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Looking Beyond DuBois??? Talented Tenth

Posted on April 18, 2016 at 2:55 AM Comments comments (2322)

Looking Beyond DuBois’ Talented Tenth

Who Are ‘We’?

OpBlog by Eugene Stovall

March, 2016, Oakland, California

During Germany’s 1932 presidential elections, Max Naumann, president of a national German Jewish political organization wrote an article for the Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung. In his article, Naumanne said that every Jewish voter must make a judgment in the privacy of his own conscience about the significance of the anti-Semitic rants of the German right wing parties including the Nazis. Though the voting figures indicated that most Jews voted for Hindenburg over Hitler, it was clear that Zionist Jews supported the Nazis. The Zionists tried to convince the Jewish masses that national socialism was preparing a rebirth of German culture and a restoration of German prestige around the world. Max Naumann and other Zionist leaders claimed that German Jews would all benefit from Germany’s Third Reich.

From ___

Jews and the German State: The Political History of a Minority, 1848-1933 By Peter Pulzer


If Zionist leaders urged German Jews to support Adolph Hitler and the Nazi party in 1932, it is not surprising that Negro leaders are urging black people to support Donald Trump. There is no shortage of blacks willing to serve the bigoted frontrunner of the Republican Party in his presidential bid. The reason is simple since it certainly isn’t the content of Trump’s character but the color of his money.

Just last week, Charles Evers, the brother of Medgar Evers, the murdered civil rights worker, announced his support for Donald Trump. Charles Evers gained recognition after the KKK murdered his brother in 1963 when he assumed his 37-year old brother’s post as the NAACP’s field secretary for Mississippi. Afterwards Charles Evers was elected mayor of Fayette, Mississippi as a democrat becoming the first black mayor in Mississippi since Reconstruction. In 1980, Charles Evers switched to the Republican party after receiving national press attention for supporting Ronald Reagan’s presidential bid.

When asked how he could support Donald Trump, Charles Evers replied that he had no proof that Trump was a racist, although he admitted that “all of us have some racism in us.” Trump’s campaign threats of mass deportations, mass incarcerations and mass tortures do not be convince Evers that Trump intends to act upon his racism once he becomes president.

Many privileged blacks do not yet see how easily armed bands of white supremacists can attack black institutions and assassinate black leaders and thus goad blacks into responses of unprecedented fury. These “comfortable” blacks are saying that even alienated blacks know that they cannot win a race war, because white politicians and law enforcement officials would side with the militiamen at first and put the black rebels in concentration camps and graves.

Carl T. Rowan, The Coming Race War In America

One must wonder what Charles Evers feels as Trump harangues those attending his rallies to attack and punch black people just as Hitler at his rallies. Was he unaware that at one of his rallies, Trump’s harangue his audience to physically attack a black woman. The wig wearing, reptilian-eyed Jew wants to become the Republican presidential nominee by ordering his goons to attack blacks, Hispanics, Muslims or anyone else that Trump doesn’t like.

Charles Evers is not only black politician who consistently betrays the trust of Black people, members of the Congressional Black Caucus routinely support corporate interests over the interests of their constituency. But not only Black politicians belong to ‘Mystic Knights Of The Sea,” many black faith-based leaders consistently support white corporate interests over any concerns of their congregations. For example, in Oakland, California, a group of politically powerful black ministers are splitting a million dollar bribe from the coal industry in return for their support of an open container coal transfer facility being installed at the Port of Oakland. The proposed open container coal transfer facility ___ supported by the black democratic political establishment ___ threatens to destroy Oakland’s environment with coal toxins that will pollute the air and poison the water, toxins that will destroy Oakland as a living habitat for humans and wildlife. But when money is involved, the black leadership willingly contributes to the pathologies destroying black communities around the country.


I got a call from my friend, Jim, a M.D., with strong beliefs about race issues. Jim believes black people should use their ‘bootstraps’ the way he did. When he calls, Jim always begins with: “So how should we deal with this?” Then we take turns reciting the many causes of the black condition ranging from the persistence of racism to the corruption of black leadership; from pervasive illiteracy and anti-intellectualism to black hedonism. Then, after thoroughly exhausting our arguments on each other, we end up agreeing to disagree. Jim has no problem with Charles Evers endorsing Trump or the Oakland faith-based leadership accepting payoffs to destroy Oakland’s environment.

The last time Jim called, I steered our conversation into a different direction. “What ‘we’ are you referring to?” I asked him.

“What do you mean what we?” Jim asked.

“What ‘we’ are you referring to?” I asked again.

“You know what we!” Jim snapped. “We! Us! Black people!”

“Are you including in the term black people, all non-whites, Negroes, coloreds and every other designations of American blacks defined in the constitution as some fraction of a white person?”

“Of course.”

“Is Clarence Thomas included in that ‘we’?” I smiled. “… or Ward Connerly, or for that matter W.E.B. DuBois?”

“What’s your point?”.

“My point is that there is no such thing as a ‘we’ that shares the beliefs and values required to improve the black condition and demand restorative justice.”

“What?” Jim snorted.

“Except for the most important issues,” I smirked, “there isn’t even a ‘we’ between us.” The important issue for Jim and I ___ the issue that kept us friends for all these years ___ was that both of us were Oakland A’s fans and both of us were avid sports pin collectors. Jim got his most prized pin, a Super Bowl XXIX Players pin, from me. Jim has a very nice collection of A’s season ticket holders pins. When it came to pin collecting, Jim and I are soul brothers, but when it comes to politics, we are worlds apart.

“What kind of values do you mean?” he asked.

“The values that would galvanize a unified response to a cops shooting of a twelve-year old child; or a response that would address the gentrification of black neighborhoods in cities like Benton Harbor, Detroit or Flint; or a response to the theft of tax dollars by whites doling out billions to their fraternal, religious and political cronies with no-bid government contracts.” Since Jim remained silent, I pressed my point.

“‘We’ do not even share a common understanding of black history. Most blacks are content to accept the lies white people still tell about our past.”









“Lies!” Jim roared. He couldn’t hold back any longer.“What lies?”

“Lies like white people went into Africa, raided African villages and forced Africans into slavery. Lies like …”

“Well didn’t they?” Jim laughed. When Jim returned from his trip to Africa, a couple of years ago, he had seeing paintings depicting Africans capturing and enslaving other Africans on the walls of centuries-old buildings in Timbuktu. After we laughed about Jim’s ‘epiphany,’ our conversation turned serious once again. “What other lies are you referring to?” he asked

“Like W.E.B. DuBois …” I began, but Jim interrupted me.

“W.E.B. DuBois …!” Jim’s voice was an octave higher. “What does W.E.B.DuBois have to do with all of this?” Jim admiration for DuBois had less to do with DuBois’ scholarship than with Jim’s affiliation with the local NAACP. In fact, Jim’s familiarity with DuBois’ writings was rather limited ___ which was why whenever I mentioned DuBois’ name, he became defensive and emotional. But I pressed on.

“It was DuBois’ The Philadelphia Negro that made certain there would be no ‘we’, ” I charged.

“I can’t go along with you on that,” Jim said. “DuBois founded the NAACP. No organization has done more for black people than the NAACP. The NAACP should be considered our ‘we’. The NAACP was DuBois’ brainchild. All ‘we’ need do is get on the bandwagon and support the NAACP’s agenda, if ‘we’ want to improve the situation.” Jim paused to gloat. Like so many blacks, Jim believed that the NAACP’s record of civil rights achievements was incontrovertible. He refused to accept that DuBois was the creature of military intelligence and that the actual founder of the NAACP was Joel Spingarn, a captain in the Army.

“Do those achievements include the NAACP’s secret negotiations with the Ku Klux Klan,” I snickered. But without waiting for his repy, I continued. “Do you remember what DuBois said in his Philadelphia Negro?” I asked.

“I’m sure you’ll remind me?” Jim replied.

“I sure will,” I said. “DuBois said …

Nothing more exasperated the better class of Negroes than this tendency to ignore utterly their existence. The law-abiding, hard-working inhabitants of the Thirtieth Ward are aroused to righteous indignation when they see that the word Negro carries most Philadelphians’ minds to the alleys of the Fifth Ward or the police courts. Since so much misunderstanding or rather forgetfulness and carelessness on this point is common, let us endeavor to try and fix with some definiteness the different social classes which are clearly enough defined among Negroes to deserve attention.

“You’ve lost me,” Jim snorted. “What are you talking about? And what has that got to do with ‘we’ as black people?”

“It was DuBois who divided black people into social classes and told white folks that only the top class, the so-called talented tenth, was the class of Negroes that deserved white patronage.” I took Jim’s silence as permission to continue. “DuBois divided Negroes into four grades. Grade 1: Families of undoubted respectability, earning sufficient income to live well; Grade 2: The working class; Grade 3: The poor who do not earn enough sufficient to remain free of want; and Grade 4: The lowest class of criminals, prostitutes, loafers and indigents.

“So what, if DuBois classified black people,” Jim said. “What does that have to do with anything? It certainly doesn’t mean that ‘we’ can’t get together and fix the problems facing us. As a matter of fact, we need the ‘talented tenth’ to lead the effort.”

At this point, Jim and I reached our personal ‘no-man’s land’ ___ the barrier that prevented complete candor between us. In addition to being active in the NAACP, Jim was a member of one of the major black fraternities; he also belonged to a black Masonic lodge and the 100 Black Men of Oakland. Both of us knew that his fraternal and social memberships discouraged frank discussions between us.

“The ‘talented tenth’ isn’t any more interested in DuBois’ black lower classes,” I statied, “than Creflo Dollar, Oprah Winfrey or Will Smith. The black leadership despise black people which is why they consistently betray black people. The black leadership class believes they’re better.”

“How can you say that?”

“Easy. Listen to how DuBois describes black people.”

… shrewd laziness, shameless lewdness, cunning criminals. The loafers who line the curbs in these places are no fools, but sharp, wily men who often outwit both the Police Department and the Department of Charities. Their nucleus consists of a class of professional criminals, who do not work, figure in the rogues’ galleries of half-dozen cities, and migrate here and there. These are gamblers and sharpers who seldom are caught on serious crime, but nevertheless live from its proceeds and aid and abet it. The headquarters of all these are usually the political clubs and pool-rooms …

“I don’t see what any of that means,” Jim said. He was indignant. “Black people are just like everyone else. They have social classes. DuBois just divided them into four. Can you do any better?”

“Yes, I can.”

“Then do it.”

“Okay,” I said. “I’ll divide Black people into six classes: Assimilationists, Accommodationists, Integrationists, Nationalists, Separatists and Deviants.’

“Am I supposed to guess or are you going to tell me what these classes mean?”

“Sure,” I said.

Assimilationists do not believe that they are black. Whenever possible assimilationists ‘pass’ for white. If that is not physically possible, they claim to be ‘persons of color.’ Assimilationist accept ‘white supremacy’ and ‘white privilege’ as the ‘natural’ order of things. They believe themselves honorary whites by virtue of their skin color, white parentage, domestic service, inherited wealth or white marriage partner. By shedding their ‘negritude’, assimilationists accept white culture as their own and hold the same the racist attitudes towards non-white peoples as whites.

