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Blog: Oligarchy Unmasked 

Normally Censorship Shields Oligarchs From Public Scrutiny. But Trump Has Ungloved The Iron Fist Revealing How Government Passes Laws And Raises Taxes  For Oligarchs To Accumulate Wealth And Exercise Power

Eugene Stovall

Oakland, CA July, 2020

Michael Pack, a Hollywood filmmaker, was recently appointed CEO of the US Agency For Global Media, the largest government-run media organization in the world.  After taking control, Pack ousted the top managers of the Middle East Broadcasting, the Radio Free Asia, the Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty and the Open Technology Fund networks. Steve Bannon, Breitbart chairman, Trump strategist and Vatican propagandist praised Pack for cleaning up the Global Media agency. But Walter Schaub, the former director of the Office of Government Ethics, commented that Pack’s appointment made the US Global Media Agency a subsidiary of Breitbart. America’s oligarchs has acquired yet another propaganda tool. 

Oligarchs Control Public Health 

When the Obama regime converted health insurance into a Ponzi scheme, it convinced the public that it was improving the health care system. Yet since Obama turned America’s health care over to profiteers, there has been a gradual decline in health care services and a dramatic escalation in health care costs. Obamacare sacrifices public access to proper health care to private greed and profit. Obama gave the health insurance industry billions in subsidies, but refused to fund actual health care providers, hospitals and rural clinics. Obamacare closed health care facilities by the thousands while subsidizing the fattened salaries of portfolio managers. The privatization and exploitation of health care by oligarchs left the system so corrupted that the coronavirus pandemic has killed  200,000 Americans. 

The reaction to the crisis was predictable. Politicians told their corporate oligarchs one thing but the voters something quite different. When medical professionals complained to the press about inadequate safeguards for hospital workers, they were fired. The oligarchs censor the truth about the pandemic so they profit continue, no matter the sick and dying. But as the health care system collapses under the raging pandemic, a corrupted system becomes Obama’s most enduring legacy.

Oligarchs Control Higher Education 

When Jay Golden downgraded Ivanka Trump’s speech to  Wichita State’s 2020 graduates from a keynote address to an online presentation, he was praised by students and faculty. But the college president angered Charles Koch, the billionaire, who donates millions to the Wichita State university. In a letter to Wichita State’s Board of Regents, Koch threatened to withdraw his financial support unless the regents remove President Jay Golden from office. Charles Koch, whose fortune exceeds fifty billion dollars, has given Wichita State’s general fund fifteen million dollars. Koch also funds the annual budget of Wichita State’s Institute for the Study of Economic Growth. The $3.6 million think tank recruits faculty and students willing to promote Koch’s personal, political and business philosophy. Koch funds similar institutes and think tanks at three hundred other colleges and universities around the country. When Koch speaks academia submits. Koch-funded institutes support the Trump agenda, eliminating environmental and health regulations, decreasing corporate taxes and furthering racist immigration policies. Though Koch opposes government-funded social programs for the public, he demands national socialist subsidies for his and other billionaire-owned businesses. Annually, Koch Industries receive a half billion dollars in government subsidies and Koch Petroleum receives billions in tax breaks, depletion allowances, supports and bailouts. Like most oligarchs, Koch supports socialism for billionaires, capitalism for everyone else and profit-taking from a world victimized by US hate, terrorism and violence.

In 1960, the Regents of the University of California announced that pragmatism would replace idealism in its academic pursuits. Under the leadership of President Clark Kerr, the university chose the pragmatism of philosophers, like the German, F.C.S. Schiller, to justify it’s weapons research, subversion of foreign governments and recruitment of avowed fascist faculty. As America expanded its Cold War militancy, into Vietnam and elsewhere, the rubric of pragmatism hid the university’s  hypocritical warmongering. The university ‘humanized’ barbarism  and moderated white supremacist so as to maintain its thin veneer of civility. Thus the university  supports those oligarchs who have ruled the republic from the very beginning. 

Shays Rebellion

After the American Revolution, in 1783, wealthy New England merchants resumed their trade with Europe, but the Europeans wanted only hard cash for their goods. In turn, the New England merchants demanded hard cash from the locals who needed the merchants’ dry goods, livestock and farm implements. But the locals didn’t have hard cash to buy necessities or to pay their taxes. So the government and the merchants seized land, livestock and personal possessions. One war veteran sighed: 

I have been greatly abused. I have been obliged to do more than my part in the war, been loaded with class taxes, town taxes, province taxes and continental taxes The taxes are collected by sheriffs, constables and other rogues who seized and sold my a cattle for less than they were worth. The merchant are taking all I have. I think it is time for us to put a stop to it, and have no courts, no lawyers no sheriffs and no tax collectors.

