support for failing to deliver on campaign promises. She doesn’t have to promise black people anything. Bill Clinton didn’t promise or give them anything, unless you count his Welfare Reform Act, limiting black women’s access to financial support for their children. Hillary Clinton needn’t fear that black politicians will chide her for suggesting that the United States pour billions into the Ukraine but nor a cent into Oakland. Black people won’t expect that if and when Hillary becomes president she will put money into any black community … or reduce the monumental black unemployment rate. That is how black politics work. Black politicians promise nothing to their constituents and always deliver on their promises. In fact, by not providing any relief for the inner cities, Clinton will give black leaders a reason to call for another  “march on Washington”. On the other hand, she will insure that black preachers receive their “faith-based payoffs.” However, one issue that Hillary Clinton will avoid like the plague is the epidemic drug problem infesting America’s black communities.


There is no single issue more important for improving the lives of black Americans or the inner city poor than the drug issue. With the number of US citizens in prison approaching 3 million, the majority of which are black, the drug problem is the single-most cause of the devastation devouring our communities. But no one in the United States is more responsible for this scourge than Hillary Clinton’s husband, Bill. When George “Daddy” Bush and Oliver North began importing cocaine into the United States and using the drug money to supply weapons to the Nicaraguan Contras, they turned to Governor Bill Clinton for a place to bring the cocaine. Clinton allowed them to land tons of cocaine at a private airport in the Arkansas town of Mena. Not all the drug money went to the Contras. Some drug money was funneled into national political campaigns. And the politicians who were put in power by the Bush-North drug cartel changed the social, economic and political fabric of the United States and reframed international relations around the world. So Hillary Clinton will ignore even mentioning the word “drugs” in her upcoming campaign __ not that it would matter to her black supporters. However, Hillary Clinton does have one worry. One initiative supported by neo-cons in both the democratic and republican parties could severely damage her solid support among blacks. Not because blacks would desert her, but because ongoing neo-con voter suppression schemes could well cost Clinton and help her rivals. Black people will stick with Hillary Clinton, no matter what she says, no matter what she does, however, if the republicans are successful in their voter suppression efforts, she could possibly lose the electoral votes that she needs to become the first woman to enter the White House. But Clinton dare not oppose the bipartisan voter suppression initiative too strenuously. Not only would she risk the airing of her husband’s role in the government’s dumping and selling tons of cocaine into the inner cities, but she could also risk offending a significant number of powerful neo-cons democrats. Recent events demonstrate that voter suppression is as important to some democrats as it is to some republicans.


On Wednesday, March 5, 2014, a handful of senate democrats joined their republican colleagues to block Debo Adegbile, President Obama’s choice to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. The bipartisan coalition blocking Obama’s Civil Rights nominee announced that they were motivated by Debo Adegbile’s defense of Mumia Abu-Jamal, the newspaper reporter and Black Panther who was convicted of the 1981 shooting of a white Philadelphia police officer. However, the real reason for the bipartisan veto of Obama’s Civil Rights nominee was Adegbile’s support for Voting Rights. Adegbile had argued Voting Rights cases before the United States Supreme Court on two separate occasions ___ winning one and losing one. Moreover, Adegbile successfully convinced the conservative high court that the voter suppression laws passed by a number of states __ including those states in the deep south ___ indicated a strong and undeniable pattern of racial bias. More importantly, Adegbile persuaded the Supreme Court that the Attorney General’s office should be involved in protecting voting rights.


Shortly before the confirmation vote, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid confirmed that the vote against Adegbile was about voter suppression. “They’ve distorted this man’s good name in an attempt to score points politically and block confirmation of a faithful defender of voting rights, which the Republicans do everything they can, not to protect.”


Twenty years earlier, another bipartisan coalition of democrats and republicans urged Bill Clinton to withdraw the nomination of Lani Guinier to the same position. The Wall Street Journal began its opposition to Guinier as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights by calling her one of Clinton's "Quota Queens". Democrats, Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts and David Pryor of Arkansas both urged Clinton to withdraw her nomination because, as the senators told Clinton, Guinier did poorly in her senate interviews. Even democratic senator, Carole Moseley-Braun of Illinois, the only black in the United States Senate, urged Clinton to withdraw Guinier's nomination. Clinton gave into the pressure, claiming that he was unfamiliar with Guinier’s writings and that he didn't realize that his nominee advocated racial quotas. The charge that she favored racial quotas was false. In several law review articles, Guinier explicitly rejected the use of racial quotas. But, like Adegbile, Guinier's nomination was opposed by democrats and republicans for another reason.


