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Blog: Fascism American-Style

After WWII, political scientists studied how the Nazis seized power in Germany. They found that the Catholic Center Party’s alliance with Hitler gave the Nazis control of the Reichstag. And that American corporations like Ford, Standard Oil, IBM and Coca-Cola financed the Nazi party. But the propaganda that branded unions and racial minorities as enemies of the German people and the use of storm troopers to physically attack their opponents gave the Nazis their power and legitimacy. This was how the Nazis transformed Germany’s democracy into the Third Reich. Today, the deep state uses an alliance with the Vatican, Big Money’s corruption of both political parties and the systematic terrorism of racial minorities by law enforcement and the Justice Department to transform America’s democracy into a fascist tyranny.

Eugene Stovall

Oakland California August 2020

Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that the Trump administration broke the law when it defied a federal court’s order to restore DACA, the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals. DACA allows legal immigrants to live and work in the United States without government harassment. But Trump, a virulent racist, is determined to limit immigration into the US to whites only. Trump, also, has ordered racially inspired mass deportations of minority citizens and legal residents, alike. Trump has even deported military veterans and dying patients. Trump has deported as many non-white people as his goons can round up in defiance of federal court orders, Supreme Court rulings and existing law. In this way, Trump, the dictator, is replacing the rule of law with fascism.

The Dictator Wants To Cancel The Election

The corona virus has caused the states to rely on mail-in voting to conduct the November elections. But Trump and his henchmen fear that mail-in voting is far less susceptible to voter suppression strategies that gave them the presidency in 2016. So Trump decided to restrict the Postal Service’s ability to process mail-in votes and postpone, perhaps permanently, the November elections.

In June, Trump appointed Louis DeJoy, head of the US Postal Service. DeJoy not only has no post office management experience, his wife has $30 million invested in United Parcel Service [UPS], a major competitor with the US Postal Service. Office. Trump chose the ideal person to head the Post Office. Any decrease in the capability of the US Postal Service increases the value of his UPS stock.

As soon as DeJoy took charge of the US Postal Service, he terminated experience senior managers and imposed “no overtime” rules on the postal workers responsible for mail delivery. His changes caused an immediate slowdown in mail delivery and a dramatic decline in post office efficiency. DeJoy also began decommissioning ten percent of the Postal Service’s sorting machines, the high capacity sorting machines that distribute mail in the largest metropolitan centers. Removing the high capacity sorting machines from service will dramatically increase mail delivery times in the major population centers, the Democratic Party strongholds. DeJoy has informed 46 states that the US Postal Service is currently incapable of delivering mail-in ballots in time to be counted in the November elections. Trump followed up DeJoy’s announcement with a recommendation that, since the Post Office could not handle the heavy demand of mail-in voting, the November election should be postponed.

Celina Stewart, senior director of the League of Women Voters says that Trump engineered the Postal Service slowdown to suppress the 2020 vote. Vanita Gupta, a former Justice Department official, said that Trump is weaponizing the Postal Service simply to win reelection.

Trump says that the Post Service is incapable of handling mail-in voting because it needs upgrades. However he told Fox Business News that he intends to block the emergency funding needed to upgrade post office facilities and prevent the postal service from processing mail-in ballots. Claiming that mail-in voting is inaccurate and subject to fraud, Trump argues that the November election should be postponed. Just as Hitler burned down the German Reichstag building to consolidate his dictatorship, Trump is blatantly destroying the Post Office to achieve his own fascist scheme to postpone and even cancel the elections. By sabotaging the post office, Trump is also delaying delivery of checks to needy households and critical medicines to sick veterans. But a fascist like Trump is unconcerned with human suffering; he is only concerned with his plans to cancel the 2020 general election.

Nazi Thugs Terrorize Portland

All over the US, law enforcement is aligning with fascist thugs employed to implement Trump’s right wing racist agenda. Homeland Security, the FBI, the Border Patrol and the Justice Department along with local police have been targeting, terrorizing and murdered unarming blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans for decades. Now that armed right wing fascists are invading local communities, the local police are providing them with protection. Nowhere is this policy more apparent than in Portland, Oregon.