After the army discharged him and he returned to his farm, a sheriff arrested Daniel Shays for non-payment of his debts and taxes. Shays and other war veterans petitioned the government for relief, but the merchants who controlled the state legislature, blocked their efforts. When the Judicial Court of Massachusetts indicted him and the other petitioners for insurrection, Shays led the effort to shut the court down.The governor sent 300 men to arrest the rebels, but Shays and his rebels beat them back. The governor then collected £6,000 from 125 merchants and raised a 3,000-man militia that defeated the rebels in a series of clashes. In exchange for amnesty, four thousand rebels acknowledged their participation in the rebellion. Several hundred were arrested and eighteen ringleaders received death sentences  Massachusetts passed the Disqualification Act that not only imposed harsh terms on the rebels but also gave oligarchs, known as Brahmins in Massachusetts and robber barons elsewhere, control over the government and the economy.

Whiskey Rebellion

In 1791, Congress imposed a whiskey tax on all distilled spirits in the US. Whiskey served as a commodity of exchange in many rural communities during the post-revolutionary period. Veterans, who fought to end unfair taxation, resisted the government’s imposition of this new whiskey tax. 

In 1794, when tax collectors arrived in Pennsylvania, a storm of protest erupted in violence when 500 armed men attacked the tax collectors’ fortifications. Leading  an army of 13,000 militiamen supplied by the governors of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia and Maryland, George Washington dispersed the rebels. Twenty ringleaders were arrested and convicted of insurrection.

Alien and Sedition Acts

In 1798, public reaction to the takeover of the republic by the oligarchs peaked when veterans began resisting the economic takeover by the merchant class. Frightened by the resistance, Samuel Adams and his fellow Congressmen passed the Alien and Sedition Acts to suppress criticism of oligarchical rule and criminalize speeches and writings against the government. The law increased citizenship residency requirements from five to fourteen years and permitted arbitrary deportations of non-citizens. The government arrested anyone daring to oppose any law proposed or enacted by Congress. Sam Adams even proposed the death penalty for insurrection. Gradually, the oligarchy suppressed all resistance to its rule and reduced the citizens of the new republic to an economic status barely above that of Negro slave. In return for their status of serfs in service to the wealthy, citizens were provided race hate and ample opportunity to kill inferior races.

Espionage And Sedition Acts

From the end of the Civil War to the Spanish American War, the oligarchs, expanded their power as significantly as they did between the War of 1812 to the Mexican War.  Growing their empire across the continent and around the world, anyone opposing or criticizing the new world order  were jailed or worse. Mercenaries, regulators, rangers and the Pinkertons, outnumbering the US army, did as much to protect the oligarch’s interests as did the corrupt politicians. Publishers like William Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer used their newspapers to manipulate public opinion to favor the oligarchs’ schemes.Yellow journalism justified the Spanish American War and the conquest of the Philippines. A jaded public applauded suppressing Filipino resistance with orders to kill everyone over the age of ten.

In 1914, American oligarchs financed and armed all sides of the European conflict. In June 1917, Congress passed the Espionage Act making anyone opposing World War I liable to a $10,000 fine and 20 years in jail. In 1918, Congress passed the Sedition Act, making it a crime to criticize the government. The government prosecuted 2,100 people under the Espionage and Sedition acts during WWI. Mail, telegrams, pamphlets, books, photographs, plays, films, newspapers and speeches were censored. Woodrow Wilson watched a private showing of the film, A Birth Of A Nation, and in his war message to Congress, promised that the firm hand of repression would crush all disloyalty. Wilson used the Espionage and Sedition acts to suppress labor unions as well as political dissent. He imprisoned socialists like Eugene Debs and Kate Richards O'Hare and directed law enforcement to destroy labor unions. On one occasion, Wilson directed a local sheriff in Arizona to round up a thousand strikers belonging to the International Worker of the World Union at the Phelps Dodge copper mine. The sheriff caged the strikers in railroad cattle cars without food or water that took them in an internment camp guarded by the Army. Some of the strikers were deported, others jailed and still others were lynched. Wilson also directed federal marshals to arrest 169 officers of the IWW. The court imprisoned each labor leader from 10 to 20 years. WWI was so profitable for the oligarchs that they engineered the worldwide economic collapse of 1929 that created the conditions leading to government take overs by German storm troopers, Italian black shirts and Spanish fascists. IBM, General Motors, the Carnegie Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, Standard Oil and Eastman Kodak all contributed to the buildup to the Nazi war machine. Coca-Cola even invented Fanta to energize the Nazi soldiers that Ford trucks transported to French and Russian battlefields. WWII was even more profitable than WWI.

Bonus Army

In mid-1932, the Bonus Army, a group of 43,000 WWI veterans, demanded cash for their government certificates. Congress passed a World War Compensation Act in 1924 awarding bonuses to WWI veterans. But the bonus certificates were not redeemable until 1948. Veterans demanding the immediate payment of their bonuses camped in the parks between the White House and the Capitol Building with their families. Unemployed since the 1929 economic collapse, the veterans were desperate.