Accommodationists differ from assimilationists in that they accept their racial identity, but, in all other aspects, accommodationists are similar to Assimilationists and adopt and accept white cultural values as their own. Outstanding artistic, athletic or professional accomplishments give accommodationists the kind of exalted economic, political and social status that gives them the illusion that they are better than the others. Accommodationists share the conservative political outlook of assimilationists and strive to protect their social and economic status by parroting the racist cant of white supremacists.

Integrationists are social climbers and ‘wannabes.’ Integrationists strive to attain social, economic and political success as ‘black’ spokespersons. Intergrationists looking to white ‘liberals’ for patronage and promote liberal white interests. Included in this group are preachers, politicians, civil rights activists, business representatives and union spokespersons. Integrationists eagerly proclaim the post racial society and offer social race mixing as the panacea against racial discrimination in politics, economics and jurisprudence. In their idealized post-racial society, integrationists believe that electoral victories by the Democratic Party will solve issues of mass incarceration, police violence and severe economic deprivation. Integrationists use their white liberal connections, privately, to benefit from affirmative action, minority set-asides and preferential treatment even as they publicly decry these programs as ‘reverse’ discrimination. Integrationists reject political and economic alliances with disaffected, marginalized and disenfranchised black people while seeking relationships with white women and white LGBT community.

Nationalists refuse to submit to white racism. Nationalists seek opportunities to advance the cause of black people by seizing the power available in educational, political and bureaucratic institutions. Nationalists are especially marginalized and denigrated by members of the top black classes ___ especially integrationists. When nationalists threaten white privilege, assimilationists, accomodationists and integrationists, all come to the white folks’ rescue. Their advocacy of multi-cultural polices and programs make them targets of secret government and police state tactics like the FBI’s infamous Cointelpro program ___ which continues in operation even tosay. Black nationalists oppose tax-supported, state-imposed white privilege causing whites to brand them as communists, socialists, outside agitators and terrorists.. Nationalists challenge the illegality of white supremacy and the police state erected to support institutional racism.

Separatists are the marginalized and exploited black underclass. Separatists do not possess the intellectual, spiritual or social capital required to resist racial oppression or the police state. Separatists, men, women and children, are murdered in the hundreds, incarcerated in the thousands and are economically deprived in the millions. Separatists have their property confiscated. They live in cities where their air and water is polluted, their housing is substandard and the schools are inadequate. Separatists are deprived of decent employment and ___ thanks to Obama-care are forced to give millions to the medical and pharmaceutical companies in order to file their taxes . Black separatism is not a choice; it is a condition ____ a condition of deprivation, exploitation and alienation. A black separatist has no standing before the law, no respect from the courts and no pity from racist cops. Black separatists are condemned to perpetual servitude by multi-national corporations without remuneration and brutalized by the society’s criminal justice system without redress. Blacks in the separatist class are ill-equipped, functionally illiterate and decidedly anti-intellectual. They exist to be exploited by the white racists as well as the black leadership classes.

Deviants choose to defy the established order and engage in an outlaw life-style including thievery, prostitution, gambling and violence. The more successful deviants are members of ‘gangs.’ The deviant engages in socially unacceptable and criminal behavior as a life choice and spends significant time incarcerated in white penal institutions. Black deviants have no moral values and prey upon the weak, helpless and vulnerable of their own race without any compunction. This class is responsible for what is called “black on black” crime. The best example of black deviants are the CRIPs and the Bloods. The criminal justice system relies on deviants to provide information about black political and criminal enterprises as well as to distribute the illegal drugs imported into the country by the US government..

After I finished my classification, Jim remained silent for awhile before saying, “I have to think about what you said.” Then he hung up.

opBlog Black LIves Matter�?� When the truth is told

Posted on July 29, 2015 at 2:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Op-ed: #Black Lives Matter… When the truth is told

Eugene Stovall June 28, 2015


Oakland, CA




…I feel sad not because my mother and father died the way they did; I feel sad because they were Indians. They lived like Indians and died like Indians and never knew that they were, before anything else, men.” From A Separate Reality by Carlos Castaneda

“We have certainly lost a great scholar.” I said, mentioning the passing of Carlos Castaneda at a 1998 faculty meeting.

“Not so great,” replied a tenured English professor.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Well Carlos Casteneda recanted everything he wrote before he died,” she replied. The Mississippi feminist smirked over her clever bid to ‘one-up’ me.

“Oh,” I replied. “Did he also repudiate Florinda Donner’s books, Being-In-Dreaming and The Witch’s Dream? Both of them were based on Castaneda’s teachings, you know.”

Taken aback the feminist, mumbled something unintelligible and changed the subject.

Whites Lie About Race

Whites lie about racial issues. They use the media and political forums to whine about being victims of racial injustice. Seeking relief and damages in the courts, white people are continually suing over claims of ‘reverse discrimination’ when they are really trying to preserve white privilege. Wherever minorities make real or even imagined economic gains, some group of white people claim to have been disadvantaged. A nation’s wealth is not measured by the amount of gold and silver it possesses; a nations’s wealth is measured by the amount oif gold and silver it posessees more than its neighbor… Adam Smith Wealth Of Nations Adam Smith’s standard for identifying wealthy nations is the same standard whites use to measure their individual well-being. Whites believe that whites force blacks __ as well as the other racial minorities in America ___ into a subordinate status to elevate their own. When a white man kills, the media asks: “what are the circumstances that will keep this man from being prosecuted or punished?” But when a black kills, the media asks “what are the circumstances that will keep this man from getting the death penalty?” After a white man kills blacks ___ like the massacre in Charleston ___ blacks fall all over themselves trying to forgive him. The white people of Boston, on the other hand, say that the death penalty is too lenient for the surviving Boston bomber. Lies and propaganda have emasculated blacks people in America.

“Black Lives Matter”

The leadership of the “Black Lives Matters” movement is as susceptible to the ‘whites are victims’ propaganda as anyone. On MSNBC’s May 23, 2015 Melissa Harris Perry Show, Davon Love, an otherwise articulate spokesman for the “Black Lives Matter” movement, said that there is a basic miscommunication about what proper policing in Baltimore looks like. White people, Love suggested, want fairness and justice, but are unaware of what cops are really doing in the black community.

White people have been systematically killing and imprisoning black people, for decades. They know exactly what to do and how to do it. After WWII, the US government recruited hundreds of German SS officers with experience in designing programs for imprisoning and exterminating subject populations. These Nazis were placed in research facilities, think tanks and universities throughout the United States. Nazis planned and implemented the Phoenix program that the CIA used to abduct and murder 41,000 Vietnamese civilians. Nazis trained the South and Central American death squads in torture techniques at the School of the Americas in Georgia. Nazis designed the current police state practices used for murder and mass incarceration. So even when spokesmen for the black community engage in a dialogue about race, they kow-tow to a racially-biased, morally corrupt criminal justice system created for the sole purpose of maintaining white privilege in the United States.

That a white woman, the president of a local chapter of the NAACP, infiltrated the “black lives matter” leadership should be no surprise. The NAACP has been collecting information and conducting operations for military intelligence since its founding over a century ago. The leadership of “Black Lives Matter” must learn the truth about the state of race relations in America before it can achieve any success. It especially should know that ‘Negroes’ in the criminal justice system, the civil rights movement and the religious community seldom work for the best interests of black people. Many work to maintain white privilege ____ and all of them are seeking their own personal privileges.

This is especially true of Negroes in politics. After Loretta Lynch was confirmed as Obama’s Attorney General, her first act was to ‘green-light’ the ongoing police terrorism against black people by publicly praising the cops, even though racist cops have been killing unarmed blacks ___ some have been children as young as twelve years old ___ at an alarming rate. Cops have killed over 500 unarmed citizens across the country, but Loretta Lynch is concerned with the cops’ morale. Lynch’s next concern, after the morale of killer cops, was the elimination of corruption in the World Cup Soccer federation. So while the terrorism against black people continues, Obama’s new attorney general’s first priorities are protecting soccer fans ____ and gambling interests and increasing the morale of killer cops.

School To Prison Pipeline

Loretta Lynch is right to be concerned for the morale of America’s killer cops. The killer cops are the custodians of America’s ‘School to Prison’ pipeline, an essential part of America’s mass incarceration program. The ‘School to Prison’ pipeline has condemned generations of black children to a life of squalor and misery. It stigmatizes them as ‘gang bangers’ and ‘thugs’ and deprives them of food, shelter and hope, With economic opportunities closed to all but the very few, the government’s drug merchants and arms dealers are given free reign to prey on all who live in black communities. These are racism’s true victims. But the expanded and corporatized ‘school to prison’ pipeline fashioned by the American police state treats them merely as economic units to be harvested and exploited.

The pipeline begins in schools. Black children are identified and tracked by their disruptive behavior, their use of profanity and their disrespect for teachers, principals and other authorities. Some of their behavior is caused by hunger. Others behave according to their environment, like the first-grader who saw his twelve-year-old sister shot. Others are frustrated over their inability to get help or support from their teachers ___ such as the homeless student who was penalized for not doing his homework. These children are angry and they don’t know why. They are not in school to learn, they are in school to survive. The schools process them to take the next step ___ dropping out. On the street, the children join local police-controlled gangs where they become a part of the street life. Next comes imprisonment. By the time most of these black children turn sixteen they have been swept into the corporatized criminal justice system and are being exploited for their labor. When they are released, they are without money, without a place to live and with nowhere to turn.

In May, 2013, after serving three years for a crime he did not commit and

without ever having had a trial, the charges against Kalief Browder

were dropped and he was released from New York’s Rikers Island prison. During his imprisonment, Browder, who had been arrested for shoplifting

a backpack, was beaten and held in solitary confinement for 400 days

for refusing to plead guilty. This month, after learning that the District

Attorney planned to arrest him again, Kalief Browder told his mother that he

could not take anymore. The next morning, his mother found her son’s

body. Kalief Browder, age 22, had committed suicide.

“The White Man’s Burden”

The poem, "The White Man's Burden,” published in 1899, by Rudyard Kipling, praised the American colonization of the Philippines as another step in the white race’s noble aspiration to conquer and dominate the world. Kipling noted that American imperialism in the Philippines ___ though costly ___ was a great benefit to the whole of white civilization. However, the Filipino people really paid the cost of American imperialism. General Jacob Hurd Smith’s widely circulated order to "kill every [Filipino] over the age of ten" and make the island "a howling wilderness” resulted in American soldiers massacring 50,000 Filipino civilians ____ some of whom were even under the age of ten.

In praising American conquest, Kipling said that, but for imperialism, white people would not enjoy their unique privileges. Forty–five years later, Gunnar Myrdal praises American racism as another aspect of white civilization’s ‘noble endeavor.’ The Carnegie Institute funded Gunnar Myrdal’s study of the Negro problem in America and develop a plan. Myrdal identified the Negro problem in the United States as there being ‘too many Negroes’ and he proposed strategies for reducing the Negro population in the United States by using means acceptable to the American creed. The “school to prison pipeline” was just one program to come out of Myrdal’s plan for reducing the African-American population in the United States.