For the past three years, in reaction to Portland’s rejection of the Trump presidency, fascist thugs have been roaming Portland’s streets and terrorizing local residents. Sent by right wing organizations to crush opposition to the Trump presidency, armed thugs have tried to intimidate this otherwise white conservative community. However, Portlanders organized peaceful demonstrations against the invasion of fascist thugs. But rather than defending the community, Portland’s police joined forces with the invading thugs and obstructed the peaceful demonstrations against the fascist invasion. So while armed goons roamed about Portland intimidating local residents, the police attempted to prevent any protest against the fascist invasion. The police set upon the protesters with riot gear and crowd suppression weapons and clashes between the police and local residents became as frequent as the clashes between local residents and the fascist goons. As time passed, the demonstrations escalated and so did the violence. The police arrested hundreds of citizens inciting the community to even more protests.

Then Trump’s goons murdered two unarmed citizens on a light-rail train. Portland erupted. Thousands of protestors poured into the streets to express their anger over the killings. But the Portland police continued to defend their fascist allies. As the goons attacked unarmed citizens, the police increased their mass arrests. The police even confiscated the protesters’ IDs and driver’s licenses. More armed fascists poured into Portland and fights broke out all over the city. The police fired teargas canisters and flash-bang grenades into the crowds, inflicting terrible injuries and serious burns.

In late June, 2020, a local judge HYPERLINK "https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/6940401/HERNANDEZTROTEARGAS.pdf"ordered the police to discontinue using tear gas and other crowd suppression munitions on the demonstrators. As a result, an uneasy calm began to take place. However, Trump was outraged. He accused the judge of encouraging anarchy and sent federal officers to incite the community into renewing the demonstrations. As the protests became more heated, the police became more violent, using flash bang grenades, teargas and other weapons in violation of the judge’s order. Trump’s federal agents terror tactics included kidnapping Portland citizens off the streets the way the CIA abducted Vietnamese, Iraqi, Syrian and Ukrainian civilians. Trump’s goons blindfolded and handcuffed the Portlanders and, dumping them into unmarked vans, whisked them off to interrogation sites.

Michael German, a former FBI special agent and senior fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice told a Washington Post reporter that the Portland police had fractured the trust of the community. According to German, the far-right groups flooding into Portland were sent to work with the police to cause riots and disrupt the community. Norm Stamper, the former police chief of Seattle, told The Washington Post that Trump sent federal agents to Portland to stir up more civil unrest and make matters worse. Trump spokesman, acting secretary of homeland security, Chad Wolf, tweeted that anarchists had caused Portland’s escalating violence. “Our men and women in uniform are patriots,” he said. “We will never surrender to violent extremists on my watch.” Portland is just a community where Trump is deploying his fascist thugs to subdue opposition to his dictatorship.

Covid-19 Camouflages Fascism In Education

The Covid-19 pandemic provides Trump an opportunity to solidify his alliance with the Catholic Church. One of the Vatican’s long-term goals is the destruction of public education in the US. Covid-19 gives Trump the opportunity to help the Vatican fulfill its goal. Unconcerned the health threat to children, parents and teachers, Trump ordered public schools to reopen their classrooms and accept students in the fall. Schools failing to comply with Trump’s order will lose millions of federal funds. Trump directed his Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, to convert federal education funds to HYPERLINK "https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-usa-education/devos-parents-could-use-us-education-funds-elsewhere-if-pandemic-closes-schools-idUSKBN24A25U"voucher grants to pay the tuition of private school students. This privatization of public education will put billions of US tax dollars into the coffers of the Catholic Church. In return, Vatican promises to support Trump’s fascist agenda.