The US Attorney General ordered the DC police to remove the Bonus army from the capitol grounds. Though DC police shot and killed two veterans, they could not evict the 43,000 Bonus army. When an army intelligence report claimed the veterans intended to occupy the capitol grounds, permanently, and instigate a Communist uprising, the Secretary of War ordered General Douglas MacArthur to forcibly remove the Bonus Army out of Washington D.C. Though President Hoover twice ordered MacArthur not to attack the veterans, the general ordered a cavalry charge, followed by an infantry attack by soldiers with bayonets and tear gas. MacArthur sent six tanks under the command of George Patton to support the infantry’s bayonet attack. MacArthur’s troops cleared the capitol grounds of the defenseless men, women and children. Then he ordered his men to burn their tents, wooden lean-tos and personal belongings. Maj or Dwight Eisenhower wrote the official Army report censoring the number of killed and wounded, estimated in the thousands, and exonerating MacArthur of disobeying orders. Few of the 350, 000 Negroes who fought in WWI received World War bonus awards, but, in 1936, over Franklin Roosevelt's veto, Congress paid the other WWI veterans their bonuses.

Red Scare Repression

After WWII, the government initiated a campaign of repression known as the red scare. Aimed at eliminating political and labor opposition to future wars, the red scare allowed oligarchs to insert Nazi war criminals into government, corporate and academic organizations. Former Nazi war criminals not only developed America’s nuclear arsenal and ‘space’ programs, they conducted CIA espionage and spy operations and provoked wars in former colonies. Former Nazis even operated the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia where terrorists were trained in torture and terrorusm. 

The red scare was also a power struggle between J. Edgar Hoover and William Donovan. Hoover opposed Donovans use of Nazis, fascists and war criminals as OSS agents. Hoover also opposed the Vatican and CIA smuggling war criminals into the US through the State Department, But Harry Truman, a klansman, was crafty and duplicitous. He played the FBI, State Department and the CIA against each other. A manipulative and double dealing politician, 

Truman was as responsible for invading North Korea as for dropping the atomic bombs on Japan. 

In March 1947, President Truman signed Executive Order 9835 to create the Federal Employees Loyalty Program which created political-loyalty review boards. Truman required all federal employees to take a loyalty oath, dismissing 2,700 federal employees suspected of being Un-American and forcing the resignation of 12,000 others. The oligarchs thrived under Truman. The red scare and the Cold War gave them ample opportunity to profit from conflicts in Korea, Iran, Chile and elsewhere. Congress created the House Committee on Un-American Activities and the Senate Operations Committee. Joe McCarthy investigated suspected communists and HUAC interrogated actors, writers, and producers to create Hollywood’s infamous ‘blacklist.’ The red scare launched the political careers of both Richard Nixon and Robert F. Kennedy. In 1950, Congress passed the McCarran Internal Security Act, that severely restricted the civil liberties of all Americans. In 1954, Congress passed the Communist Control Act that prevented members of the communist party from holding office in labor unions or any other labor organization.

Propaganda And Censorship

In two of its most far reaching decisions, Citizens United and Holder v Shelby, the Supreme Court legitimated the rule of oligarchs. In June 2020, the Justice Department convened a study group to develop a plan to eliminate all anti-government protests in America. 

BLOG: “Harry Potter Is 


Tom Riddle, the Dark Lord Valdemort, killed people. During the Battle of Hogwarts, Valdemort killed Harry Potter to attain immortality. Like the Dark Lord, white supremacy pursues immortality by killing people.

Eugene Stovall

May 2020 Oakland, California

When Tom Riddle entered Hogwarts School Of Magic, he learned that killing people could make him immortal. But, during the First Wizarding War, Riddle’s Avada Kedavra curse, intended to kill Harry Potter in his crib, rebounded and killed Harry’s mother, Lily, and Riddle, himself. When Harry entered Hogwarts school, he became known as the boy who did not die.


He was a killer, but Thomas Marvolo Riddle was scared to die. Riddle wanted to live forever and do whatever he pleased, whenever he pleased. Like other white supremacists, Riddle wanted to master the world and force everyone else to serve him. Riddle called his followers, death eaters because they protected him from death. Like other white supremacists, Tom Riddle believed living forever meant ruling forever.

The Hogwarts Hallows

Hogwarts School taught its students that death was not the end, but a portal into a different existence. Hogwarts ghosts, fearing death and seeking a refuge from the afterlife, taught students that death was not the end.ey lack at-one-ment [atonement]. At-one-ment in the afterlife is a state of harmony that is achieved when a soul is free of conflict and fears that produces evil.


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