Well-endowed from a wealthy foundation and critically acclaimed by academic and popular opinion, alike, Myrdal’s An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and Modern Democracy became the most studied plan for racial genocide since the German Third Reich’s Final Solution. With so many Negroes in America, Myrdal said, whites could only maintain their superior social status by determining the Negro’s place in society and by keeping the black population from growing. In his book, Myrdal says:

“In stating our value premises a distinction must be made between ends and means. We shall find that for the white people the desired quantitative goal conflicts sharply with their means of attaining that goal…”

“If the Negroes could be eliminated from America or greatly decreased in numbers this would meet the whites approval … . a decrease of the Negro population is not necessarily hostile to the Negro people. [The Negro leadership class] fares far better when Negroes are few in number.”

On the other hand, Myrdal concedes that population control, alone, will not guarantee white supremacy. Whites must control what Negroes think as well. According to Myrdal, whites can get Negroes to accept lower status and fewer privileges by integrating with the Negro leadership class. The way to control the opinions of blacks, Myrdal said, was to choose black leaders and tell them what to say. And if one got out of line __ like in Charleston ___ kill him as a warning to the others. Myrdal proposes a two-tiered caste system. The leadership class modeled after DuBois’ Talented Tenth on top and the Negro masses on the bottom. The main task of the ‘talented tenth’ class was to assist with the Myrdal’s planned genocide.

Restorative justice: Where The Dialogue Begins

The ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement should use the true racial facts to engage in any dialogue about race. They should demand a date when the US government ends all programs undertaken to harm and reduce the population of American citizens of African American ancestry and a date when programs of restorative justice will be instituted.




Posted on January 15, 2015 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (1)



How America Legitimizes The Bush Doctrine of Pre-emptive and Perpetual War


By Eugene Stovall Oakland, California

The vulgar are always taken in by appearances and the world consists only of the vulgar … Machiavelli


While war and death clutch the planet in blood-drenched maw, the American public seems decidedly indifferent to the suffering of millions. But in all fairness, many Americans are far too engaged in their own personal ‘life and death’ struggles to pay much attention to what is going on elsewhere. For example, every day twenty- two American veterans multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan commit suicide. Over 8000 veterans committed suicide in 2014. In denying additional funding to the Veterans Affairs Administration for funding mental health treatment, the Republican congress said nothing could be done for anyone determined to kill him or herself. As a veteran, I find it appalling that American soldiers are sent all over the world to spill oceans of blood for Big Oil, Big Banks and Wall Street only to return and out of loneliness and misery to take their own lives on the American shore. But since the Bush Doctrine of Perpetual War this has become the new reality. But to conceal these and other disturbing developments, the government utilizes “conflict propaganda.”

The Bush doctrine of Pre-emptive and Perpetual War required an American police state to carry out the various acts of murder, intimidation and espionage, inside the US and around the world. The ‘silent coup’ that created this police state also gave the government a near monopoly over the media. Operating according to the dictates of homeland security and foreign intelligence surveillance laws, the mainstream ___ and not so mainstream press now uses government-controlled propaganda to fabricate Wag The Dog stories to cover it program of international terrorism. When the government dispatches its agents on missions to change regimes and plunder resources, it creates a compelling story to rally the public to the government’s point of view. The reason that the Bush doctrine of pre-emptive and self-perpetuating conflict is fueled by the media’s sensationalizing of threats to Americans and the need for military strikes against “international terrorists” resisting the demands of American economic and political imperialism.


Conflict propaganda goes into overdrive when it comes to black issues as the sad case of Gary Webb demonstrates. Newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post, at the urging of their CIA contacts, spent an enormous amount of energy trying to discredit Gary Webb by poking holes in his sensational story about the CIA distribution of crack cocaine in South Central Los Angeles. The involvement of the U.S. government in international drug trafficking to support regime change in Nicaragua caused many high-ranking government officials, including the POTUS, to fear criminal prosecution. The Los Angeles Times took an especially aggressive attitude towards Gary Webb and organized a 17 person Get Gary Webb team. “We’re going to take away that guy’s Pulitzer,” the team vowed. They took away more than that. Webb lost his job at the San Jose Mercury and was hounded into poverty. On December 10, 2004, Gary Webb was found dead from two gunshot wounds to the back of the head. The Sacramento County coroner ruled it a “suicide.”

Similar media blitzes distract, deflate and defuse issues arising from police intimidation, violence and murder of unarmed and defenseless black men. Serial killings ___ or serial lynchings ___ are being carried by members of the Policeman’s Union and are being instigated by some white racist organization. But when protests against these lynchings erupted in Ferguson, Staten Island and Cleveland, the government unleashed a propaganda blitz. Charles Barkley puffed up like a black imitation of Mussolini calling Ferguson’s demonstrators, “scumbags.” Sydney Shelton, Vice Chairman and Washington Chief of the NAACP, provided the ideal propaganda response to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer when the newsman asked the ‘civil rights’ leader: “What do you think is behind the killings of so many blacks in America?”

Without hesitation the NAACP mouthpiece responded: “Poor training! To make the necessary changes, we need better training.” Whether the NAACP wants the cops to get better training on the firing range or blacks better training at “ducking,” Sheldon did not clarify. But recent reports of NAACP chapters cozying up to the KKK, removes any acknowledging that black men are being “lynched” by white cops from the NAACP’s agenda.

Mia Love, the ‘first black woman elected to Congress as a Republican, gives us a perfect example of how conflict propaganda shapes black issues now and into the future. When Republican congressman, Steve Scalise was discovered to have ties to the KKK, Congressman-elect Love gave the white racist her unqualified support. "As far as I'm concerned, Representative Scalise has been absolutely wonderful to work with,” Mia Love, R-Utah said in an interview with ABC News, before even being seated in Congress. “He's been very helpful for me and he has had the support of his colleagues." It remains to be seen whether or not this black woman who insults black people everywhere by defending the KKK will be welcomed into the Congressional Black Caucus. Clearly the Republicans plan to use Ms. Love to shape black attitudes, especially towards Mitt Romney candidacy for president. As well as covering up the campaign of murder against black people, conflict propaganda makes wars of aggression, the toppling of governments and the assassination of heads of state seem like business as usual.


When the public and congress objected to Obama’s Syrian air war, Obama used the beheading of white journalists by white jihadists to rally American support. This classic use of conflict propaganda stirred up so much public support for Obama’s Syrian air war and support for ISIS fighters in Syria that bombs began dropping even before Obama obtained Congressional approval ___ which he has yet to obtain. Now Obama must concoct a propaganda message to explain how the Syrian war “morphed” into yet a third Iraqi war and why the Obama’s administration provided ISIS with the advanced weapons it is now using to overthrow America’s puppet government in Iraq.


For decades, American beliefs about Cuba centered on the Castro regime’s human rights violations, lack of free and fair elections, religious suppression and restriction on workers ability to form labor unions. But in a recent press conference, Obama announced a series of sweeping measures designed to improve relations between US and Cuba. Obama said that he would ease travel restrictions and permit the use of American bankcards for transactions in Cuba. Obama also set in motion the process of establishing an American embassy in Havana.

This new era in US/Cuba relations was signaled by an exchange of three Cubans jailed in the US for Alan Gross imprisoned in Cuba. Alan Gross was a USAID worker who was arrested, tried and imprisoned for five years as an American spy. Gross made three trips to Cuba, delivering computers to the Jewish Cuban community. Conversely, the Cubans imprisoned in America were all convicted in secret US FISA court as spies. Alan Gross worked for the United States Agency For International Development [USAID] and the media portrayed him as a law-abiding citizen illegally convicted of espionage in a Cuban court. However, USAID has a history of espionage in Cuba.

In 2010, USAID hired the D.C.-based group, Creative Associates International, to create a "Cuban Twitter app.” The app was meant to stir up opposition to the Castro brothers. USAID set this audacious program in motion by using shell companies around the world and luring 40,000 unsuspecting Cuban subscribers with seemingly innocuous text messages about sports and popular music to participate. When the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Vermont Democrat Patrick Leahy, heard about the Cuban Twitter idea, he ripped it as “dumb, dumb, dumb” and withdrew government funding.

Not to be deterred, USAID continued its Cuban espionage activities. The Obama administration concocted a scheme to undermine Castro by using hip-hop to criticize the Cuban government. USAID once again used the D.C.-based group, Creative Associates International, to recruit hip-hop artists for honing anti-government propaganda and stirring up social change. Among those artists recruited were Los Aldeanos, which emerged in the mid-2000s as one of Cuba's most fiery, best respected, political rap groups. USAID spent thousands through a secret Panamanian slush fund to produce a TV show with Los Aldeanos for distribution throughout Cuba. The USAID plot was revealed when Cuban authorities seized a Los Aldeanos' computer.


Conflict propaganda is a primary weapon in the US war on North Korea. Without any proof of North Korean involvement in the Sony hack, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews called the North Korean president “a blustery, tinhorn dictator, with a bad haircut, who could not be allowed to interfere with America’s freedom of expression.” The general atmosphere of insulting name-calling by the American press was heightened by the publicity surrounding Sony’s movie about assassinating Kim Jong Un. America’s claim of “freedom of expression” is merely the white privilege to disparage and vilify anyone or anything opposing white cultural hegemony around the world. The Obama administration told members of Congress that it intends to increase pressure on North Korea with additional economic sanctions.


A defect of conflict propaganda is the need for accuracy in story details. Inattention to the details of the story can unravel the entire fabrication. Such an oversight is found in the press coverage of the Paris tragedy. The Charlie Hebdo killers are linked to the anti-semite murderers of a “female police officer” and a “sanitation worker” both of whose identities have been mysteriously withheld. It is strange that none of the media knows anything about them. Even more strange is that Hayat Boumeddiene, the wife of one of the slain terrorists appears to have left Paris before her husband’s rampage. She has been reported seeking refuge in Syria with the American-backed Syrian rebels.



OpBlog: Racism and Manhood

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Eugene Stovall
Oakland, California


Does Ignorance Spawn Evil or does Evil produce Ignorance?

The mainstream ___ and not so mainstream ___ media seldom celebrate courageous or dignified black people as role models. Taking their cue from the FBI and Homeland Security, the media vilifies anyone attempting to better the black economic and social condition. The Reverend Edward Pinkney and Mumia Abu-Jamal are to blacks fighting for their own civil rights while seeking restorative justice for all black people.


Reverend Edward Pinkney has been an outspoken defender of Benton Harbor’s black community for decades. Last week Rev. Pinkney was convicted on five counts of forgery. The all white prosecutor, judge and jury found this black man guilty of changing the dates of some signatures on a petition to recall the town’s mayor. Each of the felony counts carries a maximum five-year sentence. The prosecutor, Mike Sepic, is asking that Pinkney be given a life prison term under the ‘three strikes’ law. Rev. Pinkney’s prior felony convictions all are associated with his nonviolent protests over the treatment of Benton Harbor’s black community.