Lani Guinier believed that the voting system throughout the United States was unfair not only to racial minorities, but also to numerical minority groups, such as fundamentalist Christians and the Amish. Guinier had become a leading advocate for voting rights and suggested that there were a variety of ways to strengthen minority voting power. In her Senate interviews, Guinier stated that, rather than advocating any single procedure for democratizing the vote, as Civil Rights Enforcement Chief, she would consider all alternatives after the court found a legal violation. This meant that not only would Guinier have the authority of the Attorney General’s office, but also the sanction of the federal court to insure that the vote of every American citizen counted. Just like, Debo Adegbile, Lani Guinier represented an unacceptable obstacle to neo-con efforts to suppress the vote. And since black people have no political clout, both Voting Rights supporters were easily swept aside by a bipartisan coalition of republicans and democrats committed to suppressing the black vote. To paraphrase Hillary Clinton recent remarks, “Now if this sounds familiar, it’s what Hitler did back in the 30s.”


Nobel Peace Prize: Hope or Hoax?

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Dr. Eugene Stovall
Oakland, California

In January 2013, Russia conducted its largest naval maneuvers in the Mediterranean since the end of the Cold War. During his visit to the Black Sea Fleet in February, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stressed that the “Mediterranean region was the core of all essential dangers to Russia’s national interests” … Since then, Russia made sizable improvements to its fleet’s size and readiness and stepped up patrols in the region, roughly coinciding with the escalation of tensions in Syria.        U.S. Naval Institute (http://www.usni.org)

A Russian spy ship has slipped into Havana for an unannounced visit, a day after the country's defense minister announced plans to expand Russia’s worldwide military presence. The Viktor Leonov SSV-175, part of the Vishnya class of intelligence ships, quietly entered Cuban waters this week and docked at a cruise ship terminal on Thursday, February 27, 2014.        The Guardian.com

American neocons helped destabilize Ukraine and engineer the overthrow of its elected government, a “regime change” on Russia’s western border. But the coup – and the neo-Nazi militias at the forefront – also reveal divisions within the Obama administration …Robert Parry Consortium News

With Russia’s response to regime change in the Ukraine crisis, Barack Obama might have used his CIA mercenaries to affect one regime change too many.

In 2009, the Norwegian Nobel Prize committee awarded the U.S. President Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel Committee said that they awarded Obama the coveted prize “… for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” In choosing Barack Obama as the world’s foremost advocate of peace, the Norwegian committee cited the president’s promotion of “nuclear nonproliferation” and his fostering of a "new climate" in international relations by his reaching out to the Muslim world. However when Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo on December 10, 2009, he stressed that worldwide tensions required that he engage in what he termed “just wars”.

After winning the Nobel Peace Prize less than nine months after his inauguration, Barack Obama became one of the most militarily aggressive United States presidents in decades. Immediately upon taking office, the president authorized a threefold surge of American troops in Afghanistan for the purpose of decimating Al Qaeda’s leadership using a concerted campaign of terrorism and assassination. In this campaign, for every one Al Qaeda leader killed, Obama killed 100 civilians, primarily women and children. He overthrew and assassinated the legitimate president of Libya after bombing the civilian population and non-military targets such as schools and hospitals. Obama ramped up drone attacks in Pakistan, a sovereign nation, killing hundreds of Pakistani civilians and wiping out entire villages. He has used CIA mercenaries to wage covert wars in Yemen and Somalia. Barack Obama became the first American president to ever authorize the assassination of American citizens without their being found guilty by any court for any crimes or wrongdoings. Obama’s proudest achievement as president is the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden. Midway through his first term, Barack Obama boasted that he was “really good at killing people.” Given this record of military activity, international violence and regime change, one might wonder whether the Nobel Committee awarded Obama the peace prize out of hope or was it just a hoax that the Norwegians perpetrated on the Muslim world.


“I face the world as it is, and cannot stand idle in the face of threats to the American people,” the president told the Nobel committee. “For make no mistake: Evil does exist in the world. A nonviolent movement could not have halted Hitler’s armies. Negotiations cannot convince Al Qaeda’s leaders to lay down their arms. To say that force is sometimes necessary is not a call to cynicism — it is a recognition of history, the imperfections of man, and the limits of reason.” So even in accepting his Nobel Peace Prize, Obama stated that he believed that international diplomacy should be conducted according to neo-con and neo-Nazi principles.  

When he took office, Obama reframed the “war on terrorism” according to his neo-Nazi views. He could have waged his campaign against terrorism as an effort in global law enforcement, finding, arresting and bringing to justice international terrorists. Instead Obama chose to wage an all-out, unlimited “war” without regard for the destruction of property and loss of innocent life.  Not only does Obama wage unlimited war, but also, in the main, Obama’s unlimited war is waged against defenseless civilians. His is a wonder patterned after Hitler’s V-1 and V-2 rocket blitz of London. Since 2009, Obama has ordered more than 250 drone strikes in Pakistan killing more than 1,300 people. During the Bush administration, there was an American drone attack in Pakistan every 43 days; during the first two years of the Obama administration, there was a drone strike in Pakistan every four days. Obama signed off on a large increase in the number of C.I.A. officers to head up mercenary armies to supplement the use of drones in covert, unauthorized actions in places like Somalia and Yemen. Two years into his presidency, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning president was engaged in conflicts in six Muslim countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya. Was it the Nobel committee’s intention, after investigating this Manchurian candidate’s background, to use the peace prize in an effort to head off this unprecedented use of force and violence ___ or was it their purpose to mask it and deceive the Muslim world of Obama’s real intentions?