The Vatican’s control of American education is only less important than its control of the Supreme Court. Trump appointment of Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court gives it a solid Catholic majority. Gorsuch is founder and president of Georgetown’s Fascism Forever Club. Catholic Jesuits founded Georgetown using the proceeds from the sale of Negro slaves. Brett Kavanaugh, like so many Catholics in positions of authority, including his fellow Catholic justice, Clarence Thomas, is alleged to have sexually assaulted a coed, Christine Ford. His assault makes Kavanaugh a desirable recruit for Gorsuch’s Fascism Forever Club.

According to Mother Jones magazine, Betsy DeVos shares the Vatican’s interest in destroying public education. In 2019, DeVos, proposed HYPERLINK "https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/28/us/politics/devos-tax-credit-school-choice.html"the Education Freedom Scholarship Tax Credit, a proposal of the Jesuit priest, John Courtney Murray, to support parochial and private education. Now DeVos intends to hijack the Covid-19 public school relief funds allocated by Congress in the Cares Act. DeVos’ use of Cares Act funds to dismantle public education and erect a segregated private and parochial education system, fits nicely into Trump’s fascist scheme.

The Cares Act, a $2 trillion corona virus stabilization law, threw a $30 billion lifeline to public schools struggling with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Congress gave $14 billion to higher education, $13.5 billion to elementary and secondary schools and $3.5 billion to state education department. DeVos used $180 million of the state government allocation to create a micro grant program for parents to use Care Act funds to pay private school tuition. She also directed that funds designated for low-income students be given to wealthy students attending private schools.

Like the fascist dictator that he aspires to be, Trump’s misappropriation of Cares Act educational funds contradicts congressional intent and is illegal. With no respect for the law, Trump’s embezzled public education funds will buy the support of Vatican’s Jesuit dictator to forward the plan to establish a totalitarian state.

A Concentration Of Wealth

The Institute for Policy Studies reports that, since March, 2020, American billionaires have increased their wealth by $2 billion each. At the same time, the Institute for Fiscal Studies found that the incomes of the lowest twenty percent of American households have fallen by 45 percent. Wanda Wyporska, Executive Director at The Equality Trust, commented on pandemic profiteering, to VICE News saying that COVID-19 demonstrated how the economic system is rigged to favor the rich. The economic disparity between Americans caused a group of 83 billionaires that included Abigail Disney to demand a wealth tax on billionaires. The oligarchs and corporate multinationals, however, will not permit any income redistribution and health reform effort. National socialism, corporate bailouts and intervention in the financial markets to favor the wealthy are government policies. Anything or anyone getting in the way gets crushed.

Americans, who fail to comprehend how “the greatest democracy in the world” has been reduced to an authoritarian dictatorship, have not been paying attention. White supremacy convinces most Americans that endless wars and terrorism against non-white populations is an essential part of the American Creed. The Democrats allowed the Republicans to suppress the vote, intimidate voters and deploy defective voter machines to put fascist dictator into the White House. Now they are asking the public to believe that miracles happen, the November elections will throw Trump out of office and things will return to normal. So even as Americans pray to be delivered from a fascist madman, the deep state plans to put another fascist in the White House. And, like the previous administration, neither will he respect the rule of law, the voice of reason nor the constitution of the United States.

Blog: Oligarchy Unmasked

Normally Censorship Shields Oligarchs From Public Scrutiny. But Trump Has Ungloved The Iron Fist Revealing How Government Passes Laws And Raises Taxes For Oligarchs To Accumulate Wealth And Exercise Power

Eugene Stovall

Oakland, CA July, 2020

Michael Pack, a Hollywood filmmaker, was recently appointed CEO of the US Agency For Global Media, the largest government-run media organization in the world. After taking control, Pack ousted the top managers of the Middle East Broadcasting, the Radio Free Asia, the Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty and the Open Technology Fund networks. Steve Bannon, Breitbart chairman, Trump strategist and Vatican propagandist praised Pack for cleaning up the Global Media agency. But Walter Schaub, the former director of the Office of Government Ethics, commented that Pack’s appointment made the US Global Media Agency a subsidiary of Breitbart. America’s oligarchs has acquired yet another propaganda tool.

Oligarchs Control Public Health


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