Whirlpool corporation once employed many of Benton Harbor’s residents in low-wage paying jobs. But Whirlpool and other corporate interests see better profits in the gentrification of Benton Harbor which is 70% black and sits on the scenic shore of Lake Michigan. Whirlpool wants to create lebensraum for its corporate managers. The dignified and courageous Reverend Pinkney enraged Whirlpool with his opposition to the corporate gentrification of Benton Harbor. So Edward Pinkney sits in prison facing a life sentence for his ministry on behalf of his congregation.

Since 2010, black people living in Detroit, Flint and every other predominantly black city in Michigan have been under the thumb of an emergency manager, appointed by Michigan’s Republican governor. Benton Harbor’s emergency manager eagerly assists the private sector, especially Whirlpool, to loot the city’s public resources. Reverend Pinkney is no threat to the plans to corporatize Benton Harbor’s resources. Nonetheless, Reverend Edward Pinkney sits in a maximum security prison, convicted of the crime of behaving like a man and being “too uppity” for a racist state like Michigan.


Mumia Abu-Jamal has spent the last 30 years of his life in prison, in the solitary confinement of Pennsylvania’s Death Row. Mumia Abu-Jamal was tried, convicted and sentenced to death in 1982 for the murder of Philadelphia police officer, Daniel Faulkner. Even after a federal judge ordered his death sentence overturned in 2001, Mumia has remained in solitary confinement. In its analysis of Mumia Abu-Jamal’s trial, Amnesty International found that, in 1982, the prevailing attitude of Philadelphia’s political elites prevented Mumia from receiving a fair, impartial trial. Amnesty International reported that Philadelphia’s authorities tampered with physical evidence and suborned the testimony of witnesses. Mumia Abu-Jamal, too, is being punished for having more dignity and courage than black men are allowed America. Unless a black man fits the stereotype of the ‘good ole darky’ and supports corporate greed, he is characterized as an ‘angry black man,’ profiled as a criminal and interned in prison with the other million black convicts.

Andrew Young spoke to a group in Richmond, California on behalf of Chevron Oil whose candidate, Nat Bates, was running for mayor. Young whose foundation received a $550,000 gift from Chevron and Nat Bates, a black Democrat, whose campaign was being financed by Chevron both sought to confuse and deceive the predominately black, church-going crowd. Andy Young lectured the black audience on the need for private public partnerships ___ partnerships that allow public services to be contracted to “for profit” companies. Even though black people all over the country have suffered from the privatization of water, education and prisons, Young praises Bates plan to give Chevron control over the City of Richmond’s environment in order to avoid paying the damages that the oil company has already caused and continues to cause to Richmond’s environment. “We’re not going to be able to raise taxes,” Young told his church-going audience. “People are paying enough in taxes. You can’t do it with government money. It’s got to be private-public partnerships.” Nat Bates lost his bid to become mayor of the predominantly black City of Richmond to a white Republican.

That racism is an important cause of the lack of manhood among black elites was studied at the University of California, Berkeley. In the early 1970s, I received an appointment to UC, Berkeley’s Institute of Race and Community Relations [IRCR] as its manager/coordinator. IRCR was a research institute established to support the university’s newly created Ethnic Studies Department. Like all other research institutes IRCR housed research projects and awarded scholarships and fellowships. IRCR also supported visiting scholars, such as Alex Haley, who wrote Roots with institute support. As the coordinator, I reported to IRCR’s oversight committee which was chaired by Robert Blauner, a Jewish sociologist and included Harry Morrison, a physics professor, Kenneth Johnson, an english, professor, both of whom were black and Paul Takagi a Japanese professor, in Asian Studies.

IRCR housed to major projects. Robert Blauner Mumia Abu-Jamalreceived government funding for a project entitled Racism and Manhood and Winthrop Jordan from the history department received funding for a project entitled The Changing Nature of African American Culture. Winthrop Jordan was a notorious racist. His history, White Over Black, essentially reiterated Gunnar Myrdal’s strategies for reducing the black population in America. Jordan later took a faculty position with the University of Mississippi where he is said to have found an atmosphere more congenial to his beliefs and ideals. The budgets for both of these projects, together, was a million dollars. However, unlike any of the other research institutes on Cal’s campus, IRCR was not permitted to charge these research projects the normal 40% residence fee. As a matter of fact, the institute paid all of the overhead for these two projects, including office, staff and administrative expenses. Two funds that had been set up to support deserving graduate and undergraduate students. Both were looted by Blauner and Jordan and given to their white students. I was instructed to take the applications of minority students and inform them that they would be notified of the institute’s awards, even though I knew that the funds had already been dispersed. I protested, to the institute’s academic committee as well as to the Dean of the Graduate Division, to no avail. My advisor, Albert Lepawsky told me that in order for me to have an academic career, I would have to overlook the university’s racist policies. I could not and I was fired. But many Negroes, in academia, as well as in corporations and government positions, easily accommodate themselves to the institutional racism that characterizes America’s domestic policies and is now being spread around the world. The condition in which black people find themselves today, being murdered by cops, lynched by whites, denied adequate education and deprived economic opportunities is a result of a weak, unmanly and servile Negro leadership.




Cornel West Black Champion

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Eugene Stovall

Oakland, California

Cornel West communicates to a vast variety of publics keeping alive the legacy of Martin Luther King. Today Dr. Cornel West has become the most worthy black public spokesman to inherit Martin Luther King’s mantel.


It was early morning in Ferguson, Missouri, just after midnight. Dr. Cornel West, Carl Dix joined Ferguson’s clergy and community activists in the protest known as #FergusonOctober and #MoralMonday. After a weekend when thousands of people participated in rallies and protests, Ferguson’s community activists decided that further demonstrations were needed to draw attention to the murder of the unarmed teenager, Michael Brown, and the numerous other black men, women and children being killed by white police on a daily basis. Demonstrations were planned for Ferguson and St. Louis. The protests were also meant to draw attention to systemic racial profiling under ‘stop and frisk’ laws, mass incarcerations and police brutality. Several hours into the protest, Cornel West was arrested and charged with assault on a police officer.

Dr. Cornel West embraces non-violent activism to dramatize the need for a renaissance in black intellectualism. But not the moribund, Afrocentric intellectualism that feeds on mumbo jumbo and the interpretation of primitive totems. West believes the condition of black people can be attributed to underdevelopment of their mental capacity and their willingness to do anything for a ‘buck.’ Without an adequate education or sense of history, black people are confused about their true place in society. Because they don’t know anything, black people fall for everything the media spews out over its propaganda, advertising and entertainment channels. Cornel West says that it is not enough to know black history, we must make black history. Making black history is the process of black people writing their history instead of having it fed to them by white people bent on white supremacy. Dr. Cornel West and the other committed blacks were writing black history when they were arrested in Ferguson, Missouri.

“Writing our own history will help us to identify the lies being propagated by the media,” West says. So he is more than willing to endure the ‘blowback’ he receives from ‘politically correct’ Negro intellectuals and white liberals. Dr. West does not seem interested in Democratic party majorities or electing Democratic party candidates. Cornel West is concerned with black issues including economic deprivation, educational inequality and mass incarceration. He urges black people to reject the temptation to embrace ‘Jim Crow’ democratic politics with its flawed assimilationist appeals. Self-reliance, in its various forms, is the way Dr. West sees the black community overcoming unemployment and homelessness. The Democratic Party is uninterested in black issues and corrupts black leaders and politicians who are.

In an address at St. Sabina Catholic Church in Chicago, Dr. West discussed the importance of loving black people even if others ___ the powerful, the rich and the famous ____ make you feel ashamed for doing so. West said that integrity is simply facing your oppression with the dignity of someone whose is not for sale and is not a government ‘snitch.’

Cornel West has a passion to communicate to a vast variety of publics in order to keep alive the legacy of Martin Luther King. West embraces King’s legacy of telling the truth and bearing witness to love and justice as few others have. Those who stand with Dr. West speak for poor, black and brown people. They are on the right side of history. They are telling the world that racial tyranny will not prevail.

Others have joined Cornel West’s struggle for social justice.

Kamala Harris California State Attorney General

 When Kamala Harris took office, California homeowners were reeling from the effects of the subprime mortgage crisis. Harris represented California in the National Mortgage Settlement against five banks: Ally, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, CitiBank and Chase. To the surprise of other state representatives as well as the bank representatives themselves, Harris walked out the talks when she found the banks dictating their terms of the settlement. California’s attorney general remained aloof from allies and angered attorney generals in other states. Liberal groups were urging Harris to wring more concessions from the banks. As a close ally of Barack Obama, administration officials tried to pressure Harris to return to the negotiating table and accept the banks’ offer.

Kamala Harris only rejoined the talks when the banks accepted $12 billion in debt reduction for the state's homeowners and a $26 billion repayment plan, overall. In addition, Harris forced the banks to fund state housing counseling services, legal help for struggling homeowners and debt forgiveness for 23,000 homeowners. Under Kamala Harris, California received by far the largest share of the $26 billion benefit package funded by the banks.

Maxine Waters Congressman, Los Angeles

 On March 16, 1998, Congresswoman Maxine Waters testified before the House Intelligence Commitee on CIA involvement in drug trafficking. The committee chairman, Porter Goss stoutly resisted the full investigation of the CIA-crack connection that Waters pressed him for. In retaliation, Goss brought charges against Maxine Waters for violations of House ethics rules stemming from her advocacy for Black banks.


Maxine Waters has advocated black issues for the 38 years that she has served in Congress. During her tenure, Congresswoman Waters has waged an unrelenting war on drugs with the U.S. government. Concerned with those who profited from the trade, such as Ronald Reagan and his criminal justice, law and order cronies who used their drug profits to overthrow governments, build campaign war chests and line their own pockets. Reagan, Bush, North and Clinton flooded urban America with the government’s the special brand of crack-cocaine that was developed in South Central Los Angeles, the heart of Maxine’s district.

“Former President George Bush, while serving as vice president in the Ronald Reagan administration in 1981-89, presided over a Nicaraguan Contra cabal that was responsible for flooding the streets of Los Angeles’ South Central district with crack cocaine and fueling a murderous cycle of gang violence,” Jeffrey Steinberg wrote in the Sept. 13, 1996 issue of Executive Intelligence Review drawing his information from a series of articles by Gary Webb published in the San Jose Mercury News.

Maxine Waters was so concerned about the government’s drug business that she invited Gary Webb to Washington to testify. “Mercury reporter Gary Webb provided a detailed account of how the Nicaraguan Democratic Forces (FDN, the Contras) financed their 1980s war against the Sandinista regime in Managua, through a cocaine pipeline that went from Colombia, to the San Francisco Bay Area, to the streets of Los Angeles, placing crack cocaine and guns into the hands of the Crips and the Bloods,” the Steinberg article declares. For his report, Gary Webb was fired from the San Jose Mercury newspaper.