On Aug. 21, 2013, Obama blamed the Assad regime for the horrific chemical-weapons attack that killed more than 1,400 Syria civilians. According to the President, the Syrian chemical attack was a threat to American national security and he demanded a military response. “The purpose of an air strike,” Obama said, “would be to deter Assad from using chemical weapons and to degrade his regime’s ability to use them.” Furthermore comparing the Assad government to Hitler’s Nazi regime, Obama promised that his military attack upon Syria would be significant. “Let me be clear,” Obama emphasized,  “the United States military doesn’t do pinpricks.” However, we now know that everything Obama said about the source of the chemical attacks in Syria was a lie. According to independent fact finders, the Assad government was not responsible for the chemical attacks upon the Syrian population. In fact, the source of the chemical attacks on Syrian civilians was American-backed Syrian rebels. Yet, the Obama administration still uses the Sarin gas attack as an excuse to bomb Syria.


Last year, Obama gave Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, his timetable for an Iranian war. The Assad regime stood in the way of Obama’s war on Iran. So Obama initiated an attempt at regime change in Syria. Assad’s unexpected resistance to the CIA’s mercenary army first led Obama to replace Leon Panetta as head of the CIA with General David Petraeus. Possibly, Obama believed that with a general in charge, his CIA army would sweep Assad’s forces aside. But, possibly General Petraeus’ personal code of honor prevented him from engaging in a war of extermination against Syria. When Petraeus resigned his CIA position, Obama appointed John Kerry, a member of the Skull and Bones Secret Society and a committed Nazi, as his point person to accomplish regime change on Syria. Yet, Kerry failed to topple the Assad government. The delay on the American-Israeli timetable for a war on Iran was blamed on Russia’s material and military assistance to Syria. So Obama unleashed his CIA mercenary army on the Ukraine, creating the crisis that he hoped would distract Russia away from Syria and pave the way for his war on Iran.


In the wake of Obama’s Ukrainian initiative, Russia immediately mobilized. This Russian mobilization has made the president’s replacement of the democratically elected leaders of Ukraine with neo-Nazi thugs, convicted criminals and economic predators seem to be a grave miscalculation. Overthrowing the Libyan government and assassinating its president is far different than overthrowing the Ukrainian government. Both Napoleon and Hitler learned, at their peril, that attacking Russia was a very bad idea on many levels. Already Ukraine’s Navy has lost its flagship, the Hetman Sahaidachny, in the middle of a NATO operation in the Gulf of Aden. The warship ditched the Ukraine flag in favor of a Russian one. In addition, Rear Admiral Denys Berezovsky formally defected from Ukraine to Crimea, and the Crimean parliament announced the creation of a new autonomous Crimean Navy, with Berezovsky at the lead. The Crimean Peninsula took another step toward secession when the newly appointed Prime Minister Sergey Aksyonov, the head of the Russian Unity Party, claimed full control of army and police forces. The Crimea is overwhelmingly ethnic Russian, and there appears to be massive support for secession from the Ukraine. The Crimean parliament has already authorized a referendum on the matter offering several options, including seeking a return to Russia, and Russia’s parliament is debating the possibility of re-annexing the Crimea if the referendum shows support for it. The Crimean referendum was initially set for May 25, but Aksyonov pushed it up to March 30. No one doubts that once Russia has the Crimea under control, it will deal with the neo-Nazis who have seized control of the rest of the Ukraine.


Barack Obama and his neo-con, neo-Nazi administration now faces a dilemma: renounce its plans for regime change in the Ukraine, Syria and Iran or prepare for an all out, possibly, nuclear war with Russia. So whatever its reason for giving Barack Obama the 2009 Peace Prize, whether the Norwegian Nobel committee hoped to prevent a world war or sought promote a hoax that hid Obama’s true intentions, the world has learned, once again, that nothing appeases a Nazi except war.


Barack Obama and his neo-con, neo-Nazi administration now faces a dilemma: renounce its plans for regime change in the Ukraine, Syria and Iran or prepare for an all out, possibly, nuclear war with Russia. So whatever its reason for giving Barack Obama the 2009 Peace Prize, whether the Norwegian Nobel committee hoped to prevent a world war or sought promote a hoax that hid Obama’s true intentions, the world has learned, once again, that nothing appeases a Nazi except war.