Cynthia McKinney. Former Congressman Atlanta


Six term Congressman Cynthia McKinney represented Atlanta’s Sixth Congressional District but was defeated in 2002.


McKinney's loss was a rejection by voters in both parties of her controversial profile, which included support for Arab causes and a suggestion that Bush knew in advance of the Sept. 11 attacks. An inflammatory remark by her father State Rep. Billy McKinney on an Atlanta TV broadcast may have been the final blow to her campaign.

After her 2002 loss, McKinney traveled and gave speeches. She served as a Commissioner on The Citizens’ Commission on 9-11. On October 26, 2004, McKinney was among those who signed the 9-11 Truth Movement statement. This statement called for investigations into those aspects of the 9/11 events, including how ordinary jet gasoline could burn through steel and concrete.

McKinney was re-elected to the House in November 2004. Back in Congress, she advocated unsealing records pertaining to the CIA's role in the assassination of Martin Luther King, and the murder of Tupac Shakur. A continual critic of the Bush Administration, Cynthia McKinney supported anti-war legislation and introduced articles of impeachment against President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

On March 29, 2006, the Capitol Police prevented Cynthia McKinney from entering Congress. The incident drew national attention. None of the Demoncratic Party caucus nor Black Congressional Caucus lent their support. The incident caused McKinney to lose re-election. Cynthia McKinney left the Democratic Party in September 2007.

Corey Booker US Senator New Jersey

Had Corey Booker and his Wall Street cronies had their way, the poor citizens of Newark, New Jersey would have loss access to water like in Detroit 27,000 households have been disconnected from water. When he ran for mayor, Corey Booker promised Newark’s voters that his Wall Street friends would invest in Newark. But as mayor, Corey Booker was a disappointment. Booker attempted to privatize the city’s water supply to do what they did in Detroit. Booker’s administration squandered a $100 million gift from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Booker’s constituents complained that he was more available for television appearances than he was for meetings with Newark’s citizens. Many voted to send Booker to the Senate because they wanted him out of Newark’s mayor’s office.

As a US Senator Cory Booker has introduced legislation to strip several professional sports leagues, including the NFL, of their tax-exempt status. Booker’s Securing Assistance for Victim Empowerment (SAVE) Act, seeks to raise $100 million over 10 years for domestic violence assistance programs. Attempting to take advantage of the NFL's multiple high-profile domestic violence cases involving players, Booker is attempting to court Women’s Rights activists.

The NFL gained tax-exempt status as a nonprofit in 1944. Booker’s bill will also affect the U.S. Tennis Association, NHL and the Professional Golf Association. Newly elected, Corey Booker is already identifying his political constituency as Women’s Rights advocates

Ras Baraka, Mayor, Newark New Jersey

There is a difference between Newark’s newly elected mayor Ras Baraka and previous mayor, Corey Booker. Governor Christie has commented that Mayor Baraka is far more difficult to handle than Booker was. Meeting with the people of Newark ___ something Booker refused to do ____ Baraka is attempting to get citizens to change Newark for the better. Baraka defeated an opponent who spent millions of dollars because of his grass-roots connection to the city. Baraka was a schoolteacher, vice principal, principal, and city councilor before becoming mayor. Baraka’s campaign mottos were meant to embody self-empowerment and self-reliance. These are the same virtues advocated by Dr. Cornel West.



America's Orwellian Society

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Eugene Stovall

Oakland, California



The United States measures winning its perpetual wars by counting dead bodies. Despite earlier rebuffs by the American people and Congress, Obama is now counting dead Syrian bodies. As he once boasted, he is really good at killing people.


Another way to judge who is winning a war is by the deterioration of an opponent’s social, legal and political institutions. When civil institutions behave illegality and irrationality, a government begins to lose its ability to function properly or effectively. Another sign of a deteriorating government is the failure of its authorities to behave lawfully, according to custom and in accordance with fundamental standards of human decency.


George Orwell’s classic novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, depicts such a society. In Orwell’s society, all public institutions have but one common purpose: population control. Orwell book describes how plutocrats use perpetual war to exert control over the population while bilking the treasury. Furthermore, Orwell’s Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism proposes continually rewriting history to hide contradictions in the reasons, goals and costs of perpetual war. Orwell’s theory creates Hate Week ___ a time when the government whips up patriotic fervor for perpetual war to a frenzy. Hate Week also provides an ideal opportunity to introduce the government-inspired historical revisions. [Both Colorado and Arizona have passed laws mandating historical revisionism in their public school curricula.]

Winston __ Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four character ___ is a thirty-nine-year-old man who works for the Ministry of Truth. It is Winston’s responsibility for distributing historical revisions and outright lies to official government news outlets.


Perpetual wars, according to Orwell, give the plutocrats, who control the government, opportunities to appropriate and exploit human labor and economic commodities. By launching preemptive wars under the pretext of self-defense or humanitarian concern, an Orwellian society keeps its citizens ignorant of the governments actual intentions. In Orwell’s society, Thoughtcrime is committed by citizens who put their own values ahead of government dictates. To obtain mass support for perpetual war, the government churns out a continual stream of propaganda and outright lies for a controlled press.


Propaganda the Key to the Government’s Perpetual War



In September 2013, Obama made what he knew was a deceptive comment about the mysterious sarin gas attack in Syria. Obama’s own intelligence analysts found that Turkey supplied Syrian rebels with the sarin gas used to kill several hundred people in Damascus. Some commentators noted that the incident was part of Obama’s scheme to justify his Syrian air war. In a formal address to the UN General Assembly on Sept. 24, 2013, Obama said: “It’s an insult to human reason and to the legitimacy of this institution to suggest that anyone other than [Syria’s] regime carried out this [gas] attack.”


Similarly, Obama knew exactly how the chaos in Ukraine came about when he spoke to the United Nations in September. Obama had targeted Ukraine’s elected President Viktor Yanukovych for “regime change” and charged Victoria Nuland, the neo- conservative Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, with the responsibility for overthrowing Ukraine’s democratically elected government. Obama knew that, after taking power, the new fascist government in Kiev brutalized the populations of southern and eastern Ukraine. The group that Obama chose to run Ukraine burned dozens of ethnic Russian protesters in Odessa alive and killed thousands in southern Ukraine with heavy weaponry supplied by the United States. Kiev’s coup regime even dispatched Nazi militias, such as the Azov battalion, to target and assassinate Ukrainians sympathetic to Russia. Obama’s fascists in Kiev shot down the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 on July 17, using anti-aircraft missiles and Ukrainian fighter planes in the air, just to launch a propaganda campaign against Russia.


Obama’s United Nation Story


“Recently, Russia’s actions in Ukraine challenge this post-[World War II] order. Here are the facts. After the people of Ukraine mobilized popular protests and calls for reform, their corrupt president fled. Against the will of the government in Kyiv, Crimea was annexed. Russia poured arms into eastern Ukraine, fueling violent separatists and a conflict that has killed thousands.

“When a civilian airliner was shot down from areas that these proxies controlled, they refused to allow access to the crash for days. When Ukraine started to reassert control over its territory, Russia gave up the pretense of merely supporting the separatists, and moved troops across the border.

“This is a vision of the world in which might makes right — a world in which one nation’s borders can be redrawn by another, and civilized people are not allowed to recover the remains of their loved ones because of the truth that might be revealed.”

“We will reinforce our NATO Allies and uphold our commitment to collective self-defense. We will impose a cost on Russia for aggression, and we will counter falsehoods with the truth. And we call upon others to join us on the right side of history – for while small gains can be won at the barrel of a gun, they will ultimately be turned back if enough voices support the freedom of nations and peoples to make their own decisions.”



American Propaganda And Lies Corrupt Institutions



Barack Obama joins Condelezza Rice, Colin Powell and Susan Rice as American authorities to have lied in presentations to the United Nations. Like these others, Barack Obama lies at the UN were used to obtain approval for his perpetual war. And a government-controlled press distributed his remarks across the news wires as if they were the truth. The way the government launches propaganda campaigns to justify its perpetual wars of aggression can be seen in the most recent propaganda attack on Qatar.


Israel and the United Arab Emirates are pushing the Qatar-funds-terrorists line through a propaganda campaign entrusted to neocon/pro-Israel writers like the Daily Beast's Eli Lake, Free Beacon's Alana Goodman, the Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin, and American Enterprise Institute's Michael Rubin. Israel is furious over Qatar’s support for Palestinians and Hamas. The United Arab Emirates is upset that Qatar supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. This animosity engendered the campaign to demonize the Qatar as a supporter of terrorism. The Israelis paid millions to a U.S. lobbying firm to plant anti-Qatar stories with American journalists. When this opening propaganda salvo has the desired impact on American attitudes, Obama will probably begin his drone attacks against Qatar’s citizens.

Planning perpetual wars, turning journalists into criminals, conducting extensive citizen surveillance programs and an absolute disdain for the truth makes the current American society extremely Orwellian.


Americas Book Of Secrets: Racial Genocide From Jonestown To Detroit

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Eugene Stovall

Oakland, California

“Do you think they’re smart enough to realize that we are taking away their right to breathe?”
“Technically, its their right to drink water.”
“But isn’t that a lot like putting people in showers and not letting them breathe?”“I guess so. Dying of thirst might take a little longer. But in the end, no matter what method we use, they’re still dead!”
“Won’t the others do something about our turning off their water.”
“Their politicians and the preachers won’t do anything. Who cares about the others.”

Massacre In Jonestown

Some of the children taken to Jonestown by the People’s Temple were orphans and in the custody of the State of California. The court gave these orphans to the People’s Temple and Jim Jones. Scared young women who had pled guilty to prostitution were also in Jonestown. Because it was their first offense, the court allowed the young teen offenders to do community service with People’s Temple and Jim Jones in lieu of jail time. These children did not commit suicide. According to the government of Guyana’s chief pathologist, 700 black people who died in Jonestown were killed by gunshots wounds to the back and 200 were strangled. The children were all injected with cyanide; they had needle marks on their left shoulders. Many of the children’s corpses had various types of microchip devices installed in their arms, legs and brains. The massacre of the black people in Jonestown was but one of the United States government’s crimes of genocide against its black US citizens. Since Jonestown, government-sponsored genocide has increased in intensity and barbarity.

CDC Distributes Vaccine That Causes Regressive Autism In Black Children

On August 27, 2014, the law firm of MorganVerkamp issued a press release on behalf of Dr. William W. Thompson, the senior scientist at the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The press release stated in part:

“…I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.”

At the same time, Dr. Adiaha Franklin reports that regressive autism, where young children lose early language and social skills, is twice as high for black children as for white children. She also reports that regressive autism is 50 percent higher for Hispanic children than for whites. This means that for every ten white children with regressive autism, fifteen Hispanic and twenty black children have been stricken. Gunnar Myrdal discussed the need for creating within the black community a “biological susceptibility to disease.” The government created a program of universal inoculation using a vaccine that gives black children regressive autism but hardly impacts white children. This is one method of achieving Myrdal’s goal of reducing the black population in the United States.

War On Drugs

No government program has had a more devastating impact on the health, economy and freedom on the black community than the government’s War On Drugs. Gary Webb, a reporter for the San Jose Mercury, revealed the government’s program to import and distribute tons of cocaine in the United States. The War On Drugs campaign targeted young black males for incarceration all over the country. The War On Drugs was Nixon’s right wing, law and order response to the Voting Rights Act and despised affirmative action programs. The government used its employees, facilities and control over the criminal justice system to create its drug trafficking criminal enterprise, The government develop an inexpensive chemical process for converting “powder” cocaine into “crack” cocaine and organized a distribution network by working closely with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. The government passed a series of laws allowing various government agencies to retain huge amounts of drug money confiscated from its own distributors. The government also passed laws making the penalties for using “crack” cocaine in black communities, three times harsher than the penalties for using “powder” cocaine using in whites communities. Nixon’s War On Drugs laws skyrocketed the black incarceration rate. The War On Drugs represented the policy outcomes of the “white backlash” to civil rights.

Detroit Turns Off Residents Water

Now whites are turning off the water of black residents in Detroit. The federal judge presiding over Detroit’s bankruptcy trial ruled that Detroit’s Water and Sewer Department can continue shutting off water at homes and businesses that are a month behind on their bills. Many of the families having their water cutoff are financially destitute because the city of Detroit stopped paying the pensions of thousands of retired city workers. Now Detroit is shutting off their water. In the next two weeks up to 6,000 more Detroit residents will lose their access to clean, running water. Black residents with small children, elderly parents or those with life-threatening medical conditions face imminent danger. Humanitarian issues must weigh very little in the federal judge’s decision. Looming over Detroit is the threat of an outbreak of infectious diseases caused by the growing unsanitary conditions. Since Obama has plenty of money to give away to white folks, why can’t he give some money to Detroit so the poor people can have water? The UN has ruled that this is a grave humanitarian issue.

The Detroit crews restoring service to homes listed as being disconnected are finding that seven houses of ten already had their water on. Whenever city workers find water that has been turned on, they cite the homeowner for illegal usage. Illegal use of water subjects the homeowner to a $250 fine for the first offense, $500 for the second and $660 for the third. If the homeowner cannot pay the water fee, how are they going to pay these fines? Perhaps that is the point.


Ferguson: Black Impotence

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Does Ferguson Demonstrate The Impotence, Incompetence and Ignorance Of Black Political Leadership?

Eugene Stovall
Oakland, California


"They don't have answers to poverty or gentrification or mass incarceration or the prison state,..." Bruce A. Dixon


In his press release on Ferguson, Missouri, Kevin Johnson, Sacramento’s black mayor, points to "My Brother’s Keeper" as one of Barack Obama’s positive initiatives for the black community. However, “My Brothers Keeper” is not even a government program. Obama’s insult to the black community is funded by tax-deductible contributions from big corporations ____ the same corporations sheltering over a trillion dollars in off shore accounts to avoid paying billions in taxes. If corporations paid the billions they owe the American government and the American people, public programs such as schools and health care and infrastructure could be fully funded. Blacks would have to be really stupid to accept “corporate chump change” that Obama is putting in his “My Bother’s Keeper” PR gimmick. The entire budget for My Brothers Keeper's is infinitesimal compared to the increase in the federal prison budget. My Brother’s Keepers budget is nothing close to the billion dollar subsidies Obama has given to the medial insurance, banking, automotive and securities industries. My Brother’s Keeper’s budget does not even receive the millions that Obama’s government gave Ukrainian political organizations, media outlets and paramilitary groups to overthrow Viktor Yanukovych, the democratically elected president of Ukraine . Kevin Johnson’s self-important, self-satisfied, self-justifying press release on Ferguson is all too typical of our black politicians. They don't have answers to the problems of poverty or gentrification or mass incarceration or the prison state. They’re not looking answers. They're only looking for votes, contracts and to feel important.

Is black leadership just too incompetent, impotent and ignorant to address issues such as Ferguson? Whenever tragedy strikes the black community, black political leadership trots out Martin Luther King’s tired playbook: bring in a national Negro spokesman who attracts the attention of the national media, denounce the injustice, pray that white people and their secret societies will stop being so unjust and wait until a more newsworthy story moves black people and their issues from public attention. Barack Obama is unconcerned with the lynchings of black people. He sent Eric Holder to Ferguson. He also sent the FBI.s snitch, Al Sharpton, to get information on individuals the FBI might consider dangerous.


“How did it make you feel that the Attorney General came to Ferguson to address this issue,” MSNBC commentator, Chris Matthews, asked the black student body president of the local community college in Ferguson.

“Many of the students, as well as people from the community, felt that the Attorney General showed that he was sympathetic to our concerns,” the young black man said.


That said it all! Another black man murdered in cold blood and the Negro leadership once again sweeps it under the rug so that they can go back to what is important: targeting the enemies of white racists and their families and children for drone strikes.

Black political leadership ignores the wholesale murder of innocent women and children around the world, why should they be any more concerned about the murder of black people here? They are not! Black political leadership completely supports the criminal justice system that is orchestrating the massacre of black people. How many unarmed, innocent black people have murdered in the last month? The police killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, followed the killing of Eric Garner, an unarmed Black man in Staten Island, New York, within hours of the killing of Ezell Ford, an unarmed Black man in Los Angeles. There are thousands of black political office holders, but none with the intelligence, the intestinal fortitude or the integrity capable of denouncing the war of “black people.” Possibly, the reason black politicians are silent on black genocide because these politicians depend on Zionists for political support.

The wholesale incarceration, profiling and murder of black people in the United States accompanies the internment, starvation and murder of non-white people everywhere in the world. But the Middle East is the scene of the worse human rights abuses and war crimes. Like Barack Obama, most of the black politicians are funded, staffed and advised by the same people who assist Israel in bilking Americans of billions of tax dollars and use the money to wage genocide against the Palestinian people. Israel is proud to proclaims itself openly apartheid and racist. But no black politician dare call Israel racist ___ not when Israeli war planes slaughter defenseless ten year old Palestinians playing on a beach or when Israeli missiles bombard UN sponsored schools killing hundreds of children. Black politicians are unconcerned that American armaments are killing innocent children in Iraq, Syria, Libya and many other places all over the world.

The havoc to which America’s neocons and their liberal fellow travelers have subjected the world have resulted in a horrendous loss of human life. This was made possible only because of a quid pro quo between white supremacists and neo-con Zionists. Their agreement is war abroad and genocide at home. The US genocide against black people has been well publicized. But the frequent lynching of black people barely cause a comment among black politicians or black preachers. Black politicians have remained silent while white racists continue their murderous campaign. The Zionists have recruited and funded corrupt and corruptible black politicians, everywhere. These black politicians are certain not to mention that Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper program is far more important than the daily killing of unarmed black men and the violent suppression of black dissent.



Barack Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus and Other Black Politicians: A Scorecard

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Eugene Stovall
Oakland, California

Black Politicians Are Completely Indifferent To the Needs of the Black Community

The scorecard says of the twelve most important issues to the black community; black politicians have addressed 0 out of 12.


Like other black officeholders Barack Obama is silent on key black issues such as the loss of water by poor African American families in and the rising death toll in Obama’s hometown of Chicago. The death and destruction that Obama is raining upon the Third World is finding its roots in America’s black communities. But this is not surprising. Black politicians are capturing headlines, but not for doing anything in their community. The shameful behavior by black elected officeholders is a litany of corruption, greed and egotism among the black political leadership.


Jessie Jackson, Jr. pled guilty to a felony charge of using $750,000 in campaign funds. Jackson, son of civil rights activist, Jesse Jackson, Sr, is serving a five year sentence in Federal prison.


Charles Rangel (D-NY), now 82, is suing John Boehner, Speaker of the House, to overturn a 2010 censure for tax improprieties. Rangel who chaired the powerful House Ways and Means Committee lost his chairmanship.


Former Representative William Jefferson (D-LA), a Harvard Law School graduate, stashed $90,000 in bribe money in his freezer. Jefferson was convicted of taking bribes from businesses wanting to invest in Africa.


Jack B. Johnson, Prince George’s County Executive, was charged with taking over $1 million in bribes. Johnson and his wife, a County Councilperson, are serving seven-year sentences in a Federal prison.


Michael McGee, Jr., former Milwaukee Alderman, was convicted of corruption.


Fidelis Ogbu, 60, DeKalb County Department of Public Works engineering supervisor was sentenced to 3 years in Federal prison for extortion.


Brooklyn’s Clarence Norman was stripped both of the Assembly seat he held for 23 years and his leadership of the Brooklyn Democratic Party, the biggest Democratic organization east of Chicago, when he was convicted of extortion.

Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is serving 28 years in federal prison on 24 felony counts, including corruption, mail fraud and racketeering.

Former D.C. City Councilman Michael Brown (the late Ron Brown’s son) was sentenced to 39 months in prison for taking a bribe.

Monica Conyers, a former Detroit city councilwoman and the wife of U.S. Rep. John Conyers, is serving 37 months in prison for conspiracy and taking a bribe.

Ray Nagin, the former mayor of New Orleans, is serving 10 years in federal prison on 20 felony counts of taking bribes and kickbacks.


Model of Black Political Behavior

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are selling their votes to financial, telecom and other corporate interests. Wisconsin’s Gwen Moore, New York’s Gregory Meeks, Georgia’s David Scott, Missouri’s Lacy Clay and Alabama’s Terri Sewell, have pushed for a host of measures to undermine Dodd-Frank’s rules on financial derivatives, the complex contracts that caused thousands of blacks to lose their homes. Gwen Moore has sponsored several measures to allow Wall Street to shift its riskiest transactions out of the view of regulators. Moore is a key congressional supporter of the banking industry. Black congressmen Meeks, Scott, Sewell, and Clay all worked to kill the Volcker rule. This rule denied banks tax bailouts for losses on their speculative trades.

In Georgia, a recent constitutional amendment designed to dissolve public schools and replace them with charters had substantial Republican support. But the constitutional amendment would never have gotten on the ballot without the support of key black Democrats.

A woman in Newark, NJ said that she voted for Corey Booker for Senate because she wanted him out of the mayor’s office. Booker attempted to privatize the city’s water supply and squandered a $100 million gift for Newark’s schools from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The city’s schools received nothing.

On the other hand, Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) called Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, an "uncle tom." for working to strike down the Voting Rights Act. In addition, Thompson also accuses Clarence Thomas of voting to uphold Voter ID laws and ban affirmative action plans.


Barack Obama: A Typical Black Politician

Barack Obama has had no problem following the behavior of most Black elected officials. Obama falls into the mold of politicians selected by black ‘king makers’ ____ the black preachers. The preachers seem always to select politicians who are corrupt, unconcerned with the issues affecting the black community and eager to further white racism.

There is no end to the complaints that Black people have with the Obama administration. [Issue#1] In the Southside of Chicago, where Obama worked as a community organizer before getting into politics, Chicago residents take issue with Obama’s request for $3.7 billion to address the border crisis. One resident complains that the president can get funds for immigrants, but not for African American families being torn apart in Chicago violence or for those stricken by poverty, homelessness and hunger.

[Issue#2] In Detroit, blacks on the city council and the black city administrator have disconnected water service to poor residents. Two-thirds of these shutoffs are occurring in homes with children. In addition to not being able to bathe, prepare food and flush toilets, the city is taking children away from their parents and their homes. At the bottom of this issue is an 8.7 percent city council approved increase in water rates. To add insult to injury, [Issue#3] the city council gave The.Homrich Co. Inc a $5.6 million no-bid contract to shut off water services to residences that are behind on their bills. Because Barack Obama has remained silent on this travesty, [Issue#4] the Detroit residents appealed to the United Nations Commissions on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights and on the Right To Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation.

In their response to the complaint, the United Nations issued a statement that the households suffering unjustified disconnections must be reconnected. Furthermore, since the water disconnections affect African Americans disproportionately, they are discriminatory and in violation of treaties the U.S. These judgments give the Detroit citizens standing in the World Court. They could force the Obama Administration to answer in the World Court why blacks are being denied water and why Barack Obama is unconcerned.

Like many black politicians, [Issue#5] Barack Obama has no problem lying to the public about his real priorities. Currently, the Obama administration is committed to feeding greedy private companies more multi-billion tax subsidies using the current round of global treaties Obama is negotiating.

[Issue#6] The Obama administration is pursuing a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with European nations. The super secret talks anticipate pacts that would make it easier for corporations to override environmental safeguards. Agreements like this are the reasons that the drinking water all over Nigeria is polluted and animals and people are dying of thirst. Washington cynics assume Obama will find reasons to postpone a showdown on trade until after the fall elections. Then the White House will try to soften up opposition among Democrats, by using donations from a corps of corporate lobbyists. If Republicans capture the Senate this fall, Obama will get the help he needs to jam through the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership as well as the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

[Issue#7] Obama’s proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal backed by the IMF and American military would give corporations inordinate power over dozens of weak countries. Among other things, this deal would make it easier for corporations to use lawsuits to get their way over foreign governments. Where lawsuits fail, the US military will be used to overthrow any recalcitrant government.

In negotiating these secret deals, [Issue#8] the Obama administration has invited hundreds of corporate insiders to sit at the negotiating table. Industry-wide lobbyists like the American Farm Bureau and the Nuclear Energy Institute, along with a who’s-who of corporate America like Abbott Laboratories, Caterpillar Inc., Walmart and the fast-food powerhouses, telecom giants and media dynasties. But Obama has locked out environmentalists and labor leaders.

[Issue#9] Last year, the largest US-based companies parked their earnings in off-shore banks located outside the US. These corporations added $206 billion to their accumulated stockpile of $1.95 trillion being held outside the US. Estimates of lost revenue from profit offshoring is between $30 billion and $90 billion each year. States and localities also lose tens of billions of dollars in tax revenue each year to similar offshoring strategies. A recent study found that by closing just one small loophole in state business tax laws, states could bring in a billion dollars in new revenue almost overnight.

How many highways, bridges and housing could these tax dollars build or repair? How many jobs for black people could these loss revenues create? How many teachers and tuitions would it fund? How many mouths would it feed? But the Obama administration supports bank and Wall Street efforts to continue to defraud the American public while giving billions to fascist regimes like Ukraine and Israel.

[Issue#10] Despite the economic recovery, racial discrimination in the labor market and an expanding prison industrial complex perpetuates the declining economic condition in the black community. American citizens make up 25 percent of the world’s prison population. An African-American child under the age of 14 has a 50 percent chance of having his father go to prison. There is a 70 percent chance that an African-American man who does not earn a high school diploma will wind up in jail before he reaches his mid-30′s.

Fifty dollars, that is what someone receives upon being released from prison. It is the seed money they rely upon to reestablish housing, transportation, and employment while millions of dollars are given to university research institutions to discover why black men continue to go back to prison.

[Issue#11] As the decades have passed, the prison industry has become one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. At least 37 states now allow private corporations to use prison labor through contracts. The prison pipeline is not high on Obama’s agenda. Neither is education.

[Issue#12] Earning a college degree blunts racial discrimination for some, but a college degree is no guarantee of a job. In 2013, 12.4 percent of black college graduates between the ages of 22 and 27 were unemployed. For all college graduates in the same age range, the unemployment rate was 5.6 percent. [Issue#13] Meanwhile the U.S. Supreme Court continues dismantling affirmative action by approving the right of individual states to ban affirmative action policies. Michigan, California, Florida, Washington, Arizona, Nebraska, Oklahoma and New Hampshire have similar bans on affirmative action. This is no problem for the Obama administration. Obama’s administration is uninterested in applying any rules of equity. He’s gotten what he wanted from black people: their votes. Obama is content to allow the black communities to sink deeper into poverty, homelessness and violence.

One of the biggest deceptions Obama has pulled on the black community is the mandated health insurance law that gives the medical insurance industry a billion dollar revenue stream replete with millions in tax credits for insurers. One of the most dangerous developments of Obama’s billion dollar subsidy to the health insurance industry is the proliferation of unproven medical technologies. Here is an example of what such medical technology will soon look like under Barack Obama. FRIED is the technology hospital administrators are purchasing to reduce hospital costs.

“Formatted Recognition of Illness Estimated Diagnoses [FRIED],” bears little resemblance to reality. But every day hospital executives spend hundreds of millions of dollars on clinical decision systems that make diagnosis, prognosis and treatment decisions that do not take into account the patient’s actual condition or required treatment. Increasingly, the computers rely on a concept known as “population health,” in which the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment is based on factors common to many people. So, you’re only as sick, as someone else with a similar symptom, regardless of what other health problems you may have. And your outlook for recovery, and what care, if any, you receive, is increasingly determined by others that fit your “profile,” not your own health status. Thus this trend towards experimental medical technology continues as individualized care fades away. Much of the medical technology is being promoted as the cure for everything from a broken healthcare system to cutting healthcare costs. Obama’s supporters are most proud of Obamacare. Soon Obamacare will be pioneering technologies that will rid the society of people too ill, mentally or physically to survive. The Obama administration is eyeing the black community as its test case.


Children Fleeing Violence

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US interventionist foreign policy has created a climate of lawlessness and fear, forcing families and now children to flee for their lives.”


Eugene Stovall

Oakland, California


In 1954, the CIA orchestrated a coup d'état in Guatemala to overthrow President Jacobo Arbenz Guzman at the behest of the United Fruit Company.

Rockets and tracer bullets aimed at General Noriega's nearby military headquarters set fire to some houses. The general's men, unhappy that the barrio did not back their ruler, set fire to others. Some 3,000 residents fled the El Chorrillo District as the American military obliterated Panama’s poorest neighborhood.

Obama’s administration sanctioned the coup d’etat against the democratically-elected president, Manuel Zelaya, in Honduras. Violence and anarchy wrack the two successive U.S-backed regimes.

The Atlacatl Battalion, organized at the US Army School of the Americas, occupies the village of El Mozote and massacres a thousand unarmed Salvadoran civilians. The Atlacatl field commander kills the children because he claims that they would just grow up to become guerrillas, if he let them live.



European Americans whine about the security of their borders, as children, victims of ongoing US-sponsored terrorism, violence and hunger, flee Central America. Possibly the neo-cons and their ‘liberal’ supporters would feel safer if they could see the corpses of ten and twelve year olds strewn on the shores of the Rio Grande as the Jews in Israel have done to the children in Gaza.


The migration of children from Central America did not begin last month. Generations of children and adults have been fleeing Latin America where ruthless greed and genocidal militarism that are the legacy of ‘yankee’ imperialism in ‘banana’ republics. The major media outlets and political spokesman begin their campaign of ‘whining’ about their ill-gotten gains whenever the graduates from the Goebbels school of broadcasting need to run out another propaganda campaign. In this case, the propaganda is how threatened European Americans feel by the victims of American fascism.


Pope Francis says, “This humanitarian emergency requires, as a first urgent measure, these children be welcomed and protected.” But here in the United States, the emergency is widely described as a “border crisis.” The reality is that the US is experiencing a profound failure of its plans for economic globalization and a blowback on U.S. foreign policies of American exceptionalism, preemptive war and regime change. The tens of thousands of children crossing the border from Mexico into the United States, unaccompanied by adults, after making perilous journeys of thousands of miles, often riding atop freight trains that are controlled by gangs, seek asylum from the horrors of US-sanctioned terrorism. Some of these children hope to be reunited with parents in the U.S. Other children are sent away by their parents to save them from the epidemic violence of their hometowns, places like San Pedro Sula, the economic center of Honduras, which bears the distinction of being the murder capital of the world.


A historical understanding of US foreign policy in Central America helps explain why this wave of unaccompanied minors is pouring in from Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. No description of the US interventionist policies that decimated the economies of these countries and created a climate of lawlessness and fear could fail to explain what is forcing families and their children to flee for their lives. Above all, no description of the activities of the United Fruit Company could leave anyone guessing about the real objectives of US foreign policy.


United Fruit Company


In 1954, the CIA orchestrated a coup d'état to overthrow Jacobo Árbenz Guzman, only the second democratically elected president in Guatemala’s history. The United Fruit Company ordered the coup. President Guzman defeated his nearest challenger, by a margin of over 50% in the 1951 presidential elections. Upon taking office, President Guzman initiated a number of social reforms including the expansion of suffrage and educational opportunities. But his agrarian reform law granting arable land to poverty stricken peasants caused him to run afoul of the Unitied Fruit Company. With little more than a memo to its employees, the United Fruit Company ordered the Eisenhower administration to institute regime change in Guatemala and the CIA engineered a coup d’etat.


Eisenhower’s Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, was a principal in the law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell. The United Fruit Company was a client of Sullivan & Cromwell. John Foster Dulles as well as his brother, Allen Dulles, sat on the board of the United Fruit Company. In the late 1930s, John Foster Dulles was fully occupied in internal affairs of Guatemala and Honduras negotiating land giveaways for the United Fruit Company. John Foster Dulles's brother, Allen Dulles, also did legal work for United Fruit while sitting on its board of directors. Allen Dulles was the Director of the CIA under Eisenhower. John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles orchestrated the overthrow of President Guzman to protect the United Fruit Company’s Guatemalan land interests. At the time of the coup, the Dulles brothers and the law firm of Sullivan & Cromwell had been on the payroll and owned substantial shares of stock in the United Fruit Company for thirty-eight years.


The Dulles Brothers were not the only members of the Eisenhower administration connected to the United Fruit Company. John Moors Cabot served both the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations as the Assistant Secretary of State for InterAmerican Affairs. Cabot’s brother was president of the United Fruit Company. Ed Whitman, was the United Fruit Company’s principal lobbyist. Whitman’s wife was Ann C. Whitman, President Eisenhower's personal secretary. Henry Cabot Lodge, America's ambassador to the UN, was one of the principal owners of the United Fruit Company stock.


In 1901, some of the leading families in Boston known as the Boston Brahmins, who owned plantations, railroads and steamships throughout the Caribbean, formed the United Fruit Company. In 1913, the United Fruit Company branched out and created the Tropical Radio and Telegraph Company. The Boston-based company formed its fruit distribution monopoly by coercing tax breaks and other benefits from the host governments that the United Fruit Company controlled. The company built extensive railroads and ports throughout Central America, but these facilities were used solely for its own use. The company even created numerous private schools for the children of its employees. Its investments were meant to keep the populations in Central America poor, ignorant and dependent.

The United Fruit Company dominated its markets by controlling land distribution in the countries where its plantations were located. Claiming that hurricanes, blight and other natural threats required them to hold large reserves of land, the United Fruit Company prevented governments from distributing lands that it controlled by did not use. The United Fruit Company manipulated land use rights in Central American countries in a number of ways. The company prevented vast tracts of land from being cultivated or from being transferred to landless peasants. In Guatemala and elsewhere, the company prevented the government from building roads. The company was so determined to maintain its profitable transportation monopoly over its railroads and ships that it aggressively prevented them from being used either as public conveyances or for the transportation of goods in any of the Central American countries where they operated. At least once, when the company closed down one of its plantations, the United Fruit Company dug up the railroad tracks and destroyed the switching yards and other railroad facilities serving that location.

The United Fruit Company acquired its excessive Central American land holdings through bribes, blackmail and intimidation. With the power of the United States government behind it, the United Fruit Company ruthlessly plundered Central American resources and tyrannized its people. The legacy ‘yankee imperialism’ is the basis of US foreign policy towards Panama, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala to the present day.





El Chorrillo is on the water's edge in Panama City, not far from the entrance to the Panama Canal. Many of the canal's builders -- immigrants from the Caribbean – and their families lived here. The neighborhood was poor and dangerous, home to teachers and clerks, as well as hustlers who sold contraband cigarettes or beer stolen from the American military bases. On Dec. 20, 1989, El Chorrillo was reduced to smoky rubble in the chaotic hours from midnight to dawn when invading American troops stormed through the district, supposedly searching for Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega. Hundreds of civilians died in fires lit by American soldiers. Rockets and tracer bullets aimed at General Noriega's nearby military headquarters burned their houses to the ground. The general's men, unhappy that the barrio did not back Noriega, set fire to other homes. American troops incarcerated 3,000 refugees from El Chorrillo in a sports field. For months Panama’s poor and dispossessed were held in the sports field, incommunicado.

Some of the refugees petitioned the Organization of American States to persuade the Panamanian government and the United States to provide a $30,000 payment for each homeless family. The Panamanian police used tear gas to stop them from demonstrating. Many were arrested and imprisoned.

As U.S. troops were beginning their assault, the Bush administration swore in Panama’s new government. President Guillermo Endara had won a popular vote the previous May. However, Noriega’s electoral commission annulled their victory. It was revealed that the Bush administration had covertly poured $10 million into Endara’s campaign. It was also discovered that the wealthy Panamanian businessman arrested in Georgia on cocaine conspiracy and money laundering charges was a CIA bagman and a close friend of Endara, Panama’s presidential candidate. A Panamanian newspaper trumpeted the headline, “Cocaine Cash Pays for the Opposition Campaign.”

After his invasion, Bush gives Panama $200 million in aid. None of the money went to the stricken Panamanians; rather it paid for damages suffered by foreign companies during the American invasion.

Panama’s economic misery and the government’s severely limited resources stimulated a resurgence of drug trafficking. In 2010 the New York Times reported that illegal drug shipments through the rough Panamanian hinterlands and through the capital are, if anything, more open and abundant than before Noriega’s overthrow.



El Salvador

On January 16, 1991, President Bush gave $42.5 million to the Salvadoran armed forces despite the decade-long genocidal campaign that Salvadoran government was waging against its own people. Mostly killing peasants, El Salvador readily killed any political opponent — nuns, priests, a bishop, church lay workers, political activists, journalists, labor unionists, medical workers, students, teachers, human-rights monitors. El Salvador used its security forces, the Army, the National Guard, and the Treasury Police to carry out its merciless campaign of terrorism. But the Salvadoran government and its US advisors also created paramilitary death squads. Cynthia Arnson, a Latin American-affairs writer for Human Rights Watch, says that the objective of death-squad-terror was not just to eliminate political opposition, but also, to torture and disfigure the bodies of their victims so as to terrorize the population. In the mid-1980s, s the Salvadoran government began to use US arms to initiate a campaign of indiscriminate bombing, planting of anti-personnel mines in populated areas and the harassment of national and international medical personnel treating victims of the government’s terror campaign.


El Salvador began its campaign of genocide on 28 February 1977. A crowd of political demonstrators gathered in downtown San Salvador to protest the fraudulent election of Carlos Humberto Romero. Security forces arrived on the scene and opened fire, indiscriminately killing demonstrators and bystanders alike. Estimates of the number of civilians killed range between 200 and 1,500. Government repression continued even after the US-sponsored Romero was inaugurated president. Romero implemented state-of-siege declarations and suspended civil liberties. Acting on the advice of his US military advisors, Romero regularly abducts, tortures and kills his civilian opponents. By the end of 1978, Romero had killed 687 civilians. In 1979, he kills 1,796. In 1980, the Salvadoran Army and three Salvadoran security forces kill 11,895 peasants, trade unionists, teachers, students, journalists, human rights advocates, priests, and other anti-government activists.

Romero deployed the Atlacatl Battalion, organized at the US Army School of the Americas, in El Salvador as a ‘death squad.’ When the battalion occupies the village of El Mozote, the US trained ‘death squad’ massacres a thousand unarmed civilians. The field commander said he wsd under orders to kill everyone, including the children. He asserted that the children would just grow up to become guerrillas if he let them live.


In 1979, the outgoing Carter administration gave the Salvadoran armed forces $10 million including $5 million in rifles, ammunition, grenades and helicopters. In its effort to defeat the insurgency, the Salvadoran Armed Forces carried out a "scorched earth" strategy adopting tactics similar to those being employed by the counterinsurgency in neighboring Guatemala. These tactics where primarily derived and adapted from U.S. strategy during the Vietnam War, and taught by American military advisors attached to the Salvadoran military. Beginning in 1983, U.S. reconnaissance planes uncovered guerrilla strongholds and relayed the information to the Salvadoran military. American involvement in the use of terror tactics — bombings, strafings, shellings and, occasionally, massacres of civilians accounted for the killing of 8,000 civilians a year. American advisors assisted in conducting the overall campaign of targeted executions and indiscriminate killings described by Professor William Stanley of the University of New Mexico as a strategy of mass murder” designed to terrorize the civilian population as well as opponents of the government.


Since 1983, the living standards of all Salvadorans, other than the privileged, declined to subsistence level. Most people don't have access to clean water or healthcare. The armed forces are feared, inflation is at 40%, capital flight is in the billions, and the economic elites pay no taxes. The US gives El Salvador billions in economic assistance. The aid is distributed to urban businesses; the impoverished majority receive nothing. The concentration of wealth is even higher than before the U.S.-administered land reform program. Agrarian laws generate windfall profits for the economic elites and buries cooperatives in debts leaving them incapable of competing in the capital markets.


Of those who fled or were displaced by El Salvador’s state-sponsored, US financed genocide, thousands reside in makeshift refugee centers on the Honduran border in conditions of poverty, starvation and disease.





In 1954, the democratically elected Guatemalan government of Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán was toppled by a CIA initiated coup d’etat. Claiming a communist insurgency, the Eisenhower administration armed, trained and organized the Guatemalan coup. The directors of the United Fruit Company had convinced the Eisenhower administration that President Arbenz Guzman intended to align Guatemala with the Soviet Bloc. In reality the Arbenz government’s agrarian reform legislation and new Labor Code threatened the United Fruit Company ability to grab land and utilize forced labor. President Guzman’s land reform included the expropriation of 40% of the United Fruit Company’s land. U.S. foreign policy involving murder and corruption was implemented to further the United Fruit Company’s goal of profit and greed.





Elected as a liberal, Manuel Zelaya shifted to the political left during his presidency by forging an alliance with ALBA, an intergovernmental organization promoting the social, political and economic integration of Latin American and Caribbean countries. On 28 June 2009, during a constitutional crisis, the military staged a coup d’etat, seizing President Zelaya and deporting him to Costa Rica. All efforts to return President Zelya to office by the Organization of American States were blocked by the Obama administration. De facto President Roberto Micheletti ordered a curfew that initially lasted for the 48 hours, but he arbitrarily extends the curfew against his political opponents for months. During the extended “curfew” civil liberties are abolished.

In the aftermath of the coup, Honduras becomes a major stop for drug traffickers. Though many experts have said that Honduras has gotten markedly worse since the ouster democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya, the Obama administration praises the coup government for its ‘war on drugs’. However, corruption in Honduras is rampant. The fallout of that coup continues today.

After ousting President Zelaya, the Micheletti government sent the army and police into the streets to arrest, beat and kill protesters. According to an official truth commission, Micheletti’s thugs were responsible for at least 20 deaths in the coup’s immediate aftermath. Edgardo Valeriano, a medical doctor and researcher, had never been political. But after the coup, he joined protests demanding democracy and Zelaya's return. Like many protesters, he was beaten. His skull was split open by batons and police lashed him with chains. Valeriano says he feels like Honduras went back to the 1980s.

For more than a century, the U.S. government has had significant influence in Honduras, from the era of U.S.-owned banana plantations, to military and economic ties that endure today. Because of that history, the U.S. response to the 2009 coup carried a lot of weight.


Fulton Armstrong, a former CIA analyst who worked as a senior staffer on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during the coup. He said that "… when you look at what was actually happening in Honduras, [Zelaya continuing] a halting but definitely forward-moving consolidation of democracy." The coup pushed Honduras to where it is today: the world's most violent nation, according to the U.N.

“The coup’s legacy of murders and repression of coup opponents, campesinos, and journalists is partly a legacy of the U.S. government’s response to the coup, which it consistently supported,” says Mark Weisbrot, co-director of the Centre for Economic and Policy Research in Washington DC.. “If the U.S. had demanded the reinstatement of Honduras’ democratic government, instead of undermining this goal at the OAS and other forums, the outcome would have been very different.” Instead, the U.S. continues to increase funding to Honduras’ notoriously corrupt security forces, despite the protests of many members of the U.S. Congress.


“The escalating ‘war on drugs’ in Honduras is another legacy of the coup,” Weisbrot noted. “It is questionable whether we would see the kind of incidents under Zelaya or his party as occurred on May 11, when pregnant women and children were shot dead from U.S. State Department-owned helicopters, with U.S. DEA agents on board. The coup has led to the breakdown of many of Honduras’ key institutions, including its police forces and judiciary, where corruption and abuses are increasingly rampant."